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  1. E I just almost snorted some mocha through my nose. Bravo
  2. :ph34r: :biggrinjester: Sorry this is my first time on this new board and I like those smileys. Though I'm not sure what that first one is supposed to be, I don't have my glasses on. This is exactly what I think about it. It's stupid in fact. I think it's great that kids can learn about and celebrate all relgions, but why the heck can't they just have a Christmas party? They can have a Kwansa and Hanukkah party too. PC obsession just steels the fun out of everything. Kids don't see prejudice and intolerance until we give it to them.
  3. Oh, I meant to add that I can't dry my hands in public restrooms without thinking of you either! :D

  4. I saw a sign that made me think of you:

    Give Me Bacon or Give Me More Bacon


  5. I know and I have not been awake very long and now I want a cheeseburger. Thanks whomever bumped this :glare::lol:
  6. This is precisely why I spent this summer on more teacher training than anything. I am not reading out of books anymore, I am teaching/lecturing. I find when I read and plan extensively prior to giving the lesson, it is much more interesting and they get more out of it.
  7. Oh those 3 are the start to any good friendship!

  8. I've decided that you and I should be friends, since you used to live here, you sew, and you like BACON. :-D

  9. Is that what it is actually called? A Hooter Hider, really? I don't think I could buy something with such a name LOL
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