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  1. I lost 18 lbs last year with IF. I also increased my water intake a little bit and tried not to overeat during my feasting window. I did a 18:6 where I ate between noon and 6:00 PM. That way I could have the breakfast food if someone made something yummy for breakfast, and I could have a dinner with family or out or whatever. Sometimes I told myself I could have whatever I wanted as long as I waited until noon. Three donuts? Fine, but wait until noon. That really did help me (although I do want to combine IF with low carb; I'll probably never do full on keto). The hardest part for me i
  2. I have ordered from Sts Mary and Martha (linked above), but we live near St. John Greek Orthodox Monastery, so I typically buy from there now. They do sell online, I think.
  3. I guess because this old thread was bumped, I must update everyone to say .... Dagny didn't stick. We tried it for a week, but it never felt all the way right. We tossed around numerous other names for another week, and finally, it came to me (and everyone liked it) - Midge. She's definitely Midge. The name is unofficially short for Margaret Ann Elizabeth Jane, from which I know it's difficult to pull the nickname Midge; the longer moniker is more of a laughing-at-myself reference to how I don't like using actual people names for pets. Midge is used rarely enough on a human baby that it do
  4. While I don't think I would do it myself, I do have fond memories of visiting my dad's aunt, uncles and cousins at their house on a very busy street in Victoria BC, and right next door was a small corner market. Granted, that's not Wal-Mart, but the home was obviously not in a quiet little neighborhood. We loved visiting them, remembering to stay away from the street, and running next door to get some Canadian candy. 🙂 But thinking longer term -- these houses aren't selling fast for a reason and you're going to have the same issue some day. Resale should always play into the decision
  5. If you're there on a Friday night, there might be a big food truck thing on the waterfront in North Vancouver. Easy public-access ride and it was lot of fun. Good food, some music, very family friendly. Keep an eye on the following website to see if anything that's interesting to you is offered at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre downtown ( http://www.queenelizabeththeatre.org/events/ ). We enjoyed Stanley Park, too. Have fun! ETA - If you have enough time, and can get down to Tsawwassen for the ferry ride, pop on over to the Victoria waterfront for a day (you'll have to get a ride to the a
  6. For me, just a good loaf of crusty yummy bread! That sounds so good.
  7. I guess that's possible! I did walk around the large grocery/household goods store while I snacked on the bar, so wasn't just in one place.
  8. I do not know any foods that I'm allergic to and (in relation to this question), I've eaten my fair share of milk chocolate and almonds in my life. Dairy, too. I love dairy and consume much, especially milk and half 'n half. Yesterday, when shopping at the store, I snacked on a Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds bar. Within minutes, my nose was all pin prickly and I started to sneeze numerous times. The check out girl even noticed my sneezing. Then, I finished the bar and it went away. I never thought that food allergies were a prickly/nose, sneezy type of thing. And, as stated, I've
  9. We got 3-4 inches just over the mountains and, like you, expect more over the weekend and then again next week. It's late coming, but much welcomed. I love snow.
  10. We all absolutely love "The Long Long Trailer" with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. True, clean laugh out loud fun.
  11. When I used to do our taxes, which was for years and years and years until they became too difficult about two years ago, I always used TaxAct. I think I tried TurboTax one year and it wasn’t as user-friendly.
  12. Admittedly, I heard and fell in love with the name before I’d heard of Atlas Shrugged, and I have never read the book. I love the positive vibes I got here for the name. I got such blowback IRL when I told people I liked this name for an actual human being! I did decide to go with the Dagne spelling. Maybe.
  13. Dagny it is! Thanks to all for your input. It has been fun to get to know her. She's definitely the spunky I think of when I thInk of Dagny.
  14. Beautiful! The weekend had a profound effect on our naming choices. North and Raven have been discarded and right now the list is Dagny, Little Dorrit, Ellis and Scout. Sigh. This is why I always named babies before they were born.
  15. That's what happened to me with Mira when she was a kitten and so I was hoping this time it would be as easy. We were driving home, I was looking at her in the rearview mirror (as my daughter held her) and "mirror" instantly became "Mira" in my head. I put no thought to it whatsoever, it was just there. It was the perfect name for her, too. But every situation is different. I do think it will be Dagny but who knows. I'll update when we decide. 🙂
  16. So, I pretty much know that I love Dagny but that every other person here does not. I'm giving it a couple of days. My 17yo daughter, who doesn't love it and yesterday said no way, said it would be fine if I wanted to choose that. The truth is that half way through this cat's life (should she live an average length one), they will all be out of the home and this will be my dear cat, so I somewhat sheepishly do have final say. I've really appreciated all the feedback so far! Thank you!
  17. The kitten's name at the shelter was Alice, so Ellis was kinda cool that way. I didn't want to stick with Alice because I don't like using obviously human (English) names for pets myself -- Stella, Molly, Lucy, etc. Maybe I'll reconsider that one, too. No, I haven't heard dag as a slang term. I know a friend, with whom I'd shared the name Dagny when I was pregnant once, said that in their family they called something they didn't like "daggy," so she didn't like Dagny. Is your use of "dag" similar? (Or worse, LOL?)
  18. Yes, DAG-nee. And I like the first syllable pronounced with a very obvious short a (rhyming with LAG), not a sort of short a/long a combination (more like DAYG-nee). It's a slight difference, but I can hear it. 🙂
  19. Some of you may have read my post almost two months ago about our 13 year old cat, Mira, passing away. [Moment of silence.] I miss her. Well, we got a new eight-week-old kitten yesterday ~ she's sweet, very active. Typical kitten! She actually looks somewhat similar to Mira, although her coloring is a little bit more brown than gray. We're down to three names. Please let me know what you think below. [ETA - I tried to make this a poll, but blew it somehow.] And you're welcome to propose other ideas, too, although we’ve already narrowed the list down from like 25 to these three. Bitte
  20. My advice is practical for as you make the drive from Flag to the canyon -- it's long and boring and you can't see your goal! Haha. When you're visiting something amazing above ground, you can see it for a long time as you approach. With the canyon, there's nothing to see until you're right there. So don't get discouraged that last 75 minutes. Once you're there, it's amazing. Drive east a little bit to Desert View -- I like that view the best.
  21. It has been discussed here before, as a work from home opportunity, and I can't remember the name of it. It involved interviewing for a position by having to teach a sample lesson, and then teaching short lessons over the phone/internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  22. I think you basically have to act like everything you post online is discoverable. Even if you have private accounts, someone you let in could copy/post your information/pictures elsewhere. They probably wouldn't, if they're well known by you and trustworthy this way, but technically speaking, it could happen.
  23. Pickleball! See if there is a group of pickleball players near you. It's so much fun, it gets the heart rate up, and great for bodies that are getting older. It's not a hard core workout like cross fit though. But I'm over those, LOL. I do have the old Callanetics book on my bed and think I'm going to give that a go for a focused "workout" time. And I do like the long power walk, but you said that's not your thing. I do hope you find things that work for you!
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