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  1. I just found out Middlebury has an online program. They are supposed to be the best. I plan to use them in the future.
  2. Page 519, 11-11 Chapter review and test. #9. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I have the book, no solution manual. It was not a problem until now. I don't need the written out solution (yet), I would just like the answer to compare. Thanks! (if you happen to have the solution handy would be nice).
  3. The Matthew Effect is dumb. 3rd-5th grade seems to be a turning point where kids change in how they think. But this change can often cause a student who was not doing well to turn around and do well due to a different way of thinking and learning. I would never ever make a decision on a child's future based on 3rd grade.
  4. I may have typed the name of one of those wrong. But I would love to hear what virtual classes their children have tried, and reviews, descriptions, and opinions. Feel free to PM me if you have an opinion or info you do not wish to share publicly. Thank you! Also, if anyone has Landry Generic semesters for sale, I might be interested.
  5. ((((hugs)))) to Rosie.
  6. He has Aspergers. He seems very set that we not re-arrange or paint or change anything at all! But, his room is the only one big enough for the bed. So I feel silly giving it away. I do have someone to give it to, but yeah. would be a shame to do that and have him need it back in a year or two.
  7. Probably because he just does not like change. I am sure that is it.
  8. We have a queen bed that we are trying to figure out what to do with. I was going to move it in to 13 yr old's room, but he said no. He is already 5'7, maybe 5'8. I can easily give it away. But I am afraid that in a year, he will be so tall that he will regret that. I put a post on our town board offering it to free to anyone who wants it. Right away, I got tons of responses. I am fine with giving it away, but I do not want to be in a position of having to replace it in a year or so. 13 yr old currently uses a twin sized bed.
  9. Not a famous person..but..I found my old French teacher on FB. She had white hair when she was my older sister's teacher. She was my teacher 30 yrs ago. I figured she must be 90 now, if still alive. Nope. Turns out, she is in her 70's, travels extensively, works out at a gym, has a rotator cup injury. Made me feel like I better get to exercising! She looks the same today as I remember her 30 yrs ago!
  10. Did her favorites turn out poorly? My mom spoiled my younger sister. I did not live with my mother most of my childhood. But even now, as an adult, she is about 40, my sister still lives off my mother. But she has an income, but just has to have expensive clothes and expensive SUV and massages and pedicures and manicures and so on. She is seriously in debt. I know her credit is shot. She got very excited about a year ago when someone issues her a credit with a small amount of credit on it. She turned around and used it right away and then tossed it, like usual. She tried to steal from my daughter recently. I am 100% certain she will not help our mother when our mother needs it. In fact, while I do not speak to her now, in the past, I have gotten calls from my little sister demanding I go do stuff for them, like give them money or run errands for them. If I go on vacation, she would call and get angry and say I have an obligation to stay with them for the holiday, even though when we are here, they want nothing to do with us. My little sister is extremely spoiled and playing favorites did not help her at all. I am just curious if others have seen that. My mother didn't want to raise me when I was 5 yrs old, but I have a 40 yr old sister still living off her and is a disaster. Favoritism hurts everyone.
  11. I think if a parent simply boots a child out at 18, for no reason other than no legal obligation, then that parent should not be expecting any help later from the child as they age. I personally will NOT be helping my own parents. I only lived with them for some of my childhood years and those years were miserable. But if my grandparents needed help (grandpa has died, and grandma doesn't need help, even though I would love to help) I would happily help. Or my old foster parents. The parent child relationship is two way. The parent gets the first crack at setting the tone, the child gets the final word. I actually feel bad when adult children were treated horribly growing up and were on their own, then they feel obligated to their aging parents. On the same token, when parents are good parents, then the adult kids should come around. I think they usually do come around. I guess I do not know anyone who was a decent parent whose adult children refuse to help. I am sure it happens, but I don't think it is that common.
  12. There actually are no regulations on private schools. And public schools are only loosely regulated. The state will not step in to investigate any complaints or otherwise against any school. Everything is run at district level in this state. If you don't believe me, call TEA and ask.
  13. It does not take 5 minutes to go in to a store, find what she needs, and check out and come back out. Plus, it is not ok to leave your small child in a car, or anywhere else in public alone. So yes, I would call her a bad mother. And she is just like those people who claim it was "just for a second." It is never for a second. And she did not leave her child for just 5 minutes. And even if it were just for 5 minutes, still not ok. And the part that really makes her a bad mother, is that after all the educating authorities have tried to do with her to teach her how dangerous her behavior was, she prefers to sit back and encourage her child to be upset, all in her agenda to paint everyone else as the bad people, and her as the one who is fine and right. And her excuses...she HAD to bring him or he would throw a tantrum. Then she just could not take him in to the store, or he would throw a tantrum and it would just be too much work. whine whine whine. If she cannot handle a tantrum, then she shouldn't have children. What will she do when her child is 13 and throws a tantrum that he just wants to stay out all night, and maybe even drink alcohol. Just give it to him? She is in serious need of some parenting skills. Everybody makes mistakes. But hers is huge and she prefers to let her child feel pain for it rather than mothering-up and own up to her mistake.
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