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  1. milovany

    What is wrong with people? :::rant::: But justified.

    In my just over three years of running an Airbnb, I've had so very little theft, and it's been small stuff. I think someone took home a couple of towels once, and I know that the 3-4 Asian students that I hosted one weekend took a lot of the food stuffs with them (more was gone than they could've used in a day or two). I think a handful may have put the bag of coarse-ground coffee I left for them (from which they probably wouldn't have used more than a fourth to half a cup during their short stay) in their bags and left. I did end up writing in the instructions, and saying during my brief tour, "The food and drink items that are here are fresh and available to you while you're here" or some odd bit like that. I'm sorry your friend has had that experience!
  2. It has been discussed here before, as a work from home opportunity, and I can't remember the name of it. It involved interviewing for a position by having to teach a sample lesson, and then teaching short lessons over the phone/internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. milovany

    When it comes to facebook

    I think you basically have to act like everything you post online is discoverable. Even if you have private accounts, someone you let in could copy/post your information/pictures elsewhere. They probably wouldn't, if they're well known by you and trustworthy this way, but technically speaking, it could happen.
  4. milovany

    Need new exercise

    Pickleball! See if there is a group of pickleball players near you. It's so much fun, it gets the heart rate up, and great for bodies that are getting older. It's not a hard core workout like cross fit though. But I'm over those, LOL. I do have the old Callanetics book on my bed and think I'm going to give that a go for a focused "workout" time. And I do like the long power walk, but you said that's not your thing. I do hope you find things that work for you!
  5. It looks nice!! Very similar to what I was thinking. If it were me, I would center the window between the love seat and couch, by pulling the couch forward to just inside the window’s edge, and move the loveseat back a little bit. Do you happen to know if there’s wood under that carpet? I am like you, don’t love carpet on carpet. If there’s wood under there, I would rip the carpet out {swoon}! I like the placement of the chair, I would make it a complete 90° angle instead of 45°, but that may just be me. Plus I don’t know how much space there is behind the chair. You’ve worked hard tonight! Good job. Re: My photo, if it shows up. This is my (messy!) couch with the plant table behind it. I now think I need more plants.
  6. Where does the large cushy chair go?
  7. Garga said: Either of these. --- Except I've edited several times, LOL! Same basic placement, though, just with more detail; that and I realized that the loveseat should probably be pulled away from the window, when placed as described above, or the chair will be "in front of" part of the couch.
  8. I admit I haven't read all the replies because they wouldn't allow for skimming -- I'd have to mentally process each and every one. Edited to add: I did read through them and didn't see anything exactly like I'm describing, although something close in one of the replies. So here's another idea for you (and what I have done recently): First, get over the need to put furniture up against a wall. I have done that and have found that I love it! It makes a room feel more spacious without having the furniture far apart. You get both spaciousness and better coziness/conversation positioning. Next, put the couch on the side of the window where the chair currently is. Have its left arm be in the area of the left side of the window; it could even come "into" the window up to a foot or so. That will give you a bit of space behind the couch for a possible rocking chair nook (see later), or a table with some plants on it, or a bookshelf, or something. What goes there is secondary to the placement of the three large pieces. Then I would pull the loveseat in from the wall to be to the right side of the window what the couch is to the left side of the window. You want them aligning with the window in the same spot on their respective sides. Then put the chair at a 90* angle to the left arm of the loveseat, in other words looking out the window with the right arm of the chair and the left arm of the loveseat almost (if not) touching. That leaves room to the left of the chair for entering the space. You can play with the placement of the loveseat -- not in relation to how it hits the window where the couch does, but AT the window, or pulled away from it (which would move the chair back, too). I think you'll have to pull the loveseat away from the window so that the chair isn't in front of the couch at all. If the love seat is pulled away from the window, that space between it and the window could be either for a side table or another way to enter the space. I would put a low coffee table in there, too, because having a place to set things is nice. | All that said, you could flip-flop this idea. If the long couch would look better where the loveseat is now, put it over there and put the loveseat/chair combo on the other side, arranged as described. Finally, the rocking chair just needs to go elsewhere I think -- not be part of this particular seating space. Since you already have seating for 6-8 in there, do you need more? Use it to create a reading nook somewhere perhaps. We used to have our couch across from two cushy chairs on either side of our fireplace (we got two chairs instead of a loveseat). To get the Christmas tree set up in a corner, we had to rearrange and so we left the couch on one side, but put the chairs as described above with the loveseat/chair -- at a 90* angle to each other with one facing the couch and one facing the fireplace. We love it so much! We're probably going to leave it like this even after the Christmas tree is gone. I hope this makes sense. If it seems to appeal to you, let me know and I'll try and upload a picture. 🙂 If you're like, ugh, no that won't work, then I won't go through the effort of doing so. 😉 The one detriment I can think of that may make this whole idea not work is that the loveseat is longer than our chair, so there may not be enough space to make this work well (although it does look like a large room).
  9. milovany

    Don't make me blush, but...

    I am *so* done with panties. I haven't worn them for years. I'm convinced that there are no panties (or bras) in heaven. This is what I started wearing for underwear -- But because the above aren't as long as they look in the picture, and because I've gone to using this bit of clothing in two ways (underwear and visible leggings), I've more recently switched to the capris and full length versions of this item of clothing (same brand, available at the same website). I dislike Walmart very much but I never step foot in a store and this is the only item I buy from them online. Maybe this choice isn't very sexy, but I don't care. I did start wearing a pretty black bra so that I at least feel semi coordinated in my underthings. 😀
  10. Thank you! Hopefully my past technique will work -- come back here and search for "syllabub" on the morning of December 31. 😉
  11. milovany

    Struggling with being left out

    PrincessMommy, I'm sorry. While my hope is that there was some miscommunication and they really do want you there, my guess is that it was along the lines of the kids getting married inviting who they wanted and not understanding that their parents would want to invite some folks, too. When our son and daughter in law got married a couple of years ago, they had tons more people they wanted to invite (just their own friends) than they could realistically fit in the church and had to slash their list a lot. They didn't want our friends cutting out their friends, although they did give us a few spots for our extra special close friends. It was quite difficult -- these are the friends with whom I'd walked through their childhoods with while we all had kids together at the same time. They were part of my kids' lives in that way. But our church was small and we didn't have a ton of money for the reception, so everyone had to cut, cut, cut. To address the Orthodox perspective that has been mentioned a couple of times -- I admit we had to fight against that "everyone is invited" approach a little bit when my son got married. We attend a small off-shoot parish of a parish three times the size about 45 minutes away. They definitely have that approach where anyone can attend a sacramental wedding who wants to attend, but their building can accommodate that. Ours can't. When our son was getting married, this was a huge concern because if attendance was opened up widely to both our parish and that parish, our kids' closest friends and our extended families could have had a hard time fitting in the building (these would be people who attended other parishes -- or no parish -- altogether). So we DID put the word out that it was an "invitation only" wedding. All those in our own parish were invited, but not everyone at the parish nearby. And it was packed to the gills on a hot June afternoon, in a building with no air conditioning.
  12. I saw that link too! Thank you though. It says you have to have an invite to be able to see the blog that it's posted on. I found something I think we can make do with.
  13. It doesn't appear that this recipe (which I asked for several years ago and use on new year's eve) survived the board change. Does anyone have American Girl Felicity's cook book and could post the recipe for Whipped Syllabub that is in there? It uses whipping cream, oranges, sparkling grape juice, and sugar. We make it once a year so I never remember amounts! 🙂 TIA!
  14. milovany

    Any other pickleballers out there?

    Did you ever go and play, JV?
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