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  1. Thanks everyone. I am going to give Fudget a try for a bit and see how it goes!
  2. I am looking for a super basic, no frills, FREE app that I can track my income and spending - two columns with an obvious balance shown. I don't need to categorize any of the spending - just type it in and have it reflected on the balance (whether it is a + or -) It doesn't have to be connected to my bank account, and actually, I would prefer it to be free-standing. TIA Jen
  3. My dh took our oldest about 15 years ago or so to one of his concerts in Oakland. Ds loved it. We listened to a lot of Raffi when my kids were little.
  4. I love CrossFit, but I am lucky that my gym has lots of the 40+ crowd. Are there any other gyms nearby, like Orange Theory? I have heard great things about them, but I have no idea if they would be willing to accommodate your son. I know what you mean about external motivation. I cannot do any home fitness programs for more than a week or two.
  5. My dd started on Synthroid, switched to desiccated for 6 months, and is now on Tirosint and compounded T3. Her numbers are much better on Tirosint and compounded T3, as well as her mood and overall feeling of wellness. Unfortunately, she continues to have GI issues and is still losing hair 😞
  6. DD's dr has recommended yoga, but dd is resistant. Even the dietitian we met with last night to address her long-standing GI issues recommended it. I'm am hopeful that she will give it a try. But, she really hates being rushed from one thing to another, even if it is something supposedly 'fun'.
  7. Thank you everyone! I appreciate all the responses. She has struggled with speaking up for herself, having unrealistic expectations, and anxiety for quite a while. She is seeing a therapist to help her deal with the anxiety. She worked at the vet's office on Tuesday and she did a lot of computer work - entering information and the like. She said it went better and she's not sure why. Yesterday she did a lot of animal holding/restraint for exams and it went well too (including the 20 year old kitty that peed on her!). She does take notes (and is encouraged to by the staff). Because she was feeling better and more confident, she asked questions and got answers. Everyone there is really nice and patient, and none of them are 'crazy' animal people. She said the vet is a little intimidating because she's always in a rush, but on the few occasions they've had a bit of down time, she explains things and is relatively easy to talk to. I asked dd what her what has been different these past 2 days and she said she just felt calmer and more more in control. I'm assuming that it has quite a bit to do with the fact that on Monday she quit her other part time job at the local ice cream store - something she has wanted to do for quite awhile but felt guilty doing because it will leave them a bit short staffed, but she was unable to handle those hours on top of school and the vet job. She now knows she has free time and isn't running from A to B to C. I asked if she is able to handle being at the vet clinic 5 days a week now, and she thinks she can because the other job won't be 'waiting' for her. She is mid-way through the semester at CC and has high marks in all 3 classes, so that is a relief to her, as she is applying to their Vet Tech program in April.
  8. How can I help my daughter (19) be comfortable talking to her boss about fewer hours and the fact that she feels their 'training style' is overwhelming and not helpful (to her)? She gets anxious and almost always cries when she has to talk about stuff like this face to face. She needs to ask for fewer hours and see if they can do her training differently - she doesn't get to learn one thing and move on to the next. For example, after a pet's exam, she was shown how to input the vet's notes into the computer but then didn't get to do that again for 3 days and by then had forgotten how they prefer/need it to be done. DH talked to her about the possibility that perhaps this vet's office isn't a good fit and she should look elsewhere for experience (she could volunteer at the local SPCA and choose her hours), but she feels like this vet's office has invested time and $ into training her so she shouldn't leave, plus everyone is so nice and helpful there. We love dd's sweet temperament and her support for people/jobs, but she needs to do what is best for her. She knows that, but she cannot handle putting it into action - the thought of it paralyzes her and brings tears to her eyes.
  9. I really like Lorissa's Teriyaki chicken. The Korean BBQ ones are my second favourite. I haven't tried the Szechuan Peppercorn or Original flavours. I tried an Epic bar once - I think it was bison - and found it to be waaaay too salty.
  10. This happened to my ds' gecko a long time ago. She didn't shed her skin properly and there was a layer left on her eyes and became blind. She couldn't find her food, but what eventually killed her was that the skin that didn't shed became infected and the vet figures she got an infection in her eyes that eventually spread to her brain. It was so sad. I think I have an idea of where you live and there is an exotic vet pretty close to you. We took ds' gecko there, but there wasn't anything he could do for her. He explained to us that geckos are not good first pets - there is a lot more to taking care of them than people think ? His bedside manner isn't great, but he is very knowledgeable.
  11. I don't know if you have Hashimoto's, but two FB groups (Hashimoto's 411 and Hashimoto's, Thyroiditis, & Autoimmune Support Group For Friendly People) are both great resources for interpreting labs and getting information on supplements.
  12. Tempting, and we may do that. Considering it.
  13. Funny enough, I thought we could use the hardwood from the hallway to replace the area where the island will be taken out. But we probably are waiting to redo those floors due to the $$$. I do plan to donate the cabinets and countertops, and if we do take up the maple hardwood, that too! There is dark cherry floor in dh's office and it always looks dusty to me. I agree that the light floors with the light counters may be too much light-ness. Oh, and, dh loves the grey-stained wood floors. His current idea is dark grey cabinets, light countertops, and grey floor, which is what we did in the kids' bathroom upstairs. I think it is weird to repeat a colour scheme from the bathroom to the kitchen, but he sees no problem with it. I don't hate the grey flooring, but am not stuck on it like is.
  14. We have lived here for 16 years and while the hardwood is in pretty good shape, it does have some damage and we would really like to do something to change it up. The floor is definitely thick enough to sand and remove the bevel. Unfortunately, maple is notoriously difficult to stain. I have been researching ways to change its colour, so we'll see what our contractor says about it and then get an opinion on how it would look from the designer. Neither my husband nor I are great at visualizing colours and how they work together so we hired a designer to help with that. Her advice will be key. Thank you everyone for your suggestions.
  15. I thought linoleum and vinyl were the same thing!
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