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  1. Bump and update in the first post. I am having trouble with this format, so I apologize it's been difficult to see the update. I will try typing in another color on the first page so it's easier to see.
  2. Eeek! Here I am again. I am sorry my update was so difficult to see. For some reason, since the board is with this new server, I cannot get my messages to format into paragraphs. It is so annoying. *Update: Please send Nicole M a message letting her know you would like her address. She is going to handle gathering the cards and giving them to Kay. I'll go bump the other thread now.
  3. Hello, everyone. I think I will just post an update on the first page so everyone doesn't have to keep flipping through the pages.
  4. So, I wanted to let you all know that I am working on trying to get in touch with Kay's husband. When I called today, I just kept getting a busy signal. I know it's so frustrating to want to give the love and have no place for it to go. I will keep trying tomorrow.
  5. Friends, I regret to say I am not much in contact with her. My husband is actually in contact with her husband on occasion; at this point that is our main link. I have not been here since the latest board makeover, so if any of you know of other places (social groups, other boards) where this would be appropriate, please feel free to re-post this. It is sad news indeed. She just adds so much seasoning to life.
  6. Hello, my fellow friends of the hive. It's been so long since I've posted, I'm not sure if anyone will remember me. However, I'm sure you will remember Kalanamak and her humor and wit. She recently contacted me and asked me to pass on this message. "Greetings from Kalanamak! I disappeared from the WTM forum very suddenly when I became very ill. I know I always wonder and worry when a long-time poster disappears. My boy is adjusting to public school as my illness turned out to be fairly advanced and an incurable cancer. I have gone the route of hospice, and my friends and family have been extre
  7. Beautiful, friend! (I always want to say your name!) I would love the info, too. Pt. Orchard is not thaaaaat far, especially combined with other things that could be done that end of "town." Are you at the beachhouse?
  8. Hi!!!! I am never here anymore, but I popped in today and look what I see! Let us know if you like it. Is the stylist close enough that it would be convenient for us to give it a go?
  9. my struggling 7 year old? Level B going slowly? She is just not connecting with Singapore. At all. And I love Singapore! But I need something that will speak to her brain! If I bought level B for her, would I need to buy level A for my quick learning 5yo?
  10. I voted Wife doesn't/Husband does. In an attempt to find a ring that doens't irritate my skin, we have bought 2 different wedding rings for me. Both of them are horrible to my skin (18carat gold and a platinum). My husband has no problems with his current ring, but his old one trapped too much water underneath and left his finger red and irritated all the time. His new one works great.
  11. I voted creepy, but I should have voted "other". I think creepy doesn't begin to describe it!
  12. I haven't been online much the past few days...my kids were actually healthy for a bit. (that didn't last long) Which island did you visit? I hope your bath did all you needed it to!
  13. When I started homeschooling, I wanted to shelter my kids from: *insufficient time to develop strong relationships within the family (I had been one of those students taking zero hour classes and after school activities to the extent that I rarely saw my parents.) *developing an identity around extrinsic measures of success *the power of the latest thing/commercialism *the pressure to grow up too fast *a peer centered world *apathy O/T Really, I wanted to shelter my kids from those things before I ever decided to homeschool. I remember a conversation with an old
  14. My phone won't let me open the party smily, so please use your imagination and pretend you can see me partying over here: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a quirky boy--I think I understand the excitement!
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