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  1. My mil was assessed, and subsequently declined, to move into a focused rehab center. Instead she had to move to a long-term care home. She was deemed ineligible for the rehab facility because of her many underlying health conditions that they felt would negatively impact her rehab. From the research that I did, the rehab facility would have been more intense and focused. The PT she'll be getting at the LTC home will be less intense, but hopefully effective and maybe she'll get into the focused rehab center once she makes some progress. Definitely do research on each option and m
  2. I only had a sore arm after the first dose and nothing else. The second one, I developed a slightly raised mark that was warm to touch and my arm felt itchy inside, if that makes sense. That happened about 3 days after my second dose and it lasted, off and on, for 3-4 days My daughter had Pfizer as well and was fine after her first one, but after #2 was really tired (missed work) and achy. She developed a huge itchy welt at the injection site and needed Benadryl to calm it down. She iced it as well, and that brought the swelling and itchiness down to a tolerable level without
  3. Have you checked out the Eat To Perform program? It focuses on eating to fuel your body, getting out of the damaging dieting cycle, and having a healthy relationship with food. There are free podcasts to learn more about it and you can talk to a coach to see if it might work for you. I've been using it for a few months and while it takes a bit to get used to, I do think they have a great program.
  4. I love hiking alone on the AT. I have done 3 short day hikes in the past month by myself because no one was willing/able to go with me. The usual women I hike with weren't available and my husband, despite not wanting me to hike alone wasn't willing to come with me, so I went by myself. I have spent way too many beautiful days at home doing nothing (I mean, I could have done other things, but I wanted to be outside and hiking) because no one would go with me and I decided this past January that I wasn't going to do that anymore. So, I drive an 90 minutes or so, hike for 6-10 miles and get
  5. The gym I attend closed and offered online workouts last spring. Once the weather warmed up, we had Saturday workouts at a local park. Since the gym re-opened everyone is required to a mask the entire time, even during the workout (I have no idea what the rationale is for not wearing a mask while working out). Happily, our classes are small and there are usually only the same 4-6 people in the gym at a time. I do not like working out at home; I need the push of my coach and friends and I love the camaraderie that we all have, so I am very happy we are open!
  6. The chest strap is definitely more accurate than the watches, but they can be uncomfortable (sweaty, cold, irritating). Like a PP said, perhaps a pulse ox monitor would be sufficient.
  7. We had Jovial for the first time last week and it was great. Neither my ds or dh realized it was gluten free. I cook it with a bit of oil and rinsed it afterward. It was great the next day too!
  8. I'm curious what BS you were hearing? What would you have preferred to hear? Feel free to pm me if you'd prefer not to post it publicly. Or not, if you'd rather not. I'm honestly just curious and not trying to start anything. I actually prefer to read Amanda Gorman's poem because it has a lot of nuance in it and while I do love spoken word poetry, I don't always 'get' it until I've had the chance to read it multiple times.
  9. Go for it! You have a great plan. What an amazing experience, and like you said.... so empowering!!!
  10. I've tried both of those and they are gritty! I'm much happier with my smoother protein powders!
  11. I second the NO OXY pain killers. Icing is the biggest help in the first 48 hours, alternating acetaminophen and ibuprofen, and keeping his head elevated. I hope it went smoothly, that he wasn't too out of it when you got to see him (that totally freaked me out when my oldest has his out; I made dh take the other kids) and that he's recovering easily.
  12. Protein powder is a great way to build muscle, so if your dh his trying to do that, or if he doesn't have time to eat a complete meal in the morning or at lunch, a protein shake with lots of leafy greens and less fruit is a good alternative to a bagel or an apple. My favourite protein shake is cup of oat milk, half a banana (preferably frozen), 2 handfuls of spinach, and a scoop of plain protein powder (I use Ripple). Protein shakes made with mainly fruit are very carb heavy due to the sugar in the fruit, so I avoid those.
  13. I used the bike trailer for my 4 year old and she loved it. Like a PP said, you can always resell it if it doesn't work for your family.
  14. No, sorry. I need the camaraderie of a gym to workout. Even in COVID times we did Zoom classes! I don't have the discipline to workout on my own.
  15. It's funny that this is a zombie thread because I was actually thinking about asking the exact question!
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