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  1. Thank you for all the responses. I do appreciate the input. 😁👍
  2. Hello, I am thinking about doing BJU biology for our son who will be going into 10th grade. For anyone who has used it before, is the lab kit necessary? Also, any recommendations on excellent high school biology courses are welcome. Thanks so much!
  3. Hello, i was wondering if anyone has used My Homeschool Math class for their teen? I’m thinking of signing my son up for the geometry class, but I would love to hear if anyone has experiences to share. Thanks so much!
  4. Thank you, Rootann and Lori D. Those acceptance lists are quite impressive! I didn’t see the school my son is interested in, but I did many well known ones in our state. We are in Georgia. I had seen the Motherlode posts, but had seen that the dates went back a few years and wasn’t sure if the information would still be relevant. I will go check them out though when I have a bit of time to really look without distractions. Thank you! 😃
  5. Thank you, Lori D. & alewife. 😊 I’m not panicking, just a bit frustrated & disappointed. I too, feel that the lady who answered didn’t really know. I have high hopes that I’ll hear much better news come Monday. I mean, it’s literally stated on their main site for admissions how home educated students should apply. Thanks for the encouragement! 😁
  6. Thanks once again to everyone replying to this post. I’m reading everything & getting excited about homeschooling our son without having to use an accredited program. That is, until a few minutes ago. I called the university that our son wants to attend. It local, about 15 minutes down the road, & where he’d like to go. The lady I spoke with told me that he WILL have to have a diploma from an accredited program. What?!? I had read online that home educated students that didn’t go through an accredited program could apply using what they call the “portfolio method” which has a checklist of items that must be included. I told her this, & she said “yes, I know, but from what I’ve heard from the home school specialist here is that they have to have attended an accredited program.” 😞😞😞 The specialist won’t be back in until Monday, so unfortunately I couldn’t speak with him. This is very deflating news though, especially after getting excited & encouraged based not only on the advice I received here, but also through my research. I know there are other colleges, universities, etc.... but this is really where our son was hoping to go. So, now I’ll wait... til Monday. Maybe, just maybe, that girl was wrong. And, if not, they need to update their info online ASAP. 😤
  7. Hello! I’m wondering if anyone has experience with Etsy? I am seriously thinking if setting up a shop and selling crafts, but I am not sure where to even start. I’ve done in home childcare for more than 17 years, but ended that business about a year ago. I have sold items on Facebook & online yard sales, but I really don’t enjoy that too much. I know how to sell on Ebay, but I don’t use it for selling crafts. I need to get a new business going, otherwise I may end up going back into childcare. That’s not a bad option, but I have always wanted my own crafting business and I want to give it a fair shot while I have an opportunity. If anyone has experience, will you please share information with me? I’m really just looking for ANY helpful tips, suggestions, & advice. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help. Everyone have a wonderful day! 😊
  8. Hello, I would love to hear of recommendations for various online high school courses please. Id love to hear about ones for the main core classes, for Spanish II, and ones that would be great for videography, creating video games or movies, or cinematography (electives). It’d be great to see courses that involved live classes, or just more interaction than just staring at a screen all day. Also. , I’d love to hear experiences you’ve had using them, what your child thought, or any other useful information you’re willing to share. I’m thinking about outsourcing a few classes for our son who will be going into 10th grade this school year, and then teaching one or two myself. Some may have seen my very recent post about homeschooling through high school. Due to all the great responses, I’m considering going a different route than the online program we did last year. Thank you in advance for any information. 👍🙂
  9. Thank you, Lori D. 😊 Reading all these responses is getting me excited about homeschooling through high school. By outsourcing certain subjects, then helping out with others I feel more comfortable with, I think I COULD actually do this. My goal is to make sure that our son genuinely enjoys learning and is more motivated about school. Sure, I know there are subjects that just aren’t all that enjoyable and we just need to work through them the best we can (which is a teaching lesson in itself), but that doesn’t have to apply to all 6 or 7 courses he takes. The curriculum with the online school honestly seems pretty dry and boring. Plus, since I’ve homeschooled (some years full time, others only part time) our son since kindergarten, I know his learning style. He learns best with interaction, hands on activities, and lots of visual learning. My husband and I are the same way. Last year it was just sit at the computer screen most of the day, with 5 minute breaks between classes, reading and answering questions. There’s definitely a place for that too, just not everything. I think I will begin a new thread about various online courses to get suggestions. Thanks so much!
