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  1. MrsRobinson

    One Strange Rock **Mind Blown**

    I really want to see that one too but I don't think its on any streaming service we have. We watched the first 2 episodes of One Strange Rock and the kids (and me too) love it! Its perfect timing because we haven't come across a documentary series we really love in a while.
  2. MrsRobinson

    My son's experience with grocery delivery

    There is definitely no tip option on the app so that makes me feel better. I can see why substitutions for your family wouldn't work out great. We don't have any specific dietary needs in our family. We were substituted brand name hot chocolate mix for the off brand and brand name almond milk for the off brand, so both our substitutions worked out great for us! 😄
  3. MrsRobinson

    My son's experience with grocery delivery

    Are you supposed to tip the Wal-Mart employees that bring your groceries to your car with the grocery pickup service? I know some employees of big companies can't accept tips. I used the service recently when I was in a nearby city and I had a tip for one person but TWO employees came out to load up the groceries! 😲
  4. MrsRobinson

    Accountability Thread 2/17-2/23

    We are hosting a playdate at our house this morning!!!!! As an introvert, I never thought I'd be so happy about a playdate! But we are so stir crazy between everyone being sick and multiple rounds of ice and snow, so I am thrilled to spend some time with other humans and let the kids play with their friends! This afternoon, after the playdate, we'll do a relaxed school time. Read alouds, memory work, math facts, and 1 hour of a docu series we are watching. More laundry, house cleaning/ organizing projects, and at least one very important phone call for me today. Have a great day everyone!
  5. MrsRobinson

    One Strange Rock **Mind Blown**

    We'll check it out! Thanks!
  6. MrsRobinson

    Accountability Thread 2/17-2/23

    Well, its snowy and icy out there. Public schools in our area cancelled. So we'll stay in today. We are doing school though, since we've missed so much lately. I think maybe I'll let them choose the order of the subjects today. Sometimes there is less whining if they choose the order. I don't know why that makes a difference in their minds but, whatever, I'll take it! Especially today because I have a long to do list that is not school related. Phone calls, paperwork, more deep cleaning, make banana bread before the bananas can no longer be called "bananas", 3 loads of laundry, and probably something else I'm forgetting.
  7. MrsRobinson

    Help me price this refrigerator

    Well, if I remember the kitchen floor plan of your new house correctly, it sounds like it will go quite nicely in it! What a steal!
  8. MrsRobinson

    Help me price this refrigerator

    Wow that is awesome! What makes it so expensive?
  9. MrsRobinson

    Help me price this refrigerator

    Are you selling it right now or is this for when you build your new house? Honestly, this is exactly what I'm looking for and cannot find anything remotely close in my area. So yeah I'd price it a little high and you'll end up coming down on the price but I bet it will go quick.
  10. MrsRobinson

    I just realized we are technically truant. Oops.

    Do you have to register as homeschoolers in your new state?
  11. MrsRobinson

    Accountability Thread 2/17-2/23

    Regular school day at home. It feels like its been forever since we've had a "normal" day. Memory work, Spelling, Writing, Math, Geography before lunch. Exercise, chores, piano practice, and reading after lunch. I have one quick errand after school is done then we are hunkering down for another round of winter weather. Deep cleaning the house this week too, since its been neglected while I was sick. Today is the school room and dd's room plus 2 loads of laundry. Off to get started!
  12. MrsRobinson

    Meeting boardies IRL

    I'm shy, too. 😊 But I do wanna meet a boardie someday! I always wonder when I'm at the curriculum store if the other moms browsing the shelves are boardies. 🤔 So glad you had a nice lunch!
  13. I just used the phrase from the link to look it up on Amazon. It looks pretty cool. I saved it to my list for the future. Thanks for the tip!
  14. Lol! 😂 Fortunately, ours is very supportive and non judgmental when we aren't able to make it but I may feel more guilty if I was right next door. 😊
  15. Oh my goodness! If it was by the building where we worship, I'd buy it in a heartbeat! No need for this post! Lol! It is very small though. Nowhere near mega church scale. 😁 Your mom's location sounds lovely. But yes, the bold is more along the lines of what we are dealing with. Everyone wants to be deep into the subdivision and the houses on the main road are seen as undesireable. But they are there and people live in them! Lol! The house by the mega church (and strip mall and 2 carwashes) was our least favorite. We just found ourselves talking about the other two houses and not talking about that mega church house at all. It had a beautiful backyard but I didn't like the kitchen at all. It was very dark and cave-like. I couldn't imagine preparing and eating 3 meals every day in there with my family. 😲Who knows? We may revisit it if the other doesn't pan out.