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  1. Thank you for sharing this. When people and businesses that contribute to the health and prosperity of their community are forced to move due to lack of protection and high taxes, it's doubtful new ones to move in their physical place can contribute in similar way. It's the beginning of the demise of the healthy condition of that community. It takes many years to build up a place but only a very short time to destroy it. My heart breaks for my neighborhood and my city. Gun shots every day. And the burned cluster of a 189 apartment low income housing building under construction, the pharmacy, the small business that hired 50 people, the auto zone, the Wendy's, the Arby's, the liquor store, the Indian restaurant, the clinic, the,,,,,,,,, these are just the completely burned to the ground places, not counting the damaged businesses that can't stand up on their feet again! The gaping wounds I see every day because they are a few blocks from me. Some places opened after the riots. But they closed indefinitely because of safety reasons. Will the wounds ever heal?
  2. So glad to see CHAZ is finally dismantled! Long overdue! The hijacked residents can finally get their neighborhood back!
  3. Les miserables. The first 100 pages that movies left out proved to me to be the foundation and the most essential part of the whole book.
  4. "Justice for the minority should trump order for the majority," one Bible teacher just said about this situation.
  5. Similar thing happened last night in Minneapolis. At GF memorial Site, one man shot himself dead. A few blocks away two shootings happened. At both places, the police met hostility, barred from getting access to the victims. There is more chaos in Minneapolis. Last night, this happened in Uptown ⬇️
  6. For young elementary age kids, or even older high school kids, putting on and taking off masks a few time for the 6 hour duration and having to avoid touching the mask and only handling it with the loop/string would be really challenging and tiresome 5 days a week. I only need to wear a mask when going grocery shopping and other indoor errands, less than 3 hours a whole week. I don't think I can handle 6 hours masking every day. Also, there has to be budget for kids who have free school lunches. They will need schools to provide free masks.
  7. Beijing's 106 case outbreak is like breeze compared to the US. China wants it to be zero, so whenever there are a few cases, they close this and that.
  8. I signed ds up for 4 online 10th grade homeschool classes. He did his only school year of 9th grade at outside school. I predict the CV will definitely impact the school's class arrangement so I thought homeschool online classes would provide the stability, continuity, and quality. But then my city Minneapolis was looted and burned. We are going through a slew of emotions trying to process the trauma. Then we decided that he should continue going to the same local school to "ride the wave" and process the chaos together with his peers. Ds will take a summer math class, Bridge to AP Calculus, in July for 3 weeks, 3 hours a day, in person. There are only 6 or 7 kids. They all promised to wear a mask and social distancing. So this will be the first experience of in person indoor learning since the lock down in mid March. I'm kind of excited. 3 hours is not a whole day and he doesn't need to eat during that time. I'm excited that he will see peers in the class after almost 4 months of isolation. He does have Type One diabetes. But, like Arctic Mom, I am maxed worrying about health risks.
  9. How long at a time? 3 or 4 hours? Or two hours? In school, it is 5 1/2 hours at least. Ds' school is more than 6 hours long.
  10. After volunteering two days in a row packing food and helping with ourdoor BBQ after my city Minneapolis was looted and burned, I know now wearing a mask for school is not feasible. I was exposed to several people who were in the middle of recovering from CV and caring for CV patients. No masks, indoors, sitting close together with me. Now it has been over two weeks and ds and I do not have symptoms. I consider myself lucky. I have no confidence in people, no matter what age, wearing masks for 6 hours straight.
  11. Terabith, please accept my apology. I am in the wrong for picking one thing in the article you shared. 🙏☕️ ☕️
  12. Gardenmom5, I think I understand what Janeway was trying to say, so I said "100% this". Now that more autonomous zones sprung up, I think it is best that this illegal establishment be taken down very early on. they have no right blocking normal residents' streets and pathway. And those supplying their free this and free that are enabling such irresponsible behavior. This is my opinion. I do support your point of view.
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