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  1. I don’t really know any men with beards. Most of the guys I know work with Dh and there is a no facial hair policy. As for the other, well, having been hairless not by choice, I’m okay with not shaving. It took months for the hair on my legs to grow again. I’m happy now to have it. I just wish there was some color. All my hair came back without pigment, although that is changing now. (I’m still waiting for my eyebrows to come back in any color. LOL)
  2. Is there a way to set the number of posts per page to 15 or less in a thread? I dislike having to scroll through (is it.) 50 posts to get to the end of the page. Thank you.
  3. May I join in here? Im desperate to lose this 30 pounds I put on during treatment. If anyone has pointers about losing weight after a surgical menopause after total hysterectomy or even natural menopause, I’m all ears. I’m hoping to start running 10 miles a day as soon as it warms up a bit more. I had been going to the gym for weight training 5 days a week, but just kept gaining.
  4. I don’t think I’ve done six things all day 1. Made the bed 2. Read the news 3. Checked email and reestablished myself here 4. Went to the local trade show with dh 5. Went to local big box store 6. Watching TV? Is that a thing?
  5. I’m named after two of my parents friends at the time of my birth. I don’t remember ever meeting these people nor do my parents have any contact even 50+ years later. The only thing I don’t like about it is my first and middle names are rather unpopular and one is rather annoying because of connotations people assume from it.
  6. No, I wasn’t pushed to excel. I was supposed to get good grades, but college was a maybe. I’m in my early 50s. I grew up at a time when my parents did not know what the SAT was or why it was important. I only took the PSAT and the ASVAB in school because all students in a particular grade were required to take it. I’m an early Gen-Xer that could get a good job with just a high school diploma. Today, aside from the potential of dying, I can’t get gainful employment because I’ve still not completed my BA.
  7. What does it mean when I get a notification that says so-and-so reacted to a post?
  8. Wow! Just read this thread and find the entire situation sad. My avatar is okay. It is from Margaritaville.com for use on message boards as a parrothead avatar. It is fulfilling its purpose as intended.
  9. Yes, I am actually. I fully embraced integrated medicine. It seemed to have worked for me. Because of it, chemo was nothing. I asked my RN the second week when I could expect to start feeling sick from all the meds. She said it wouldn’t be much longer. I’m still waiting. My biggest issue was the weight gain from the steroids and my inability to get it back off. I had a complete hysterectomy so I lost those hormones, and because of the type of cancer I can’t have HRT. As soon as the temps are consistently above 45*F I’m going to start running again and get back up to 10 miles a day along with the new eating plan. My oncologist would prefer if I go the raw vegan way. I’m working on it by being lacto-ovo vegetarian. It’s just too cold for raw food here.
  10. Thanks for the great welcome. Some of you must have changed your usernames at one point. I will have to try to put new names to old memories.
  11. I will try to pop in more often. The internet isn’t much my thing anymore.
  12. Yes, please do. The things can apparently go from nothing to something rather quickly.
  13. Hi! I’m so sorry. I agree completely with your assessment.
  14. I was! I was in school studying history. Not long after the start of the problems, my grandmother died. I had to travel and as a result missed the final weeks of the class I was taking for the semester. The final grade dropped my GPA under the requirements for financial aid so I put it on hold for six months. Then that turned into a longer hold and I’ve still not gone back with 3 semesters to finish my BA. I’ve just applied to have the student loans forgiven since I’m unemployable. Nobody in this small town wants to hire and train the person who has a 12% five year survival rate. So I spend my time focusing on healing and hoping I’m in that 12%.
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