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  1. I'm in Salt Lake for another five weeks or so. I'm planning to order some curriculum while I'm here in America but I'm curious if there's any stores around here to preview some of it. I've been to the library and checked out oodles of homeschool books I've always wanted to read. :hurray: Thanks!
  2. Can anyone give me an idea how much the heat treatment would cost? Ballpark of course, I know it will vary, pm me if you'd like. They seem to think it is only a problem in their bedroom now. I'm not sure what they've done to treat it, they make think that vacuuming is enough and not be aware what is needed. But I will arrange for an inspection and we'll go from there. They'll both be recovering from heart procedures. One of them is not very hygenic. They could be spreading them like crazy. I'm afraid to get in their car, but I certainly can't afford to rent one for the five weeks I'm there. I've booked a hotel for the first week and see how far we get. It's just heartbreaking for me to be on the other side of the world from them, and find out they've been dealing with this. Plus the hoarding and the general uncleanliness of their house. But in five weeks we should be able to do a lot to get their house in shape. In between surgeries and hospital visits. I'm going without kids, so I'll actually be able to get things done!!! :hurray: (while missing my kids and husband like crazy) :crying:
  3. Sigh, I typed up a whole response and lost it. The issue about the mental state is that they've apparently known about the bed bugs for several years and haven't done anything. Too expensive, probably. But that means they had them last time I visited. But I didn't sleep there. A family friend pulled the couch away from the wall and found dead bugs eveywhere. So it sounds bad. I'm hoping against hope that it's limited to upstairs since that's where they sleep and where the living room is. Most of their books are downstairs. Where can I purchase the zippered mattress covers? Do they need to be special ordered or can I find them at Wal-Mart or BBB? Thanks for all the info. I haven't visited these boards in ages but I knew someone here would have experience with bed bugs. Thanks heaps.
  4. I live on the other side of the world from my elderly parents. I am visiting later this week because they are both going through some serious health issues. I've just learned that they have a horrible bed bug infestation. Horrible, as in they've had them for years. I learned this through a concerned friend of the family. They don't even know I know yet. I was planning to stay with them but now I've got to figure out what to do, I won't be able to sleep there. I need to know where to start. I know the things are very hard to get rid of. I'm assuming the worst, that they will have invaded every corner of the house. They have heaps and heaps of books. I will be contacting an exterminator, of course. Will we be able to save their furniture? Couches, mattresses, etc. Do they get into the carpet? Can their books be saved? To make it all worse, one of them is a bit of a hoarder and it will be hard to convince them to rid themselves of things. I had high hopes of just cleaning up while I was there. Now it's a different ball game. Thanks for any advice. And please, be kind. I know this brings into question their mental state but I can't worry about that until we get them through their medical procedures and their house cleaned up.
  5. Thank you for the update. This puts my mind at ease and helps me map out a plan for my oldest. :)
  6. Too many curriculum choices...sigh...

  7. Mama, if you make me do school today I will kill myself. (Don't worry, it was said with a grin!) I told him we'd be sure to have a nice funeral for him!

  8. Yeah, none of these are showing up on my PC. They are showing up on my iPad, even on the regular version (not Mobile), and I don't have the emoji keyboard installed. Weird.
  9. EE is Expedition Earth from the blog Confessions of a Homeschooler (COAH).
  10. Oh, I gave up on xtramath because of the time constraint! So happy to know this, we'll give it another try!
  11. My children have discovered whoopee cushions. There is no going back.

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