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  1. That all sounds very nice, and thank you for explaining...but I'm still not getting how seeing money as a "side effect" is enough to translate into being able to pay all of the bills. I'm not even talking about college or European vacations...we do not have a high standard of living around here (my husband is blue collar, I stay at home) we are not money-driven or high society, but I'm concerned about giving my kids the opportunities to really thrive on their own. More than anything I want them to have options. Options that dh and I do not have. That is the big fear holding me back. I will say that this particular child has closer to 12 hours of downtime than 2 hours of downtime. Well, I take that back...for screen time he gets about 3-4 hours a day, max. That still is not enough for him. He eats, sleeps, breathes thinking about video games.
  2. So far my 3 oldest are passionate about things that won't seem to translate well into making good money someday. 1. Art. 2. Video games. 3. Athleticism. If I let my oldest do whatever she wanted all day, she'd pitter around drawing, knitting, painting, rearranging her room. My second would play video games non-stop. My third would bounce off the walls or bike all day.
  3. Same here. In fact, this is the only subject I am 'militant' about getting done every school day, because everything else can be caught up on relatively quickly.
  4. Oh! And I meant to post this link that I thought you might enjoy. I have found that losing sleep, esp. waking up several times throughout the night, is VERY hard on me after awhile. I'm so thankful my dh lets me nap and sleep in on the weekends.
  5. I'm glad this thread is still going. I was going to respond earlier but I got distracted by no less than 50 other things. lol I'm sure a camera in any of our homes would be very humorous indeed. I'm constantly flitting from one thing to the next. It sounds funny, but in reality it has been very hard on our marriage as my dh is the total opposite of ADD. He does not understand my brain at ALL, even after all these years. I don't know why he gets so frustrated with me since I handle everything around the house and manage to do a pretty darn good job of it, but he really gets frustrated by how distract-able I am. :( Anyway, my big wall calendar is my saving grace. I absolutely cannot use a whiteboard because if something accidentally gets erased, it will never be recovered. A calendar is wonderful because I can look back and see the last time things were done (dentist appointments, haircuts, etc) and since it's stuck on the wall, I can't lose it. :lol: If something is REALLY important (a bill that is due within days or something that needs to be dropped off somewhere right away) I will tape a note right at eye level on the front door so we see it anytime we leave the house. Those 2 things are really the only way I can get anything done that isn't *in our home.* I've tried to keep planners and organizers and small calendars that fit in my purse, but those never work for me. Something(s) I am curious about, that I'm wondering if any of you can help me figure out, is: 1. I'm actually pretty good with cleaning around the house. When I go to clean, I can get a LOT of cleaning done in a short period of time. The problem is that it would look completely chaotic to anyone watching (like my dh) but there is somewhat of a method to my madness. I am hardly ever behind on laundry because every, single time I see dirty laundry laying around, it gets my attention and I will drop whatever else I am doing (lol) to put a load in if I know we need to. When I use the bathroom, if I notice it needs to be cleaned, I will drop whatever else I am doing to clean it really quickly. This is what most frustrates my dh, he will be in the middle of explaining something to me, or we'll both be working on something, and I will look over and notice the counters are messy so I'll immediately go over and start cleaning the counters. Then I'll notice dirty laundry on the floor so I'll go around and pick that up and put a load in. And on and on. By 30-45 minutes I will have gotten several chores done really quickly, because I'm constantly flitting back and forth to several tasks and completing one thing after another. So I cannot relate that my ADD tendencies hinder my cleaning ability, I think they actually help me in that way. Is anyone else like this? (I am not, FWIW, saying I always have a spotless house, but keeping things clean and laundry done isn't a huge struggle for me) 2. I have also found the internet is like a rest for my brain. While watching a long movie is just about torture. Does anyone else experience this? I think with the internet, I find it helpful because I can flit back and forth from subject to subject as fast as I want, I have no less than 3 tabs open at any given time, often many more than that. I love to watch Vine clips for entertainment because they are only 6 seconds long. lol. But yet I can't figure out if the internet is bad for my brain since it goes with it so perfectly, lol, or if I should be trying to stretch myself and focus on things for longer periods of time and forgo the ease of the internet? But like a PP said, a blind person can't be forced to see, so I'm not sure. Either way, the internet "feels" really good to my brain. Often once I am done being on the internet for a good hour or so, I will get up and get a lot of cleaning done. So it's almost like it recharges my brain. The biggest thing that depletes my brain power is handling all of the kids, or going from one task to another during school time, that is much harder than cleaning because I cannot just do it in bits and pieces. So I need to follow a very strict schedule during school time. Also, a PP mentioned getting worse as she aged. I have noticed this in my mother. Her ADD has rendered her almost disabled as she has gotten older. She loses things CONSTANTLY, within seconds of putting them down, she has to have lists everywhere and then loses the lists, it's kindof disconcerting for me to see. :(
  6. I absolutely love the Rod and Staff preschool series. They are great for 3 & 4 year olds. I wouldn't do anything else with him (other than read, and the things you mentioned).
