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  1. Delivering food to seniors in rural (and snowy) Maine.... helper
  2. There has been research that 90 minute sleep cycles are important. Therefore sleeping in 90 minute, 3 hour, 4.5 hour or 6 hour blocks is supposedly less disruptive.
  3. Dh and I just finished it the other night. There is definite use of the f word and big fight scenes in the later episodes. I would say not for the younger kids.
  4. Nice job on the mask. I gave my sewing machine to my sil; I never got into it and it was a hand-me-down from mil who got it from her aunt. Super fancy embroidery and all that, but so not me! Today, I worked out, took lunch to dd at work (she left it on the counter), and doing nothing now. Still haven't quite finished 'spring cleaning' my bedroom, but it is slowly getting there; just need to do the window and move some furniture back into place. I hope to get a second short workout in this afternoon - either biking or a CrossFit WOD. I got a couple movies from Redbox that we haven't watched yet, so maybe I'll watch one of those. I coach at a local college and we've been given the ok to do remote coaching for our Spring season, so I'm trying to send the team a weekly 'motivational' reading in addition to their workouts. Dinner will be pork chops in mushroom sauce with roasted potatoes.
  5. Did a short bike sprint workout this morning followed by a friend's HIIT workout via Zoom - very cool app! Cleaning - continuing with my bedroom, the hallway, and yds' room. He has his room all cleaned out and vacuumed; just need to steam clean the carpet. I have 1/4 of my room left, but it's the most cluttered. Laundry - as needed. It never ends.... Dinner will be chicken parm with baked brussel sprouts
  6. Thank you. DH used it on the shower wall and doors and while it took some scum off, the older, harder stuff is still there. But - it's a huge improvement. I think that if we sprayed the peroxide gel cleaner that I have, let it sit for a bit and then attacked with the steam cleaner, it would all come off.
  7. My cleaning plan is already behind, but I suppose as long as I keep plugging away at it..... Today I WILL finish my bathroom and at least get a start on my bedroom. YDS is alternating playing drums and guitar (I much prefer the guitar). He will help me move stuff in my bedroom when I'm ready. DH is continuing with the refinish of our kitchen table. He took a break from it yesterday to use the new steamer to clean the shower - he loves a new gadget and it's one less thing for me to do in there 🙂 ODS is at his gf's house, helping her dad and some neighbours pull out tree stumps - happy boy with his big truck! I also went grocery shopping this morning, cleaned the fridge, washed and cut up a bunch of veggies, and cooked up some sweet potato, kale, and white beans to have for supper.
  8. Yes, thanks for asking! It was an epic 1700 mile journey done in about 42 hours. I left home around 6:30am on Tuesday, stopped for the night at 5pm. Back on the road again Wednesday at 7:30am, picked him up at 11:30am, and turned around and arrived back home at 1am on Thursday. Thankfully he took a couple turns driving on the way home. No trouble crossing the border in either direction. Canada Customs asked all sorts of COVID19 related questions; the US Customs agent didn't ask any. Hardly any traffic, except for a slowdown in NYC at the GW Bridge, and that was very minor. DS is not happy being home, but knows there is no other option. He is hoping to go back in mid-Aug.
  9. Mine arrived yesterday!!!! I'm looking forward to starting with it in my bathroom today - floors, toilet, walls, shower! Has anyone used the 'window' attachment for glass shower walls/doors? Will the steamer get rid of the haziness on the glass, or will it need a cleaner sprayed on first?
  10. ODS went off to work at 5am and everyone else is still sleeping, so I feel I can't do anything but laundry. I'm a morning person, so not being able to clean/organize/de-clutter when I first get up is a real drag. ODS' gf spent the night and is sleeping on the couch in the tv room, so I can't even unload the dishwasher - open concept floor plan (GRRRR) I love her, so I don't mind her staying, and normally she leaves when ds does, but I told her last night that it wasn't necessary. Now, I sort of regret that! Hopefully today, I will get the kitchen tidied up and then start my cleaning. I plan to start in my bathroom with cleaning out the storage closet and then cleaning the actual bathroom. Then, into my room and the hallway. YDS is home from university and he can't believe how much 'stuff' we have laying around. He, who used to be the worst packrat of all, seems to have become a minimalist after sharing a tiny dorm room. He spend yesterday afternoon and evening cleaning the 'stuff' out of his room and moving it all to the basement. The basement has become our catch-all room and it will be quite the task to get that cleaned out. If only I could convince dh that we do not need to keep all our old furniture..... But, that is not on my list today. I will be happy to get my bathroom and bedroom done today! I just got one of the steam cleaners that others on here rave about, so I'm excited to begin using it. I hope it is as amazing as everyone says! DH will be working from home again. DD will be leaving around 10:30 for her vet tech job, which was super stressful yesterday due to annoying pet owners, but she loves the job. She has another full week off of classes next week so will probably get more hours at the clinic. YDS will (hopefully) continue with his room by cleaning his carpet, but he does have a lot of school work to catch up on since he was kicked out of his dorm earlier this week. The oral presentations have been replaced with papers to be written, plus a lot of reading for each class too. And, just maybe I'll get a work out in. I really hate doing home work-outs though.
  11. Oh crap! What kind of domestic travel restrictions? I've told him that his girlfriend shouldn't come this time around. She's from a different part of Canada and was basically coming to meet the family, stay for a week, and then head home. But with the possibility of borders closing and more restrictions - not a good time at all. I was honestly surprised her parents gave her the ok to come, but they did. It is a long drive for him, but I believe he'd be safe - he is my super safe kid who will pull over at the slightest hint of fatigue. That said, I am leaving it up to him. If he doesn't feel comfortable doing it, I won't make him.
  12. Holy Cow! That is amazing! A one way rental for him would only be $125. That is cheaper than a flight!
  13. That is an option. He could move in with his cousins who are about a mile from him in off campus housing. Or, he can just stay in residence, but everyone is moving out so that's not an optimal choice. He's 18 - not old enough to rent a car or even drive a rental.
  14. I hadn't heard about this possibility, but I don't actually think either country can keep us out (DS has dual citizenship and I'm a Canadian and have a green card that lets me live in the US) but I could be wrong.
  15. Exactly true - I would never forgive myself - it makes me cry just to think about it! My brother and one of my sisters live next door to my parents so they are able to help as needed and will have been in contact with the same people my parents are (small town). Having my son go to them actually introduces more possibilities of infection to them. My DS does not want to stay with them. He was surprised when I said we would be. I always think of my parents as invincible, but really they're just as susceptible as any other healthy senior.
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