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  1. Thank you both for your input! I didn't realize that there were different facets of working memory, so that could be what's going on. No language testing was done and no further testing is available (state insurance.) My other child has dyspraxia & autism but I've never considered this as a possibility for my dd since she does well learning/doing dance steps. However, it sounds like those strategies might work for her. I glanced over the materials in the website linked, PeterPan, and I think that could be helpful too. Thank you for that suggestion. Kbutton, I really have not been able to sort out what is a brain issue and what is a motor issue. She does not have accommodations for writing but she will absolutely need them before she goes to college. I never require her to write anything out by hand. I'm not sure where those would come from. She hasn't been to OT for years but I'm assuming I can return to them for accommodations when she needs them for non-mom-school. Her joints are so unstable that any pressure causes them to hyperextend so fatigue is certainly an issue.
  2. Wow, I guess I haven't been around in a while! I wonder what my signature will be when this posts. 😂 Does anyone happen to have a child with a developmental delay yet great working memory? We don't know what this is. It looks like ADHD and she takes Concerta (which helps) but we were told it's not "organic ADHD" because she has such a high working memory. Her processing speed is very low (13th percentile) and she has motor delay but she did quite well on the verbal comprehension & memory subtests. We've been told everything "looks like CP but she doesn't have CP." She does have a connective tissue disorder. Her brain is great at the learn-&-dump. She can learn anything for a daily quiz but then not remember the first thing about it about it 48 hours later. We tried video-based programs like Acellus & Study.com- straight A's, learned nothing all year. We have tried many WTM suggestions and she has struggled with them due to the writing required in every subject. She really needs incremental lessons with lots of review and no writing. Teaching Textbooks math has been perfect. She learns well from that setup. She has also done well with Duolingo. Is there anything similar for science? History/social science? I feel like in the 8 years she's been homeschooled, we've tried everything. I thought RS4K "Building Blocks of Science" was going well but she did not remember info from chapter to chapter. In younger years Galore Park Jr. History & SotW seemed good, yet same outcome. Moby Max was probably the closest thing to something that worked, but it doesn't go past 8th grade. BFSU series was a flop. For the last 2 years, I have been reading (science & social studies) topical books to her and we stop every so often to discuss. This seems to help her retain a small portion of the material but she needs to move towards becoming more independent. She would like to start community college in a couple of years. The psych who completed her eval said this was definitely doable with accommodations, but I don't know how to get her ready. Her current accommodations address testing but not the learning process itself.
  3. Secular high school science that is basically Apologia without the religion. Challenging, self-directed, textbook format, affordable labs & books, etc. (Wile's Berean Chem was pretty close.)
  4. My son did chemistry first, for no reason other than he doesn't like biology and wanted to put it off.
  5. Locating the kids' social security numbers is the hardest part of doing our taxes (and we're not even EZ filers!) :lol: "They're in the safe. What's the code to the safe? They're on last year's taxes. I never printed that out..." Etc.
  6. Yes, they definitely annoy some of the focused ones, my children included. I have tried to get my children to consider finding a new group, but they insist that staying is overall worth the annoyance since they have close friends there and the classes really are fun. The children are usually not ill-meaning, so that helps.
  7. One of the age levels I taught a while back has 2 extremely difficult students whose parents were not available to help due to other co-op duties. I no longer volunteer to teach that class. This year I have 2 disruptive students, but I've been pairing them with the more focused or quieter students to help keep them on task. Additionally, one student's mom is often available to help redirect him.
  8. This is how I would've responded and this is what I would've meant by that response.
  9. That's how my home is as well, and our windows are new (but the home itself is 50 years old.)
  10. My friend's home is like this. She runs a fairly large dehumidifier all winter. I've never heard of anyone needing to run a DEhumidifier in the winter, but her home is the same as yours without it!
  11. Ooo, thanks. I didn't realize they made HE softeners. I will check into that. Our plumber suggested that we get one with 30k grains and an "on demand" (as opposed to "time clock") delivery system, but if HE is also an option I'd prefer that as well. We do not use that much water so we don't need a massive energy hog. Our water bill every month is just the city's minimum charge for water.
