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  1. Yes, that is exactly what happened. I will call the hospital back and ask if they will provide proof of timely filing with incorrect insurance company. They are very nice to talk to and have been very helpful. When I spoke with them just now, they still don't see any billing by them or the providers with the account number being referenced by the collection's agency. The facility listed on the collection's agency's notice is the hospital, but it definitely did not come from the hospital. It may have come from one of the physicians, but that is not who is named on the notice. I have sent a letter to the collection's agency asking them to provide us with a Debt Validation Letter that states who they bought the bill from. Yes, we get bills from the hospital and the drs as well, and it can be hell to keep track of them all. For this issue, DS was in one hospital overnight, sent to outpatient's at a different hospital who couldn't do the tests in a timely manner, so he was re-admitted to the original hospital in order to force the insurance company to authorize the tests immediately. He saw 3-4 different drs., plus had a few different scans done.
  2. I have a 2 part question here..... My oldest went to the ER in early June and gave the hospital the wrong insurance card. When we got billed by the hospital for the cost of his visit in December (!), I called their billing department and gave them the proper insurance information and they submitted it to the correct insurance company. We just received notice from the insurance company that they are refusing to pay because it is outside their 180 day claim submission period (something they told me is negotiated by dh's company?) We can appeal that and will be sending a letter off to them this week. The scam part I wonder about is that ds received a collection's notice today for an amount that doesn't match the total bill, but could be for one part of the care he received (he saw multiple drs), but the invoice number on the bill from the hospital does not match the invoice number from the hospital. It is close, but one digit is different. I called the hospital to question why it went to collections when it was under review (being sent to proper insurance company). The guy I talked to said that their records do not show that it went to collections and usually once an unpaid bill is sent to collections, the account is flagged - nothing shows on the hospital's records that it was sent to collections. Ds called collections and they were zero help, other than to put a dispute flag on his account. Ds is worried that his credit score will be affected and he has worked hard to get good credit. Any advice for how to deal with either issue? Thanks!
  3. Agree with others on this one - "College visits are for high school kids and parents only. We've got a great babysitter coming for you. Yes, you will miss us, but that is ok." It might be easier if the 4 year old stays home and could play with the 8 year old while the babysitter focuses on the 10 year old, but the sitter might not be ok with 3 kids at the last minute.
  4. Dominoes is a game your inlaws likely know and is easy for your kids. Frozen cookie dough and icing to decorate A couple of puzzles (one easy one to include your youngest and a bigger/more complex one for the older kids) Books that your inlaws liked as kids, either on audio or in print (if your inlaws like to read aloud) Window art kit
  5. If you want to have an actual caving/spelunking experience, stop at Laurel Caverns, about an hour south of Pittsburgh. It is absolutely one of the coolest things I've ever done and everyone that I've taken there (family friends, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts) have loved it. Laurel Caverns
  6. As a Canadian who has lived in the US for about 21 years (and lived on both the west and east coasts), I can say that most Americans that I have met are nice, respectful, and easy going. I tell them they'd make perfect Canadians! In Canada, I have met people who are boastful, obnoxious, and downright annoying - typical 'American' type persona. However, what I have found when traveling to other countries with Americans is that even the most 'Canadian' of them (aside from a few) are incredibly intolerant/rude about the customs/goings on of other countries. For example, in Spain - all the restaurants/grocery stores were closed by early/mid afternoon and didn't open for dinner until 6, at the earliest. Many of my teammates thought that was just awful and rude and weird because 'we had just arrived and needed to eat', and how were we going to live here for 2 weeks when we can't get food 24/7. And then in Hong Kong, we (about 16 of us) went out to breakfast at a local 'diner' at 6:30 one morning. No one in the restaurant spoke English so we all ordered by pointing. Most of my teammates (mostly different ones from the Spain trip) got annoyed when the waiter mixed up the orders, when there were beans on the breakfast plate, when the tea didn't taste 'right', and 'I don't know what that is, but that's not coffee!' comments. One of my teammates was born in South Africa and we were both mortified by the comments and our teammates' behavior. They all shrugged it off with a 'Well, they couldn't understand us anyway.' kind of comments. It was really disheartening and so, so rude of them.
  7. I have these capris as well - very comfy, have some stretch to them, not wrinkly! Love them!
  8. How about board shorts that you can wear while hiking as well as in the wet activities, like tubing, like these ones from LLBean... You can similar ones from Amazon, like the Kanu brand
  9. Thank you so much! I will keep this list in mind. I do notice that if I eat a lot of sugar/milk chocolate, things start to feel a little funky down there. And over the holidays I definitely over-indulged...
  10. This was wonderful - thank you! I totally agree about the chickens too! I have been reading the books by Ta-Nehisi Coates, a Baltimore city native. Very insightful and thought-provoking.
  11. I will try that - thank you. I was considering sitting in the bath with some baking soda dissolved in the water because I remember as a kid I couldn't use any perfumy soaps or bubble bath or I'd end up with a bad itchy rash and if I did, that's what my mom had me do. Nothing new in terms of any soaps, fragrances, lotions or detergents. I only use hypo-allergenic, free-and-clear, sensitive skin type soap and detergent, and I've used those for years without issue, but I suppose some laundry may not have been properly rinsed.... If it's still lingering tomorrow, I may give the dr a call. When I get back from running errands, I will switch back to my pj pants and no undies to keep things breezy 🤣
  12. I started taking a daily Vitamin B supplement on Wednesday last week. I forgot to take it on Saturday morning, so I took 1 capsule 3 days in a row. Saturday night I began to have a deep, tingly feeling - not itchy, not painful, when I peed, but something definitely weird and uncomfortable around my vulva. There was no discharge or weird smell, like from a yeast infection. When I wasn't peeing, I only felt a vague discomfort of swelling, but no real irritation. I started drinking lots of water and every time I peed, it would burn a bit. Yesterday I continued to drink lots of water and the burning while peeing decreased throughout the day and overnight. This morning it is pretty much gone and I'm left with a vague feeling of swelling and discomfort once I'm finished peeing, but nothing like it was on Saturday. I am still drinking lots of water and there is nothing out of the ordinary when I'm actually peeing, only when I'm done and it lasts for about 5-10 minutes. I looked up the side effects of Vitamin B, and didn't find anything . I've taken Vitamin B in the past (a different brand) and never had this. Is it just coincidence? Was my pee too concentrated and just irritated me perhaps? I can probably get in to see the dr. tomorrow, but since it is improving on its own, I haven't called yet.
  13. I am so glad my youngest got to see him a few years ago.
  14. We renovated our kitchen last year, so that area is pretty good, but the basement still has a bunch of unused stuff from moving everything down there - ugh! We also have a king size bed in the basement that older ds and his girlfriend use when they're here but, since younger ds is off to university and probably not moving back home, I made an executive decision to do some re-arranging of the bedrooms upstairs.... Younger ds' room will become older ds' room and I'm going to buy a queen size bed for that room. Older ds and his gf can sleep there when they're here. I will use older ds' bedroom as my office and that will keep my computer/coaching clutter out of our family room (hopefully). I'd like to get rid of the kingsize bed in the basement, but when younger ds comes home, he could sleep down there..... I did ask dh if he'd like to try to make a murphy bed in my new office, but he's not so sure of that. Maybe he'd do that in the basement..... Decisions, decisions... But, the room re-arranging is currently on hold because dh decided to order a closet organizing system for his walk-in closet, so all of his clothes are in younger ds' room, meaning the room switch has to wait a couple of weeks, but at least we have a plan to deal with it!
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