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  1. Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton is one of my favorite books to read to my kids, I give it to everyone.
  2. My dh is already excited for our 3 y/o dd to start when she's old enough.
  3. We watched it. I'll admit, I got a little choked up listening to all those scientists cheering!
  4. Have you tried The Orville? I don't like Family Guy so I was concerned that the creator ( sorry, I can't remember his name) was going to use the same humor. But we have been pleasantly surprised. You can tell he cares about the material and puts effort into it, rather than just throw away raunchy jokes. My Star Trek loving dh says it's more in keeping with the spirit of Star Trek than the newest Star Trek.
  5. Did you all see the announcement this morning. She's an aspiring astronaut. Some of her outfits and accessories look amazingly cool! My oldest wasn't interested in AG much any more, but I showed her this and she got really excited! My youngest it a bit too young, but I might buy the outfits and squirrel them away for future birthdays. www.yahoo.com/gma/meet-american-girls-2018-girl-aspiring-astronaut-luciana-135105428--abc-news-lifestyle.html
  6. My whole wedding outfit; dress, veil, shoes, jewelry, was $600. I thought that was expensive!
  7. Greater love hath no (wo)man, than she that calmly cleaneth her sister's puke out of her purse.
  8. I don't actually give them. But sometimes I chase the kids around and threaten to. It ends in much shrieking and giggling and tickling and they love it. Just my own kids though. Not Aunts and cousins and such.
  9. My dad has never had a problem with them. In fact, as he's aged and the technology has advanced, he's commented that the whole process has gotten considerably easier. He tends to come out of anesthesia with the nurses giggling over him, he gets loopy and talkative.
  10. I do! I'm trying to say replace it with "excuse me."
  11. I jump at any excuse to celebrate milestones so I'd definitely take the opportunity to recognize it in some way. A dinner out would be fun. Or a nice frame for her degree.
  12. There are some fun subscription boxes out there for anything imaginable. Jerky of the month? Socks? Popular snacks from foreign countries? There are themed boxes, maybe you can find one for his favorite video games.
  13. I just saw a video on FB where the owners spread peanut butter on the shower walls and the dog licked it while being bathed. Maybe put her in the tub with the PB only, no water for several days in a row to make the tub a happy place. Then if that works, see if you can sponge her or spritz her.
  14. Five of the six of us came down with vomitting last night after a big family gathering on Thursday. Five other people who were there, from two seperate families, have reported it too. I think we have a phantom barfer somewhere.
  15. Put a baby gate across the door. The dashund can't get through but the cat can jump over. They can sniff each other through the mesh and kitty can come over when he's feeling confident
  16. I haven't lost anyone close, but I will be thinking of all of you today and praying that you can find some peace and comfort this holiday season.
  17. I hate green bean casserole by some cruel twist of fate I always seem to get asked to bring it to Thanksgiving dinner. Blurg!
  18. That's quite a load on your shoulders. I'm so sorry.
  19. No, not really I went to see Mumford and Sons a week after the shooting at the Ariana Grande concert. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't on my mind. I made sure I knew where exits were and said thank you to security on my way out. But I didn't avoid going because of the fear off what MIGHT happen.
  20. Thank you, I couldn't remember the name for a search. I was getting the car started in the cold this am and they sprung into my mind and I hoped they were somewhere warm.
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