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  1. I have no idea what to do. I am just very desperate to help him. So the genetics you mentioned, is this done by lab? I do want to do less invasive treatment for him first. If the 5HTP works, definitely he should try it first. Now I give him (and myself) D3, E, and B-complex daily. His school give the students this whole week off and he is much better and much less irritable. He sleeps in and he cooks yummy food for himself and for the family. He will have the next 8 weeks at home for 5 weeks distance learning and 3 weeks off for holidays. Before this he has been in person schooling
  2. Ds15 is having issues with sleep and anger and anxiety. His counselor says he should start SSRI. I am very concerned. I would like to try something with no or little side effects. I hope his doctor can prescribe Alpha Stim to start.
  3. I get anxious easily. And then wearing a mask while feeling anxious in a crowded grocery store and knowing it's unsafe to take off the mask makes it even worse. I totally understand this. I try to take long deep breaths to reset the pace.
  4. If people who can homeschool do homeschool in 2020-2021, it not only only keeps their own children safe, but helps with the safer openings of schools for those who can't homeschool.
  5. Read this. https://gen.medium.com/i-spent-three-weeks-in-school-with-kids-under-covid-19-21b78c1a9339?fbclid=IwAR1ADVXP8LEuI1cooU4KQnxbChLYAPAR0zfNwergQNggJKSXC49ovqPQwnM
  6. I do do believe there's such thing as "fear fatigue". It is exhausting to be on high alert for long. I agree with Garga. It is not that the risk is any lower, it's that we know more and have been living with it longer now. I used to have this doomed feeling, anxious to know when is the end. Now I know there is probably no end. I figure after all the precautions I take, if I get infected and die, then I can't help it. It's OK to die.
  7. I totally agree! Ds17 is introverted and would never go to a regular high school. He is happily homeschooled and now going full time 12th for DE classes.
  8. Ds17 will do his 12th grade year as DE student at our state university. Ds15 went to a nearby small private Christian high school for 9th grade last school year. I signed him up online homeschool classes for fear the virus would change everything for next school year at the private high school. But then the rioting and burning and destroying happened. My whole neighborhood still reeks of reminant smoke from so many businesses burned to the ground. That actually changed our decision for schooling for him. We think he needs to be with his high school community, riding the virus waves and process
  9. I am very careful. I haven't been to any crowded places except the two days volunteering to help my virus and riot-induced food famined (due to rioting, looting, burning down grocery stores and pharmacies and post office in my immediate neighborhood) neighbors. And I would not have subjected myself to the exposure to the people who had CV or cared for CV patients had I known what situation I got myself into. With that said, I believe no matter how careful you are, you cannot be guaranteed safe from the virus 100%. We need to be careful, but not so careful that it drives us nuts and into
  10. My city had the largest, longest protests and it has not caused a spike. Every day now still many people go to George Floyd memorial site. Some wear masks, some don't. I am pleasantly surprised crowded, loudly yelling protests do not cause spikes.
  11. We have been seeing my parents-in-law indoors at their house with no mask ever since Mother's Day. I mentioned ds and I once volunteered for 10 hours indoors in two days following my city's riots and were exposed to a CV nurse who had CV and a few people who had or whose immediate family members were having CV. That was June 4 and 5. We did not see my in-laws for two weeks just to be safe to not infect them in case ds and I were infected. So far, no problem. We drove 4 hours one way for our North Shore getaway June 22-24. We have had no problem. Yesterday I brought ds15 for a hairc
  12. Mid March. March 16 to be exact. That was the first time I went shopping after both ds's college and high school stopped in-person instruction and went online. I had one dust filtering N95 mask dh bought (a box of 10. He and ds used 6 and 4 were left) a few years ago for a big house project. At that time I was nervous people would judge me for even having any kind of N95 mask. So I put a bandana on top of it. At Target store where I went to get ds's prescription medicine, there were few people with masks. I felt self-conscious and short of breath due to stress. I also went to ALDI and go
  13. I call MIL and FiL mom and dad, I would prefer my future daughters-in-law to call me by what I prefer: mom. This is my culture. I cannot imagine calling MiL her first name.
  14. Been praying for him. Hope for good news update.
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