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  1. One of the best results of having my boys diagnosed was that I had a better understanding of what was going on with them, what I shouldn't be taking personally, and finally having accurate, appropriate expectations of them. It helped me be a better parent more than anything else.
  2. I've followed that gal for years since I first found her blog mentioned on this site. That would be so cool!
  3. I thought he did, but when I had him say it again later, no.
  4. Ds5 at Walmart: "The Spanish word for bath in bano!" I said "how do you know THAT?" Ds5: "It says so on that sign! It has the English word, bath, and the Spanish word, bano!"
  5. When will I ever learn? Put the diaper on the baby IMEDIATLY after the bath. Snuggling a naked, wrapped-in-a-towel baby is going to result in a wet lap. :P

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. theYoungerMrsWarde
    3. Peaceful Isle

      Peaceful Isle

      yup, been there! Mine tried to pee on his bed once he got away!

    4. Mrs_JWM


      Mine pooped on the bed three days after she was born. We commemorated the event in Sharpie, and my now-eight-year-old thinks it's hysterical when I turn the mattress. Stay dry! :)

  6. At Dh's company's Christmas party ds4 out of the blue announced to Dh's boss "My Mommy makes BABY MILK for my sister!"

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    2. Belacqua


      Heh. And how did Boss respond?

    3. Mommy22alyns


      Aww, that is cute!


    4. theYoungerMrsWarde


      I think he said something like "oh, that's good."


  7. I never considered myself to be an intorvert or extravert, but after having my very first Thanksgiving in my own home with no guests, I'm thinking I'm an introvert.

    1. Mrs_JWM
    2. lovinmomma


      After having ours with friends instead of family... I'm thinking I might have an introvert side to me. Hidden in there somewhere really really deep. ;)

  8. This year I feel like pulling a Walmart and skipping Thanksgiving and doing two months of Christmas. :P

  9. I just used the Bible and a Magic School Bus episode to explain the basic concept of String Theory to my almost 7 year old, BEFORE I finished my coffee.

    1. melbotoast


      Can I come to your homeschool? :)

    2. mlbuchina


      Me, too? Pretty please? LOL

  10. Happy (American) Citizenship Day!

  11. Lady Bug is 1 month old now (1 week gestationally) and is taking 3 oz at a time! Probably 5.5lbs now. :)

  12. Apparently posting about pee or poo in a historical setting and not a potty training setting is breaking a rule? Really?

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    2. theYoungerMrsWarde


      Actually it was a thread asking about Saxon math, only the title was "Is anyone a Saxon guru?" so I shared some ancient Saxon facts I got from Horrible Histories as a joke. The post got deleted, no message or reason given as to why. Though if you want to know more about what people did before toilets, search Horrible Histories on youtube.

    3. nmoira


      Hmm. That is odd, especially given some of the things discussed around here. :(

    4. Reflections


      How odd. As if they couldn't take care of it in the thread itself. Or send you a pm. Must be a twitchy mod.

  13. New avatar with all THREE of my children!! <3

    1. melbotoast


      What a sweet picture :)

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