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  1. One of the best results of having my boys diagnosed was that I had a better understanding of what was going on with them, what I shouldn't be taking personally, and finally having accurate, appropriate expectations of them. It helped me be a better parent more than anything else.
  2. I've followed that gal for years since I first found her blog mentioned on this site. That would be so cool!
  3. The raffle is closed, and the random winner is from the Hive! Thank you everyone who participated!!
  4. It IS easy to give; the parents don't have to actually do anything during the test. It's all on the computer. I watch just because it gives me valuable information, and I can keep an eye on if the kid needs a break.
  5. Just bumping one last time because I know there actually are people who aren't on the Hive every.single.day like others. ;) 11 more hours left.
  6. Just a little over 32 hours left before it closes. Sorry I forgot to share it earlier.
  7. If you're interested, my blog is hosting a giveaway for 2 DORA tests and 2 ADAMs. I've given it to my two boys two years in a row now and have been given back the kind of feedback I need to better teach them.
  8. I do a blend of HWOT idea but Zaner Bloser script. This is what it looks like for us.
  9. Yes, I gave the DORA to my kids last year. I think part of it taking so long is it takes a while for them to hit their level! I'm hoping this second time around it will start them higher than their grade level so that it won't take so long. My 4 year old got similar results to the OP's. If anyone is interested, I wrote a blog post on some tips based on our experience if you're going to give it to a young kid. And your MIL: UGH! WHY do people not THINK about what they are saying in front of children?!
  10. Sometimes I'm guilty of this. I don't usually just link, but the thing is, I've already typed it all out on the blog post; I don't exactly want to re-type it all, paraphrasing myself, KWIM? I usually only click on thread titles that I'm looking for information on, or is a subject I can help with. And if it's a subject I can help with, I've probably written a blog post about it. I've written quite a bit about OPGTR, WWE, FLL, and those are asked about quite a bit. I try to be aware of it, and when I see myself promoting my blog "too much" I step back and stay away from the board. On th
  11. I get that all the time; "It's tooooooooo brothy!" "It's SOUP!" :huh:
  12. In the most embarrassing place: either in mom's underwear and bra drawer, or the.....married fun toys drawer?
  13. lol, my dh asked me the same thing! He still has plenty of Walking Dead. :glare:
  14. I did that, too! I always wanted to be important enough someday that historians would want to attempt to decipher it. ;)
  15. I wish a parent had cared enough about me to read my diary as a young person/teen. I needed help so badly. I wish someone had cared enough to *ask* me. I wrote my diary with the half hope that someone would read it. No one ever did. Not saying all children have this same perspective; just offering what mine was at the time. My visiting mother (she didn't have custody) found and read some bad things in my sister's diary; she was horrified, but I'm pretty sure she did absolutely nothing about it; probably knew her relationship wasn't close enough that she could survive the fall out with
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