  7. "When my younger daughter was 10ish she loved to play GTA and spent most of her time picking up hookers, driving them to a dark alley, and beating them to death for their money. I didn't find it a concern; I actually thought it was fairly amusing. And I didn't play with her; she'd play on her own into the wee hours." :huh:
  8. I love this idea!! Especially copying diagrams and labeling things! Can you tell me how this worked? What kinds of things did they label? This is such an encouraging reminder, thank you so much. I am at peace with having my kids focus strongly on math and English. They will all be going through R&S English 5-8 and from what I've heard, that will give them excellent skills. I am excited to do it with them as I still have a lot to learn about grammar and language mechanics. When I see how many adults still can't differentiate between "their/there" or "your/you're" I know that if they have a strong foundation in grammar, speaking, writing they will be way ahead of the game. It's history and science I stress out the most about as those are the things we have not consistently done, other than reading. And I want to be confident that reading is enough, at least through middle school.
  9. Wow Michelle, that is a really awesome idea for the videos. How did you do that with the audio? I have no idea how to do that on my computer. It takes me forever just to format and upload and save a video I do on my little camcorder so that might be way above my capabilities. I really like that idea though as we are starting R&S English this year and I can already see it will take a lot of my time.
  10. Wow, you all are tech geniuses! I still only scribble plans on a paper calendar! I have never gotten the hang of planning things online. I only have a 2007 version of Word that we haven't installed yet on this new computer. Does anyone know if Word 2007 contains this? We don't have smart phones either. ETA: Just saw the above comment. 2007 isn't as good. Boo.
  11. 8fill...I hope you are still reading this. I have a couple questions. 1. We have never stuck with history or science curriculums long enough to give them a solid knowledge of any particular area (a full year of the rotation, or a broad knowledge of biology in general, that kind of thing). My oldest is going into 6th grade, my next oldest is going into 3rd grade, so they are still relatively young. Do you still think that they get a solid education just from reading good books for science and history up until high school? They don't need to be following a certain structure (not even chronological???) or doing experiments or anything like that?? 2. I clearly did not learn how to write well because I am unfamiliar with almost everything you wrote about writing. I love your idea of giving them assignments out of books they are reading and deconstructing the paragraphs, but I do not feel confident enough in my own ability to do that with them. Do you think we should just stick to a textbook grammar in that case (I was going to go with R&S for this next year). It all sounded very complicated from the posts that Lewelma copied, and my children are not skilled on writing yet.
  12. Like this?
  13. Wow...I've suspected for awhile I have ADD although I've never gone in for a diagnosis. Reading this thread just confirms it for me because I have the same issues these women do.
  14. Here are the kinds of things you can do in Epcot: Obviously visit all of the countries which are EXQUISITE and expose your kids to the cuisines there, the different decor in each country, the history, Mexico has an awesome boat ride that is SO fun, there are elaborate gardens in each country (some people go to Epcot just for the gardens!), Norway also has a boat ride- not as elaborate as Mexico but still really fun. So it could take a whole day just to tour the countries. And don't miss out on the snow-cones in Japan! Then at the front of Epcot is the "modern" world with all of the rides. We SO enjoyed the "Living with the Land" boat ride where it shows modern, amazing ways to garden, farm fish, etc. I rode that 4 or 5 times and there was hardly ever any wait. DD loved "Soarin" where you get to fly over California (I think it's California). Test Track is really fun, even my little boys enjoyed that one. There's a soda shop in Epcot called Club Cool where you can sample sodas from many different countries. In the middle of the ball is a really cool ride that takes you through history and ends in the space age. Ellen's Energy Adventure is really informative and cool. So, that's a full day that could be spent just at the front of Epcot in the "modern" world, and then another whole day touring all of the countries. Seriously, I think you all will love it there. :) Last year we went in January and did free dining, which was amazing. Everything was taken care of and we got SO much food. I know it's expensive but it truly is worth every penny. The customer service, the atmosphere, everything at Disney is truly another world.
  15. Only a DAY or two at Disney?!??? Nooooo!!! You will love Epcot, Kelly (this is Kristi :) ) I would plan for at least one day at Epcot and one day at Magic Kingdom at the VERY least. I would recommend more like 5 days in the parks, 4 in parks and 1 in Disney waterpark with 1 day at Gatorland.
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