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  1. I just found out Middlebury has an online program. They are supposed to be the best. I plan to use them in the future.
  2. Page 519, 11-11 Chapter review and test. #9. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I have the book, no solution manual. It was not a problem until now. I don't need the written out solution (yet), I would just like the answer to compare. Thanks! (if you happen to have the solution handy though...it would be nice).
  3. The Matthew Effect is dumb. 3rd-5th grade seems to be a turning point where kids change in how they think. But this change can often cause a student who was not doing well to turn around and do well due to a different way of thinking and learning. I would never ever make a decision on a child's future based on 3rd grade.
  4. I may have typed the name of one of those wrong. But I would love to hear what virtual classes their children have tried, and reviews, descriptions, and opinions. Feel free to PM me if you have an opinion or info you do not wish to share publicly. Thank you! Also, if anyone has Landry Generic semesters for sale, I might be interested.
  5. I already Googled and read tons and tons of posts here. In the end, I came down to Jurgenson, Chalkerian, or Serra. I decided on Serra because Sue in St Pete used it and her views and goals on math closely fit mine. I found the book at the home school book store and purchased it already. I like it. I asked my husband and oldest what they thought of it and both thought it was too lacking in proofs, specifically 2 column proofs. Now I have read what a lot of people have posted with regards to the actual value of two column proofs and the long term need for it and I am kind of thinking they a
  6. Yes..but then she went to a different room..and got in to fights with her roommate and some of the other girls on the floor. She left willingly, but they told her she could not come back until she got mental health help. I do not tend to post every single detail. Just what is pertinent to the actual question at hand. I already have posted too much and the more I post, the more people who have something against people with bipolar disorder tend to give me a hard time about it.
  7. The college rep did not give a description. It is UTDallas. We toured in her senior year. She was offered this same scholarship last year and turned it down. She re-applied this year before everything went downhill. http://www.utdallas.edu/housing/uc/
  8. Just because she has mental health issues does not mean she could not do well academically. She had high SAT scores. Her meltdown happened after she left for college and discontinued her medications. When she lived with us and was under 18, she had a very stable environment where we largely controlled a lot. Like, she went to bed at night, took her meds, had music lessons and exercise type classes and tutoring, and whatever else. I did volunteer work at school and was always there to encourage her, gauge her mood, help her. She also had a social group thing to help her with social skills when
  9. All the rooms at this university are suite style. So she would have her own room. There are three rooms, connected to a living area and bathroom. They called to follow up to make sure she got their letter. They asked to speak to her first and then asked if I were the parent. I said yes. I am not telling anyone she is out for mental health reasons. That is hers to share if she decides to. We did not receive the letter. But when she first took off, she forwarded all her mail to my birth parents. My birth parents are not good people. She left them recently. So, the letter likely went there.
  10. My concern has been if she were contacted right now, that in her state of mind (just starting treatment) it will not go well. She has until May 1, so maybe I should wait a few weeks. But then again, maybe knowing she got it back will encourage her. But maybe it will make things worse. I think I will hold off.
  11. Daughter moved on from the bad birth grandparents and now is with the adoptive grandparents. This is a good thing. Just today, she started with a new psychologist and she already started with a new counselor. I am hopeful. She is still not in communication with us. I am really hoping and praying for improvement before she takes off on them. We got a call from the local state university that she got the full tuition and fees plus stipend back for the fall. This would be the best thing for her. She would have access to continue care she is getting now. She would also have a single room in
  12. It would be illegal to take tax education dollars and use it to make a massive, close-to-NFL level football team. Tax dollars can only be used for education. If there are sports paid for by tax payers, they will be everyone gets to play stuff, for educational and health purposes. Not to inflate the egos.
  13. Early grades would be hands on, go at your own pace, no standardized tests.
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