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  1. I wouldn’t. I don’t think being locked in a room away from family for part of the day (when you can hear them out there) is in any way equivalent to being alone for a work day. Instead, once this is lifted, I’d try to be out a little more each day (even if you just drive around a bit or take a long walk) so she gets used to the idea that every time you leave you come back.
  2. We would lose earnest money and all of the fees owed to the bank, lawyers, agents, etc. but I think we can back out until April 3rd. I’m struggling with “Should we?” Do we stay the course, knowing this place is nearly perfect and this is right move in the long run? Do we take the chance that this will be a really bad year, but we’ll come out the other side in a much better place?
  3. So this is a distraction for everyone, I’ll delete the details so don’t quote. WWYD: You are done homeschooling, last child graduating from college, time to downsize from the HUGE house in the exurbs to a tiny downtown condo close to everything that an aging couple needs (lowering commute, close to hospitals, no maintenance, etc.) Bonus is that there will be bedroom for ds in a vibrant city as he launches his career. Selling enormous house will return enough equity to pay off condo, so monthly cost will not include mortgage. Given the work on house and timing, you decided to put an offer in
  4. Ds is fine with it, as he is an extreme introvert, but his university is postponing. No data, but when it is safe. Maybe yours will do the same and it can be a mini reunion for them
  5. I’d like the universities to lighten up. I’m not saying drop rigor, but cut back on unnecessary assignments, make things a little easier. Don’t worry as much about getting everything in. These kids are traumatized worrying about their grandparents, their parents, the elders in their community, their future. They really only have so much non-primal brain to work with right now. Having taught in the university, I know the pressure to get in everything for the pre-req, but I question how much they will retain anyway, they’ll have some serious review to do in the fall in any case. Be kind to them
  6. My ds graduates from college in 6 weeks. Everything has changed and it is scary. I have faith he will weather it and find his place, but it’s not going to be what these new grads were expecting.
  7. Me too! I was just telling ds that I think we must be primed for that, like fear of snakes.
  8. When you frame it as an affair, it makes sense, but it could easily be seen the other way...and I speak with some experience here. He has been very stressed with work, even considered moving. It's affected him sleep-wise and emotionally. He may feel trapped and depressed, and this may concern him even more because of family history. BUT he's the man, he's the strong one, he should be able to handle this. He's embarrassed. Worse, you are probably busy and stressed caring for little ones and the last thing he wants to do is put the burden on you that he is at the breaking point, that he is
  9. I have just skimmed the replies. I agree about the fostering, and it sounds like you do too. One thing I want to add is to suggest you just never tell your dd that you are doing this because of her behavior. I can't see any way that that doesn't equate homeschooling to punishment. And, particularly if you are committed for the longterm, she will ever feel like she is not good enough or well behaved enough to "get" to go back to school! (BTW, this behavior is often fatigue and you'll see it after a long homeschool field trip, too.) As to how and when? I would start homeschooling as so
  10. I definitely think you should own the house, but...In our situation, we bought a house and my parents paid rent. (It wasn't theirs originally, it was new to all of us.) Our big mistake was that it was a bigger house than we needed and it's a financial strain to manage it without them. If they had both passed, inheritance would have paid it off. In our case, my mom passed and I cared for my dad for nearly four years (and couldn't work), but it became more than I could handle, so he is in a home. All of his monthly income (and part of his savings) goes to the facility each month, so we are on o
  11. We use rate my professor. The numbers are not as helpful as reading the reviews. Some things that ds loves in a prof are things that other students hate, so he really has to read all the reviews. I find it is most helpful if you make sure to read the reviews for the class you are taking. The same prof might have vastly different reviews for 1001 intro bio and 3000-level genetics. Also some classes are just hard and the profs ratings suffer. You are unlikely to see a 5.0 physics prof.
  12. I have to defend us Southerners! We use "Bless Your Heart" in multiple ways and most of the time it is the first below, a sincere expression. Once people learned of the other way, they think that is all we mean...LOL! As a note, think of it like languages that use different tones to make the same word mean different things. Though not a feature of English, I think it occurs at times in "Southern" English. From Wikipedia
  13. Overall, the demonization of people based on their religion, race, or ethnicity is becoming more and more acceptable in a society that thought it was past all that after WWII. As we bring that back, anti-Semitism comes along with anti-____.
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