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  1. I found in the comments of the site that there is not an answer key, in case anyone else was interested.
  2. Civil Air Patrol. I think scouts can be good in the right troop, but ds was in the wrong one for years. It finally dissolved this year, which gave ds freedom to explore CAP. It is the perfect fit for him and I'm a little disappointed he wasn't involved sooner. He's made stronger connections in 6 months of CAP than he did in years of scouts.
  3. I picked up Campbell Biology at the local Salvation Army for 99 cents, which led me down a rabbit trail to Quarks and Quirks HS biology. Does anyone know if there is an answer key available for the tests? It looks quite good, but I don't want to have to do a ton of legwork looking up the answers for each test. Thanks for any guidance.
  4. My son has experienced this since he was an infant. It took until he was about 13 to discover he has dermatographic urticaria. As an infant and toddler, it would typically happen when he was tired. As he got older, it could happen at any time, but we started noticing he'd get a welty hive on his back when doing school work at the dining room table. I was looking for an environmental reason causing it in that area of the house. After years of doctors being stumped and giving him Benadryl, I stumbled on an article about "skin writing". It changed everything! The welts at the dining room table? Caused by the pressure of the wooden chair on his back.....though it can spread to other parts of his body after the initial reaction. He takes a Zyrtec tablet daily and now he no longer gets welts/hives. It may be something to look into.
  5. Almost word for word. I'm ashamed of myself! :blushing:
  6. Could it be a sty? They can be painful before you see swelling. They can also cause redness. A warm compress would help, but make sure not to put on the other eye, in case it is pink eye. It would still need to be watched carefully. Dh had a sty that became infected and went into cellulitis. Doctors don't mess around with orbital cellulitis due to the proximity to the brain.
  7. Having just had to replace a dead fridge in February, I can offer some helpful information. Almost all refrigerators are made by the same few companies. Here is a list of who makes what: http://www.appliance411.com/purchase/make.shtml In our experience, Lowe's had the best prices and will price match. We ultimately ended up buying a Whirlpool at Lowe's. The same fridge, under the Kenmore name at Sears, was $250 more. You can check the serial numbers on Kenmore models to see who actually made it: http://www.appliance411.com/purchase/sears.shtml Hope this helps!
  8. The acne.org products worked here. We tried multiple OTC cleansers and creams, zinc, home remedies (acv, milk of magnesia, essential oils, etc.) and my kid was a trooper through all of it. I wish we would have tried acne.org sooner. We've also found dairy to cause flare-ups, so he pretty much avoids it, except on pizza :001_smile: .
  9. When I was a teen, our dilute tortoise shell mama kitty had a litter with a completely Siamese looking kitten and a white kitten with blue eyes, that was deaf, with a random male tabby in the neighborhood. Yes, she was later spayed.
  10. DD-music (piano, violin, guitar) and art (drawing and digital) DS-Civil Air Patrol and scouts Ds just joined CAP this year and it is the perfect fit we had been searching for. I wish we would have found it sooner. Some scout troops are very active. His was/is not and will likely dissolve this summer. It is sad, because ds put a lot of time and work into scouts, but his scout master is stepping down, no one is stepping up, and they are not actively looking to merge interested scouts with another troop. It would also be awkward for 16 yos to start over with an established troop. His CAP squadron is AMAZING. Super active and right up ds' alley. I can see him remaining active in CAP as an adult, unless he ends up in the military. He's actually flying gliders today :)
  11. My daughter started having anxiety about death at 9 years old as well. Typically, it would happen at night. I'd hear her just sobbing in her room. Through MUCH talking, reassuring, and, I know this is somewhat controversial, and I'm not a true convert myself, essential oils, we've moved past this issue. Whether EOs really work, or it works as a placebo, I don't know, but her anxious feelings subsided dramatically once she was able to roll something on her wrist. It felt a little like spraying air freshener under the bed and in the closets to kill the monsters. Whatever it was, giving her a little rollerball of some sort of peppermint and/or lavender mix empowered her. She is still my worrier, but she is able to move on more quickly as she's matured.
  12. Absolute must see museum: The Henry Ford. That is a full day in itself.
  13. Moto E with Tracfone (triple minutes) is a better deal if you don't use your phone a ton. Mine is mostly used to get texts from kids needing to be picked up :) A one year card is $99, 400 minutes (1200 minutes if you make sure to find a lifetime triple minute phone) talk, text, AND data. I mostly use wifi, but if I need to check something when I'm out without wifi, it uses a trivial amount of data. Once Tracfone added smartphones and data, it made the most sense to go with them. I'm paying less than $9/month. I was paying that with my dumbphone, so I decided it was worth the piece of mind to have weather, etc. and upgraded.
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