  12. Does anyone have a water softener from a home improvement store (Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.) and not Culligan? Has it held up okay? We are going to order a $400 one from HD and have it installed in hopes that we won't have the massive annual pipe/appliance/hardware damages we've had since we bought the house. We're on a city system, but our water is extremely hard. I just replaced our kitchen faucet 1.5 years ago and I've had to take it apart and soak it in vinegar twice already to remove the solidified deposit on it. Our other faucets are just as bad. Our dishwasher motor went out after a year, and if we don't remember to move our shutoff valves every few months, they harden and break when you try to open them. It's ridiculous! Dh has agreed that we need a softener. We have friends that use Culligan, but that is not in the budget and it's not something we're even considering. I'm just wondering if anyone has had luck with a cheaper one. (I'm looking at a GE from Home Depot. We were considering a Waterboss because it has a built-in filter, but they're not highly reviewed.) Whatever softener you have, chime in and let me know that it has helped! I'm so tired of using 1/8 cup of shampoo every time I wash my hair, whether I use salon shampoo, DIY homemade soap, or anything in between. I want clean hair on a regular basis!
  13. Neat post! My first purchase was a CD in October 2001. "Epilogue" by With Sirens Entranced. I don't remember them or the CD. It must've been someone I saw live and decided to buy their CD afterwords.
  14. Basic phone (for calls) iPhone (for grabbing WiFi, not on a plan) sunglasses compact mirror (just the mirror side, broken off from an old compact) wallet baggie of (2 ea) ibuprofen and Bean-o mini Altoids 5 ml syringe (for modified Valsalva maneuver on the go) pen 2 pads travel size tissues lip balm
  15. My daughter did this for years! I had never heard anything like it. She finally outgrew it around age 10.5-11. She was eventually diagnosed with ADHD, so I wonder if there was a bit of a brain-mouth processing delay. Even now, when you ask her a question, it takes her quite a long time to begin to answer. At least the pauses now are *before* the words, rather than in the middle.
  16. I would go with Option 2. My son had expanders and didn't end up needing to have any teeth pulled. He also didn't need headgear. Woohoo! He spent 3+ years in 2 phases, but I think it was worth it. Now we need to get those wisdom teeth out before they come in and mess everything up. ETA: They were able to go right into Phase 2 and use the wires already on his teeth from Phase 1, thereby saving us some money. His Phase 1 went on at age 11.
  17. Yes. Or "Swiffer," regardless of brand. I'd probably call it a dust mop, my kids call anything flat and wipey a "Swiffer." :laugh:
  18. I had to Google "dry mop," but once I saw it, I knew what it was and I wouldn't have used it for liquid.
  19. Saving bags will always remind me of this SNL skit: "There are only 7 bags in this whole county!" :lol: I, too, save bags when I get them. I usually buy Kraft paper for wrapping paper, and we recycle it. I don't know if it does any good or not, however, because we do not remove the tape pieces before recycling.
  20. When I was in school several years ago, they were usually accurate.
  21. No, I would neither say anything nor would I confiscate the phone. I wouldn't think anything of it. I would be very upset if I had dropped one of my children off at a party and later discovered that someone had taken away their phone. If I didn't want them to be on their phone, I wouldn't have let the child bring the phone. It's your house, so if this behavior bothers you, you are free to not invite that child to future parties. But please consider the situation before jumping right to the "this child is rude" conclusion. My son often has friends on the spectrum visit, and phones are pretty common here for kids who need time to de-stress, text mom, or some other reason. Gatherings can be stressful and not all children can be expected to be "on" the whole time. Some do this beautifully, others, not so much.
  22. Before I was born, my relative lost a baby in early December and then had to attend a company holiday party the following weekend with her dh. It has been 40 years and she still talks about how absurd, uncomfortable, and miserable the situation was. I would try to give her space unless she specifically asks for family or is a known extrovert who heals best around people (and you are her people.)
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