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  1. Okay, this is expensive, but I love these, too: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=griffith's+milk+glass&qpvt=griffith%27s+milk+glass&FORM=IGRE I can leave spices on the counter without them getting damaged by sunlight. Also, I use some $3 baskets I got at Target hung on the pantry wall to store small things. I was originally going to use it for onions, etc., but that ended up not working, so now they have cookie cutters and other small things in them.
  2. My next-door neighbor's kid is like that. He had to be taught all the social clues that most kids just pick up. He just rubs people the wrong way, accidentally, but is getting much, much, MUCH better now, with tons of training. I wish adults would analyze their reactions a bit more closely. Why do they see a kid as THAT kid? What's he really done? And why do they think this other kid can do no wrong? Thank G-D my children aren't bullies. I honestly don't know what I'd do, because I've seen teacher's favorites who are bullies get away with all kinds of things. Especially if they
  3. She's inconsistently awful. And removing her doesn't help because she doesn't care. She'd be perfectly happy staying at home. The problem is that her behaviors will become more ingrained if they aren't stopped at this age--and they become ingrained when she isn't actively CORRECTED, which means that they get worse when she's not in structured situations when she's supposed to behave. By the time she's 6 or 8, it'll be too late. She's not going to school, so she doesn't get other forms of adult authority other than dance, AWANAs, church, swimming, and gymnastics. So that's what I have to
  4. Yes, my kids have sociopathic urges. It takes my friends aback how sweet yet utterly conniving they can be. THREE have brought it up independently with me--all pretty much saying something like, "Wow, you know, your kids could cure cancer or make some great discovery that banishes poverty, but they could also be serial killers or Bernie Madoff, if someone else were raising them." And they mean it, and they're right. I half-joke that there's a continuum--serial killer, con man, dishonest used car salesman, Bernie Madoff, politician, aggressive CEO, great philanthropist. My kids, by natu
  5. Or salicylic acid wart remover. Twice a day, works like a charm.
  6. I don't think that's what's happening. I really don't. When she acts out, most adults try to jolly her along or charm her, and it totally doesn't work with DD. She sees it as an open door for negotiation, at best, and as a sign of weakness to be exploited, at worst. It starts the game of, "How much of my teacher's time and attention can I continue to hog by acting out?" And then they try harder, and it goes downhill from there. I have only had one teacher who would actually TELL ME voluntarily when DD was bad. The others, I have to ask, even if I've been sitting where I can see her a
  7. My daughter actually GLOATS when she's been bad and gets a sticker anyway. GLOATS. And they give stickers at the end no matter what, unfortunately, but she sees it as a reward. The teacher does know. I'm going to have to remind her again that she has to be good the WHOLE TIME to get a sticker. It totally isn't a maturity thing with her--it's a decision that she's making. If she was actually struggling with controlling herself, I'd give her way more grace. (I used to teach preschool, and I could tell when kids just couldn't quite have a handle on themselves, and I supported them rathe
  8. I'd believe that was it....except that I have to actually pin down this teacher and one other to get them to EVER tell me that she's been a pill. I don't expect her to say, "She's been a real brat!" but I do expect, "DD was having listening problems in class today," or "DD had a hard time keeping her hands to herself" or "waiting her turn" or whatever. I shouldn't have to force these things out of her. I thought the teacher would have a heart attack when I calmly ripped up her sticker one day after she'd gotten it after throwing such a screaming fit that I could hear it in the hall! T
  9. My children are...difficult. They are incredibly aware of how others perceive them, especially adults, and are very, very skilled manipulators, in both good and bad ways. They have charisma. LOTS of charisma. They OOZE charisma. My son, for example, was always the second or third worst kid in the class in preschool activities. ALWAYS. In a carefully calculated manner, so that the other kids would be the ones to get in trouble, not him. He managed to convince a Kindergarten teacher that he couldn't write his name AFTER he'd been writing it in class for several months--it wasn't un
  10. After the closet goes in, it will end up being 11'x7', with an extra bump out for the W/D. HUGE!!!! Not like now, where the room is big but it's laid out so badly with well equipment everywhere that there is no functional space. I'm putting a china cab with a hutch top in front of the closet on sliders, so I can have real cabinet space, and on the opposite wall, in front of the W/D, there will be a sink--smaller than a typical laundry sink, but I don't really need one of those--and a secretary I've set up as a sewing center. So I can actually do those small jobs somewhere other than the ki
  11. I'm not keeping track fo taxes, but last year, it was about $500, if I don't include gymnastics.
  12. I'd start out with DH driving until he couldn't, then me. I'd go straight through if DH could handle it.
  13. Celiac tests are sometimes inaccurate, I believe, depending on the lab that does them. If he is celiac, then the intestinal damage can make sensitivities occur with other things that wouldn't normally cause a problem. If the gut heals, often the other sensitivities disappear, as they may have really been triggered by the damage.
  14. I do have a washer and dryer. The washer just sort of, um, drains out the window. And you can't put anything on the floor or fold anything in there or iron or sort clothes.....
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