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  1. I just found out Middlebury has an online program. They are supposed to be the best. I plan to use them in the future.
  2. Page 519, 11-11 Chapter review and test. #9. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I have the book, no solution manual. It was not a problem until now. I don't need the written out solution (yet), I would just like the answer to compare. Thanks! (if you happen to have the solution handy would be nice).
  3. The Matthew Effect is dumb. 3rd-5th grade seems to be a turning point where kids change in how they think. But this change can often cause a student who was not doing well to turn around and do well due to a different way of thinking and learning. I would never ever make a decision on a child's future based on 3rd grade.
  4. I may have typed the name of one of those wrong. But I would love to hear what virtual classes their children have tried, and reviews, descriptions, and opinions. Feel free to PM me if you have an opinion or info you do not wish to share publicly. Thank you! Also, if anyone has Landry Generic semesters for sale, I might be interested.
  5. I already Googled and read tons and tons of posts here. In the end, I came down to Jurgenson, Chalkerian, or Serra. I decided on Serra because Sue in St Pete used it and her views and goals on math closely fit mine. I found the book at the home school book store and purchased it already. I like it. I asked my husband and oldest what they thought of it and both thought it was too lacking in proofs, specifically 2 column proofs. Now I have read what a lot of people have posted with regards to the actual value of two column proofs and the long term need for it and I am kind of thinking they are not really that important. Great if you have time and desire, but your program won't really be lacking without it. We intend to do formal logic also, not in the geometry but on the side as a different subject. Here is another issue. My son has ASD. He also has a high-ish IQ (it is measured every time they redo his ASD testing which is every 3 years). It measured over 140 last time. However, he has a low frustration level. If he doesn't get something on his own, he shuts down. He hates being explained to and he does not like videos of classes. He LOVES Foerster's Algebra and has completed it mostly on his own, with me helping on occasion, and earned 100's usually, or close to. He does not like Jacob's Algebra at all. We own both. I am great at math and have no trouble explaining things to him, but will have 5 kids at home next year so time is limited, especially since the youngers are kindergarten and below. And the K'er is a little bit cognitively delayed at this point in time. I showed him sample video from Math without Borders and he said no, he does not want any videos. He really hated TT. He says he wants a textbook. He likes Serra's book. He will be in 8th grade next year. He has not seen any other books to compare. Should I just order the Jurgenson book to show him? I also thought it might be worth adding BJU Geometry to the list as Cathy Duffy's review makes it sound like it could be a middle ground? It is important whatever he uses can be done independently without a video or a parent micromanaging. Also, he plans to major in computer science in college. I am sure he will. He already does things like Java and C# and python. And he loves Latin and is studying it completely independent from First Form Latin (was doing Cambridge and liked that also). I hope I have painted an accurate thorough picture of what we need. My skills are up to par to teach geometry on my own, no trouble there. I have done it before with my olders. Just because of time and his preference, I need a book that is inclusive enough he can do on his own. As in, doesn't require extensive teaching involvement. But, he is good at math and I don't want to short change him. I actually do like this Discovering Math book. Oh, and on my husband, he wants me to do whatever I want. He only gave his opinion because I asked. Thanks!
  6. I have not read the entire thing nor am I familiar with the history. there any reason to believe Julie's story other than that she is female? Were there any medical records regarding the hurt shoulder? I ask because, while I was a victim of abuse as a child, my own daughter was not. However, she has some serious mental health issues. She has a long history of accusing others of abuse. And she is abusive too. She was abusing her boyfriend. I know that she will be married some day and will abuse that guy. She abused me, her siblings, kids at school, teachers, kids at camp, and so on. I hear from people no one lies about abuse. But they do and they can. My daughter was the constant victim of everyone. She claimed kids at a home school group were mistreating her before I sent her back to public school. It was one of the reasons she got her first psych eval. She was attacking others, and then crying and claiming they attacked her. It is actually a common thing for abusers to blame their victims. I do think Tony Jones's behavior is questionable. I do not know if Julie is telling the truth or lying. But, as far as my experience goes, abusers tend to be the outspoken vocal ones and the abused do not. So if Tony Jones was the first to go out there and attack and tell everyone his wife was so terrible and Julie was just defending herself because she needed to, then I would believe her over him. But if she came out swinging and he later defended himself, then I would side with him. But again, I do not know the whole story. I just tend to be a little more open minded that we might not all know the whole story.
  7. ((((hugs)))) to Rosie.
  8. He has Aspergers. He seems very set that we not re-arrange or paint or change anything at all! But, his room is the only one big enough for the bed. So I feel silly giving it away. I do have someone to give it to, but yeah. would be a shame to do that and have him need it back in a year or two.
  9. Probably because he just does not like change. I am sure that is it.
  10. We have a queen bed that we are trying to figure out what to do with. I was going to move it in to 13 yr old's room, but he said no. He is already 5'7, maybe 5'8. I can easily give it away. But I am afraid that in a year, he will be so tall that he will regret that. I put a post on our town board offering it to free to anyone who wants it. Right away, I got tons of responses. I am fine with giving it away, but I do not want to be in a position of having to replace it in a year or so. 13 yr old currently uses a twin sized bed.
  11. Yes. And the worst part is, she still thinks what she did is ok as an adult AND...she is trying to tie it in to gender identity, which hurts those in the GLBT community because GLBT does not mean child molester and what she did, was sexual abuse.
  12. Not a famous person..but..I found my old French teacher on FB. She had white hair when she was my older sister's teacher. She was my teacher 30 yrs ago. I figured she must be 90 now, if still alive. Nope. Turns out, she is in her 70's, travels extensively, works out at a gym, has a rotator cup injury. Made me feel like I better get to exercising! She looks the same today as I remember her 30 yrs ago!
  13. Did her favorites turn out poorly? My mom spoiled my younger sister. I did not live with my mother most of my childhood. But even now, as an adult, she is about 40, my sister still lives off my mother. But she has an income, but just has to have expensive clothes and expensive SUV and massages and pedicures and manicures and so on. She is seriously in debt. I know her credit is shot. She got very excited about a year ago when someone issues her a credit with a small amount of credit on it. She turned around and used it right away and then tossed it, like usual. She tried to steal from my daughter recently. I am 100% certain she will not help our mother when our mother needs it. In fact, while I do not speak to her now, in the past, I have gotten calls from my little sister demanding I go do stuff for them, like give them money or run errands for them. If I go on vacation, she would call and get angry and say I have an obligation to stay with them for the holiday, even though when we are here, they want nothing to do with us. My little sister is extremely spoiled and playing favorites did not help her at all. I am just curious if others have seen that. My mother didn't want to raise me when I was 5 yrs old, but I have a 40 yr old sister still living off her and is a disaster. Favoritism hurts everyone.
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