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  1. We live in the same area. She is such a light. Life is not effing fair.
  2. I make quilts that look like art but I wash them in hot water dry them and drage them around concrete/grass etc. It just depends how they are made. Commercially though Pottery Barn has nice quilts. They are not outrageous for what you get. Here
  3. ok I see a post about it on the site news or whatever it's called.
  4. I need to message several people back about sending me something but I can't. And I don't necessarily want to put my email out their publicly. Help?
  5. Well I would miss you but I just saw you! Hello everyone *waaaaving*
  6. No. You should move over the mountains and *I* will watch them all :D And then we can be IRL friends
  7. I thought you said she was there for almost 4.5 years. You are clearly not telling the same story twice. Before you stir things up for response you may want to work out the details and remember them
  8. Hmm very interesting renmew. So were you the "un" pretty one growing up? How did that make you feel? Your daughter was in the same care for 4.5 years, and complemented on her pretty hair often. Did you want her to know what you went through? So you tried to give her an ugly hair cut because she got the attention you wanted as a child? Maybe you should talk about it. And what if she grows up to be a make up artist, or a cosmetologist, or a plastic surgeon? A career that is centered around beauty? I hope you at least donated all of that gorgeous hair. There are people who would love to have hair on their head.
  9. Aside from the first post in this thread, that is the most disturbing t hing I"ve read in a while. 5 weeks old and she was already trouble? Yikes.
  10. Even though I'm not online much lately I still get email notification when I get a message so feel free to PM me anytime
  11. SOrry thatI haven't been checking here. I just wanted to say a quick tip for mailing if you don't have any special envelopes. Just fold it up in a ziplock and put it in a regular envelope. I"ll press everything fresh before sewing :) If sending one block you sould be ok with just one stamp, maybe one first class and one secondary. Thank you everyone for everything you have given, time and fund wise for this special project. You are all some awesome ladies :D
  12. Please no one have a heart attack or die of other causes! Whatever you do with it is fine.
  13. I will say NO. However, I am tolerant of pre-washed fabric :D
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