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  1. When I was a kid my mom would de-worm us twice a year. It was some nasty orange flavoured powder that she tried to pass off as orange juice. "Mom, can I have apple juice?" "No. Today everyone is having orange juice." "Ack. That's disgusting; this is not orange juice." "Yes it is. Drink it!" My siblings and I still laugh at this story. But to the OP, I think it will be fine for a short visit with the precautions you want to take. Good luck!
  2. I showed my kids the NFB shorts and they thought I was a total nut for liking them. I still sing the Log Driver's Waltz!!!!
  3. My kids hated prune juice, but loved actual prunes. Whenever they had trouble pooping (but none of them had serious issues), I would always give them a couple 'poop treats' and a big glass of water or two.
  4. Perhaps. But most have no idea regarding Leaky Gut, Gut Dysbiosis, or SIBO, so I think we are better off with the Integrative Drs. she sees.
  5. No - she was nice, but useless. Prescribed an anti-spasmodic and that was it. Acacia powder is one of those things that works for some, does nothing for some, and is terrible for some. We're not sure where dd falls on the spectrum yet. We thought that the dose of 3tsp twice/day upset her stomach, but I think it was the bingeing. She is not on any meds for anxiety; once her thyroid numbers improved, her anxiety decreased markedly. She refused to see anyone about it until now, or to do yoga or any mindfulness training that was recommended by her drs. Yes, full panel. She definitely has Hashi's. She no longer sees an endocrinologist, as the endo refused to do RT3 testing and also didn't think that the G-I issues were related to her Hashi's
  6. Yes, her previous PCP was ok with her being on the AIP diet and yes, we do know one is not supposed to be on it longterm, but it seemed that every time she tried to re-introduce something there would be flare up. Her current PCPs (she sees 2 in the same office) are both 'actual' drs, not naturopaths. One is a PA, the other a full dr. Both realized that integrative medicine is more helpful than the standard method of treatment. The dr. tested her for Lyme (negative) and he believes it a leaky gut issue more than SIBO, so has her on VisBiome and Acacia powder to try to alleviate that. Dd is supposed to be taking bone broth and l-glutamine as well, but hasn't been keeping up with that lately. And to your last point, I am beginning to wonder that as well.... Her calprotectin levels have always been fine. I can ask about the capsule test next week.
  7. Yes, she is sensitive to some things, but only a couple things were at a high level. The others were minor - I can't find those test results right now. Her latest Comprehensive G-I Stool Test through Genova came back with elevated inflammation markers, despite the AIP diet. One of her main things is stress - her adrenal results follow the correct path, but are above normal. The catch-22 there is that the herbs used to bring cortisol levels down are contraindicted for Hashimoto's. As for all the little fires - yup! Little ones popping up all over. We do seem to have her Thyroid numbers at a good level for her now - she is no longer freezing cold and lethargic all the time. And her hair stopped falling out - that was a big one!
  8. Her G-I issues are diarrhea and constipation, bloating, acid reflux, and a general feeling of tummy discomfort. She never feels well. She gets up 2-4 hours before she needs to be somewhere so that she can eat and give her stomach time to settle down. Nausea is occasional, but I believe she now says it happens only after bingeing (but I could be wrong about that). I'm sorry to hear of your daughter's struggles.
  9. Not at this point - she does not like yams, but she loves rice and potatoes but is not allowed them on the AIP diet that she is following for her Hashimoto's and G-I issues She can have cooked carrots, but she doesn't like them. She isn't supposed to have raw veggies. She could eat applesauce, but she worries that it has too much natural sugar and will bother her. Trust me, I have tried to expand her diet with the 'safe' AIP options, but she is extremely picky. She is also worried that one slice of watermelon or cup of applesauce will cause her to want it all the time. Hmmm, I just realized that she is intentionally restricting herself there! Interesting..... She refuses to eat a food she likes, even though it is healthy, because she worries about being unable to control herself when eating it.....What does that mean?
  10. I just checked the fridge and it looks like her meal of a salmon fillet and green beans is less than 400 cal - certainly not enough, especially since she went to work for a 5 hour shift this afternoon. She did eat that twice today, once at 9 and then again at 12:30, but still not enough. I made a pork roast for dinner that she likes, and I'll get some cauliflower rice to cook along with some broccoli or beans (whichever she prefers). As a mom, we all want to fix our kids. I am no different; I have watched her struggle for years and it hurts my mama heart so much! I will certainly look into the book. Thank you.
  11. She is 20, but as I said, has a pretty sedentary lifestyle. 1500cal/day is likely too low. I've never been a calorie counter - no one in my family is. We just eat healthy and are just ourselves. I just pulled 1500 out of the air, with no reason behind it.
  12. Like I said above, she is only restricted in what she eats due to her G-I issues, and she shops for herself and prepares most of her own food. I could totally be missing it though, and I'm willing to look into it. Whenever I cook, I make sure that it is something she can eat and I always put 1-2 servings on her shelf in the fridge. My sons and husband know not to take food from that shelf. And, when I say servings, I don't weigh it or anything, I just divide up the food pretty equally and she eats however much she wants (all at once or in a couple of meals). She cooks a pound of ground beef and eats it over the course of 2 meals or all at once, depending if she had time to eat at work during the day or not. She'll have green beans or broccoli with it, and a cassava wrap or chips. There is a chance she is not getting enough calories, but I don't think it is intentional; more a by-product of her dietary limitations. I know what she eats most days because I'm usually home. I am going to put her food intake into my account on MFP to see how many calories she is eating, and I'll get back to you about it.
  13. She eats green beans and broccoli and they don't bother her. Cassava and plantain chips and coconut only bother her when she eats too much - like everyday for 4-5 days in a row, or if she eats the entire bag in one day. She has done that before and we laughed about how hard it is to stop nibbling - can't have just a handful! But now I see that it was much more than that. I have no idea if she is over the calories on binge days. I am just finding out about it. I would think so, considering she told me she at 3 pork chops, 2 salmon fillets and a big bowl of green beans one afternoon/evening. But I don't know what else she ate that day. She leads a very sedentary lifestyle so no need for more than 1500 or so calories/day (just a guess, may not be accurate). She kept a food diary for nearly 6 months when doing Nutritional Response Testing, but it never showed much correlation with any of her G-I issues. I don't know if she was bingeing at that time though. She has always been reluctant to keep one unfortunately.
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