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  1. This is so true! It took me years to realize it, but older ds felt horrible about being horrible to the rest of us. He would get a look that meant 'I shouldn't be doing this', but he couldn't stop himself. One thing I did was if it was early in the day when the misery began, I would call a 'do-over' morning for the kids. Everyone would go back to 'bed' and they'd stay for a bit. I'd ask them to get out on the other side of the bed so they'd have a better day. Some days, depending on the time and what we had going on, I'd even make a second breakfast for everyone, or we'd put school work
  2. My oldest was, by far, my most challenging in terms of behaviour as a teen. Dh and I joked, "If T isn't happy, nobody is happy!" I really regret it was like that. In retrospect he needed us more than we realized. And he needed meaningful work. The few times we went on hikes and he was able to lead, he was amazing! He needed responsibility - real responsibility, not made up busy stuff. Not to say that such things are not useful, but he wanted/needed to do big things and get the intrinsic reward for a job well done. Love him, talk to him, have positive meaningful conversations with hi
  3. Can anyone recommend a self-help book on how an adult can deal with abandonment issues that were never fully addressed when she was a child? I have a family member who went through a lot trauma as a toddler, teen, and is now an adult with kids of her own. Topics like... her feelings being valid, how to cope with the myriad of feelings, safe and acceptable ways to express them, how to recognize and prevent poor decision making (repeating the same mistakes over and over again), etc. Ideally, she should see a therapist, but in a small town, that isn't really possible. Honestly, with w
  4. Thank you for clarifying that. I was wondering if you meant the 'old school' iodine, or if there was a new one Yep, but it has to be covered for work. It looked a lot better last night after work - we've switched to a loose gauze wrap, which will let it breath more.
  5. Thank you. I will get some of those wipes. They might even work on our one cat's chin acne!
  6. I picked up a bottle of tea tree oil today; she changed her mind about trying the bleach. She did wash with the Defense soap this morning. I will go back to the store and pick up some Selsun Blue 3 in 1 and a couple of loose long sleeve shirts - she hates wearing long sleeves, especially in this humidity, but hopefully it will be cooler next week. She obviously wants these to go away (and I would love to stop washing sheets and pjs and towels!), so she'll wear them. If they haven't improved by Monday, she'll make an appointment with either her dr or the dermatologist. Thankfully,
  7. My oldest wrestled and my youngest did martial arts, so we have dealt with ringworm before, but only ever used anti-fungal to treat it, and it always worked quickly. The fact that she has to put bandaids on them makes me think they aren't getting a chance to dry out properly (if that's even a thing!). I did find an unopened bar of anti-fungal soap in the bathroom closet. My younger son never had any issues with ringworm after he started using it - could have been coincidence, but maybe not. Dd is going to wash her arms with it in the morning and then try the bleach when she gets home
  8. We did send a picture to her dr and she believes it is ringworm, but will see her if it doesn't improve. Dd did look at it under a black light at the vet's office and it glowed, like ringworm does. I suppose there are other things that do as well.
  9. DD works at a vet's office and has 3 spots of ringworm. We didn't recognize it right away because from the pictures she sent on Monday (I was away when she first noticed it), it looked like a scratched flea bite - dd is a notorious scratcher, but when she sent new pictures on Saturday, I sent her to the pharmacy to get some Lotrimin AF. She has been using it since then and keeping them covered with a bandaid. They are not improving and she might even have a new one developing right next to the others. They are on the inside of her forearm, so it's difficult to let them dry out in the open
  10. I don't have any first hand experience with COVID, but I would insist on a COVID test immediately.
  11. Dh and I started watching The Goes Wrong Show - very funny, if you like slapstick and sight gags!
  12. Those are two of my favourite shows! Have you watched Corner Gas?
  13. I use Nordic Naturals and they come in a 5000iu gel cap. I order from Amazon.
  14. www.zensah.com I think the masks fit well, and I like how it is held on - not around the ears and not tied. They also offer neck gaiters, which is a great option for some.
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