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  1. I love this idea so much! My best friend just relocated to another city. We used to workout or walk together 5 days/week and now it‘s zero. 😭 I can keep myself motivated to get up and move without her, but I miss her and this is the perfect way for us to keep in touch. I already texted her and worked it out. Thanks for sharing!
  2. My daughter broke both arms at once several summers ago and having a bidet was a lifesaver for both of us!!! So I vote yes to the bidet! But I can’t remember what brand we had and then it broke...so hopefully someone else can advise you on that. Hope the surgery goes well!
  3. I’m in Tempe. If your parents were the type to get out I would have some suggestions, but since they are not....do they at least have a pool? Swim? That’s pretty much it for outside. If he had access to a bike he could get out early am or in the evening to go for a bike ride. It’s been in the low to mid 70’s in the early AM lately, but will likely not be that nice in July. My teens are pretty much inside all day doing various online camps/Summer school/gaming with friends. About once a week I drag everybody up north to get to where it is 10-20 degrees cooler (Payson, Pr
  4. Same!!! I was just introduced to this awesome app called Paprika that will strip the recipe of all of the unnecessary commentary/ads and you can save just the recipe and file them away in the app. It’s super cool.
  5. I’d definitely check it out. When my dd with celiac was diagnosed the only symptom she really had was chronic tummy pain starting when she was about three until I finally got a doctor to test her around age 7. We had the whole family checked out after that. Hope you can get to the bottom of it!
  6. My sister and I write letters monthly, and a friend gave me several boxes of pretty stationary for Christmas.
  7. When my oldest two were born (they are 16 and 14 now), I read a lot of anti-vaccination books/materials, and I had a lot of friends that never vaxxed. I wasn't 100% anti, but I did feel nervous about injecting so many vaccines into tiny infant bodies at one time. I was never afraid of autism, but I definitely think that pumping tiny immune systems full of multiple vaccinations wasn't something that was necessarily tested over time. I don't 100% trust the government to be looking out for the well being of MY child. Autoimmune diseases are on the rise and there has to be some or many sources in
  8. Many of my kids’ groups use this. Not sure if it’s free. https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/
  9. I bought one for my birthday last year. I ordered the suggested size based on the questionnaire, and it fits great. It’s my favorite of my current bras.
  10. I feel like I hear this word pronounced both ways in the various radio programs and podcasts I listen to.
  11. Several years ago we discovered termites in the house we had just purchased and in the house we were preparing to sell at the exact same time. It was annoying, but really not a big deal. I think it was maybe $1500 for each house for the treatment. (Not tents here, just the drilling mentioned up thread.) We saw signs of them again in our current house about a year later and had them retreat (free under the warranty) and everything has looked good for several years now. Our realtor said there are two kinds of houses: Those that have termites and those that are going to get termites....
  12. Congratulations on the new baby!! I had cholestasis with my first two babies and it is such a nightmare. I’m so sorry. 😢 I remember how traumatic it was when we had to forgo the birth we had hoped for at the birth center for an early induction at the hospital. It was so scary. But I am grateful your baby is safe and healthy. Have you ever looked in the memorial section on the itchymoms.com website? The stillbirth risk is very real. 😢 I am so glad you are both doing well!
  13. My DH has a desk job, so he sits a lot. But they periodically have step competitions at work and that guy can rack up close to 20,000 steps on a work day if he really tries. Of course, his daily jog gives him a big head start. But he is really diligent about getting up every hour to walk around the building, or if he’s working from home take the dog around the block. He’ll pace while we’re watching tv, which is annoying. 😜 My top count has been 23,000 and that was a day Disney, so I’m pretty impressed with DH. I find that as long as I get my morning workout in, it’s pretty eas
  14. 80, not counting digital. That includes Christmas and 5 birthdays,
  15. Yes! 1,000 times yes! Do it!
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