  10. Thank you all SO much for your replies and information. I am very surprised to hear that we don’t have to use an accredited program necessarily. All I’ve heard when I began to look into his 9th grade year was to make sure the program was accredited. Geez, I have a lot to learn! It all still sounds a bit scary and overwhelming to me, but I’m going to research everything more in the next few days before I just decide to register our son with the online program. Again, it’s not that it was a bad program, but what I didn’t like was the amount of time he was staring at a screen. Plus, it was a lot of just read this, and answer 20-25 questions. This isn’t the best learning style for our son, but I was impressed with how well he adjusted. He did well overall, but I don’t know if he really retained a whole lot of what he learned. Anyway, I need to do my homework and see what choice will be best for him. Thanks again for all the replies. I really appreciate the help, advice, and suggestions! 😁
  11. UPDATE! A few of you had read my post from last week saying that the college told me our son must go through an accredited program in order to be considered for acceptance. I was frustrated and disappointed in this news, but also knew that person I spoke to may have been mistaken. Well, the home education specialist was back in the office today and he confirmed that the lady who told me that last Friday was indeed wrong. I’m soooo relieved to hear this, and now I can finally make some official decisions on our sons schooling choices this year. Yay!!! 👏😁👏😁👏 Hello, This post is specifically for those who have homeschooled or are homeschooling their kids through high school. Our son will be going into 10th grade this coming school year. He did online schooling last year through a fully accredited program. Overall, it was a very good experience for him (with just a few tweaks here and there needed). We’ve discussed many times if he wants to continue with the online school, and he says yes. Most likely that will be the route we choose, but I am just curious about those who have chosen to homeschool on their own through high school. Here are some of my questions... 1. How difficult was it to make sure all classes were accredited? Meaning, the online school our son attended last year was fully accredited. 2. How hard was it to create a transcript for your child? 3. Did your child have a hard time getting accepted into a college? 4. How did you keep up with everything? Meaning, what was or is the most efficient way of making sure all is completed as it should be throughout these years. I know some of my questions may seem silly or even worded incorrectly, but I’m simply trying to find out more information from those who have done this. The online schooling is a nice option (he does not want to go to the local high school which is fine by me), but it is still a bit expensive. Thank goodness for payment plans. 😄🙌 Thanks for any info offered!
  12. Good Morning, & many thanks to everyone who responded. 😁 Evanthe: Are your children actually playing at the local high school (football, track)? I don’t think (could be wrong) we have that option here. Maybe you’re talking about them playing for a recreational league, at the high school level. I jus found that interesting and was curious. Thanks!
  13. Thank you! ALL great things to consider. Yes, I should know by now not to allow others to sway my opinion of what is best for our son, especially when it comes to schooling. I knew posting here would help me consider things I had not yet thought about. 👍😁
  14. Hello Everyone, I was wanting to get some input regarding the pros and cons of online schooling vs public school. This is for high school. I have several things I have considered and written down, but want to see if there are things I’m missing possibly. A little background: We chose to have our son do online schooling for 9th grade with Alpha Omega Academy (fully accredited program). Overall, it’s worked pretty well. As with anything, there are pros and cons. We are now at the point of the year where we evaluate what we want to do for the following year. And, of course, we are getting lots of advice. Many feel that our son needs the true high school experience, in a classroom, with the ability to have more social interactions (ex: sports, dances, clubs, etc..). While I understand that to a point, I also know that he can play sports, attend youth group, and be with other activities that provide the social interactions everyone is so concerned about. Anyway, I’m just looking for thoughts. Our son is happy with whatever choice. He’s easygoing, loves working at home, but is also willing to try out public school if that’s the choice. His grades are good with the online school so far, and his standardized tests just came back with very good results. So, he’s adjusted well. So, share some pros and cons with me. Thoughts, ideas, etc... I’m curious to hear and see if I’ve missed something possibly. Thank You! 😁
  15. MrsRobinson, here’s some info about what the numbers should read to be considered safe. Scarlett, I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. 😢
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