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  1. Hi, I have been away from the board for a long time. Now ds16 is doing PSEO and I only need to teach him Mandarin and health at home. Ds14 decided he was done with homeschooling and is now at a very good private high school. A neighbor's son asked me to tutor him for algebra. He graduated hig school 2 years ago and would like to go to college to study sports medicine. He has a regular job and makes money. I will tutor him 3 times a week for two months probably. So how much should I charge each 80 minute lesson? I live in St. Paul, MN, by the way. I enjoy tutoring math and I found today that he responds very well to my teaching. He has forgotten how to do multiplication. I feel very confident being a tutor, especially after teaching ds16 precalculus this past summer intensively, and of course over all the 11 homeshooling years. Thanks for your input!
  2. I highly recommend University of Northwestern St Paul. They have very early PESO notice of acceptance and as soon as you are accepted, you can start to enroll for classes. Unfornately ds16 did not want to go there because it is too far, in fact, just 8 miles from us. My friends' kids all signed up for PESO on campus classes as early as April! Amazing! There are great online classes offered as well.
  3. Thanks a lot! I am nervous about this. Hope to get some encouragement from those who've been through this process. Still waiting to enroll for classes and a lot of them are already full!
  4. University of Northwestern, Concordia University, both in St. Paul, are good colleges. Northcentral College is at the edge of downtown Minneapolis. St Olaf in Northfield has great liberal arts education with people from many states and countries. We hope our tow boys can go to St, Olaf.
  5. Hi, would like to connect with MN people whose kids have attended or will attend PESO at Concordia University St Paul. Ds16 is accepted and is still waiting for advising session to enroll in classes. Hopefully he can enroll in MacroEcon, precalculus, and college writing. He still needs to take math placement test in order to sign up for any math class. If you have experience with Concordia PSEO, would you mind sharing it with me? Thanks a lot!
  6. Ds14 has been homeschooled all the way. In recent few months, he has been feeling more and more miserable mostly about feeling isolated and being home by himself a lot while I drive his older brother to outside classes. He also wants to have direct instruction in all subjects daily. So we have arrived to the point that he needs to go to outside school. We looked at a public school and will visit a private school in two days. He will most likely go to the private school 0.7 miles away. Sincd it is very expensive, I am wondering if any of you have sent your dc to a private school and then pull them out in order to go to on campus PSEO or DE. We have many colleges nearby that offer PSEO. Ds16 has been homeschooled all the way and is accepted to attend Concordia University in St. Paul. I wonder how to pull a private or public schooler out in order to send him to PSEO. Do I need the school's permission to do this? Or is it my right to just pull him? Thanks for listening and hope to hear your experience about this if you've done it.
  7. I just ordered Complete Guide to ACT English by Erica Meltrer and For the Love of ACT science based on the good Amazon reviews. I would like recommendations for ACT math prep books. There's this College Pand's ACT math that I hesitate to get now. If you have used math ACT books that improved scores a lot, please recommend them here. I like to have separate subject prep books. Ds will also use prep books with practice tests to get the full tests for time management practice. He would like to take ACT in September. Thanks!
  8. Can you share your D.C.'s ACT prep experience? Ds took PreACT last April as a 9th grader. He will take PreAct again in a week. I just want him to keep having the testing experience and also see if he has improved on his math score. He will take ACT next spring in his junior year. I am gathering info about how to prep for it. I signed him up for TPS fall semester ACT prep but then dropped it because I think I can probably guide him through this myself.
  9. How did your dc prep for ACT? I am gathering some ideas to help ds16. He will take PreAct on April 19 for the second time. I am just curious to see ow much he can improve on his math. He will take ACT next spring as a junior.
  10. Hi, I wan enjoying a 60 question ACT math practice test and finished almost 50 when I accidentally x the website. It has immediate correct or incorrect feedback for each question and 'try again" button as well as show answer. I learned some new math concept thanks to the detailed explanation. I serached in vain to find it again lady night and this morning. Ug! If you have used a test website like this, can you share it? I am sure mine is not the only one that does the immediate feedback and explanation. Thanks for helping me!
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