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  1. No, we never plan to leave her outside at night. We do leave her outside when we leave the house though. There is no barking every night in our neighborhood by any dog. Whenever we hear her bark at all during the day we bring her in. She is free to come in and out as she pleases when we are home. But when we are not home we leave her outside because she's much happier there than inside. If we're not home we can't bring her in when she barks. We're thinking now that we'll probably have to leave her inside when we leave the house. She won't be happy about it. She loves the outdoor
  2. Thanks for the responses. None of the dogs in our neighborhood bark all night. I did hear one bark for about 10 seconds at 10:30pm last night, but that's as close as it gets. I think we have a neighbor who just doesn't like our dog. In the neighbor's defense, we did leave the house Saturday evening. We were back by 8:10pm, but it was already dark, and it's possible the dog barked while we were gone. I don't think that constitutes "all night," but that's just my opinion. I think we have left our dog home alone after dark less than five times total since we moved here in March, and we're alw
  3. The short question: can you recommend a good shock collar for teaching a dog not to bark? We want to be as humane as possible, but still effective. We don’t know anything about shock collars so we need advice. The long story is this. We have a big dog. She is friendly and sweet. She does bark when people walk by (which doesn’t happen often), when a dog across the neighborhood barks, or when a critter wanders into the yard and she wants to play chase. She does not bark all the time, or even the majority of the time. But we have a neighbor who thinks otherwise. They complained to
  4. After SOTW....something meatier? Maybe ham? Or steak? Honestly, I don't know how you got SOTW down in the first place (maybe a lot of bbq sauce?), and I see why you are craving meat now.
  5. No More Discovering Mathematics!!! Good luck enforcing that! I think mathematics will continue to be discovered no matter what rules you give the mathematicians. I would think a classical educator would encourage discovering mathematics in their own home rather than outlawing it.
  6. Dumb question about hair cuts, gasoline and kids in college. I know college kids can be dumb sometimes, but I hope they know better than to try the gasoline (and presumably fire) method of cutting hair.
  7. Rent. Selling a house is much more challenging than dealing with a landlord for a couple of years. But that's coming from someone who has had mostly good landlords, with only one or two that were hard to deal with. This. The best folks we've dealt with are property managers who have established businesses and manage many, many properties.
  8. Since I'm such a hot topic on this thread, how many points do I get?
  9. You won the page 2 contest. But I'm getting page 2 post 2. Is that special somehow?
  10. I was not aware of the existence of pie clubs. I really need to join one now. :)
  11. Thanks for all the ideas! We are planning on packing any shelf stable leftovers, and giving away anything perishable that we don't use. But since we still have a week, and we have to eat, we might as well use up all we can. You guys have some great ideas. :)
  12. We’re moving in a week. We’ve been trying to empty out the pantry, fridge, and freezer before we go. Some of our meals have gotten quite, um, creative. But now I’m running out of ideas. Here is what we have left. Buying something from the store to complete a meal is no problem, as long as there won’t be leftovers. Buying a bottle of something that I’m only going to use half of defeats the purpose. I know we won’t be able to use up everything. We’ve got way too much yeast and molasses for a week. So if you had to use up these ingredients, what would you make? Here is what I
  13. the more reasons you can come up with to have pie the better :)
  14. We just counted down to 3/14/15 9:26:53. Then we had apple pie for breakfast. :) Later will be pizza pie for lunch and shepherd's pie for dinner. I love pi day.
  15. We’ll be making a cross-country move soon, and are debating about getting a car top carrier. What says the hive? We’ve got 7 people in an SUV. The dog gets the trunk. We’ll each have a duffle bag and a sleeping bag or inflatable mattress. We can squish everything in if we have to, but it will be crowded. Would a car top carrier be helpful, or even more of a hassle?
  16. So what drama have you just finished? Putting my children to bed. It was especially dramatic tonight because I didn't let them stay up late to finish a movie. The next drama for me will be getting them dressed by a decent time on the first day of daylight savings.
  17. I agree with the others. Miquon is excellent if you're looking for conceptual math. It is fine all by itself as a core program, though we do Singapore alongside just to see the more traditional algorithm layout. There aren't any gaps (that I noticed). On the contrary they'll be learning quite a few things generally not taught in k-3. Start at the beginning. It won't take long to breeze through the easy parts, and you might get a few new perspectives on basic math while doing so.
  18. They were indeed grown-up ice cream bars. I rarely buy junk for the kids. We are a healthy family after all. ;)
  19. But then there wouldn't be as much ice cream for me ;)
  20. I wish that too. But not enough to change my habits in hopes that my tastes would change.
  21. That's kind of my thinking. Which makes me wonder if my mom was the same way. We see how that worked out. :) But even if I'm not improving them, at least they're not eating all my chocolate. If I had to share with 5 others, there would not be enough for me.
  22. If I remember correctly, though chicken pox can be terrible for some people, it's not too bad for most. The couple of bad cases I know of (one where a baby had to have arms and legs amputated due to infection) are enough for me to want to vaccinate my kids. But the biggest reason doctors have for vaccinating against chicken pox is to prevent shingles later. I'm going off of memory here. If someone needs sources and links, I can look.
  23. Today I'm the mom who tells her kids that if they want a treat they can munch on frozen grapes while I'm sneaking off to my room with an ice cream bar. It makes me wonder how often my mom secretly did unhealthy things she told us not to do.
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