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  1. Strep and bronchitis are both making the rounds in my area. Lots of college kids just moved in as well, so it will be worse within the next few weeks.
  2. There is no general sentiment supporting burning any church or cathedral in Canada. And, I cannot imagine that you (as a Catholic) would have any problems living anywhere in Canada. And, yes, I was definitely pissed at that other poster, so she got what she wanted - crazy-a$$ people getting their jollies by riling otherwise even-keeled folks up. I apologize for that. Honestly, you'd more likely get harassed (and by that I mean good-natured teasing) for being an American before you'd get harassed for being Catholic.
  3. Canada does have a page on Medical Inadmissability https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/inadmissibility/reasons/medical-inadmissibility.html
  4. Well, if you're worried about that I guess you better stay in the US then. But to answer your initial question... what do you mean by 'wouldn't think they'd want us?'
  5. NM - It's not worth the emotional effort
  6. Regardless, it is a ridiculous statement to make.
  7. Were you intending to give the reasons behind that or just trying to scare people? Or are you simply someone who likes to give the worse part of all stories? Your question makes it sound like crimes against the Catholic Church in Canada are a daily occurrence in every town.
  8. If my eyes are open, I'm pretty much awake and ready for the day. Generally, I would say if I've had anywhere between 4-6 hours of sleep, I can get up easily. However, I do require naps in the afternoon when I don't get 7+ hours of sleep. My dh and kids take forever to wake up - no coffee, no talk is their mantra. It's so annoying when I try to have a conversation with them!
  9. Definitely agree with this - Under Armour ones are thick and heavy while the Happy Masks are very light and 'breathable'. I've never used one of the plastic frames, but my friend at the gym did and she was very happy with it.
  10. My kids all worked at a small locally owned ice cream store and were paid minimum wage. When they became managers (opening and closing the store as well as training new employees) they made a few dollars more/hour. When this place was 'cash only' they got A LOT in tips. Some customers would buy an ice cream for $2.80, give them a $5, and tell them to keep the change. They would easily bring home $50+ in tips for an 8 hour shift in the summer. They no longer work there, but I've heard that since the store started taking credit cards, the employees don't make as much in tips. Personally, I tip at small, non-chain places, but not places like Chipotle or Subway.
  11. That makes pasta a lot trickier to serve. I like Danae's idea then. Can you make the penne/rotini/ziti and your bolognese sauce into a casserole without it drying out/burning in the warming trays?
  12. You can definitely reheat pasta in boiling water, but be careful of it getting mushy. Penne and rotini would fair better than spaghetti.
  13. Pixel 4a checks off all your boxes and it's pretty inexpensive. I think mine was $300, unlocked, from BestBuy. My kids insist on buying themselves the (IMO) ridiculously overpriced iPhones but dh and I have been using Android phones for quite a few years and have no complaints, aside from the inability to use FT with them, but I can use my iPad or we can use other video chat apps.
  14. I've purchased 2 Lucid mattresses from Amazon and they've gotten fantastic reviews from some and too soft complaints from others. Both are hybrids, but I cannot find the exact ones on Amazon now 😞
  15. I love the Win detergent; I use it weekly and recommend it to everyone with stinky exercise gear/clothes. I've even given samples of it to the parents of the kids I coach.
  16. @Ottakee I saw that.... so tempting....... Maybe just the quilt to start with....... This past trip I put my sleeping pad into a silk sleeping bag liner to make it a bit quieter and it worked quite well. Are you a side sleeper? The one review video on saw on YouTube showed the guy sleeping on his back all night, . I might start out that way but I don't stay there; I move a lot!
  17. I always have the map of the area. I'll spend some turn learning how to use Gaia this weekend. Thanks for the encouragement.
  18. Thanks, I appreciate his responding. I've also emailed 2 friends who has significant others who work as mechanics to see what they say.
  19. DD's girlfriend's dad is a mechanic, so she's got a call into him as well. Thanks! She has already paid $$ to replace the front wheel bearings, or something like that. It's such a tough balancing act....
  20. I hate used car repair decisions! The catalytic converter was stolen off my daughter's Toyota Prius earlier this week. Last week, she paid $600 for a new front wheel bearing and we really hoped her car would last another year or two, until she finished her degree and got a full-time job and could afford a new one on her own. Now we are trying to decide if we replace the CC with an aftermarket one, which would cost around $300, including new O2 sensors and a CC shield (to prevent it from being stolen again, I guess). Our mechanic says that while the aftermarket CCs are cheap, he has seen nothing but problems with them - they don't last, they don't fit properly, etc and since her car is a 2006, we should just cut our losses. Anyone have any insight? She would prefer to buy the car on her own, but there's no way she can afford it right now, so dh and I would have to co-sign or buy it and she would pay us back and that's totally doable for us.
  21. I have downloaded the Gaia app, but I haven't used it yet. Is it pretty intuitive/easy to use?
  22. Thanks everyone. I am darn proud of myself! My husband is totally supportive; he wasn't too keen on it at first, but after I did a few day hikes on my own, he realized I'd be fine. He does worry, but I usually have service at the trailhead and he always knows where I'm going and when I'll be back. None of the hikes I have done are really remote either. I'll probably get a Garmin Inreach GPS eventually as I go further afield. The AT is pretty hard to get lost on, at least the parts I've travelled. It's a very well-worn path and the trail is blazed quite well. Honestly, my biggest worry is going off the trail to pee and not being able to find it again - the trees all look alike (to me - my dad and brother would be horrified by me saying that!) and it is really easy to get disoriented only a few feet from the trail! My goal is to finish hiking the PA section of it this summer, but I've got a bunch of other things on the calendar too, so we'll see! I've been wanting to do this for years, and I'm so glad I finally did. I feel fulfilled 🙂 and can't wait to go back out!
  23. One night only, but it's a beginning!!!! Day 1 - I hiked just over 9 miles to campsite where I set up my tent, filtered water, made supper, and went to bed by 8pm. I didn't sleep well since I still don't have a better pillow, but I used a stuff sack with my extra clothes (in addition to my crappy pillow) plus it was chillier than I anticipated. But, my sleeping pad was much more comfy on the ground and with a bit less air! I am still very interested in the ZenBivy system though.... Day 2 - I actually slept a little later than I planned (Isn't that the way? Don't sleep all night, but come 5:30am - sound asleep!) and got on the trail shortly after 8:30. I hiked just over 4 miles and waited for the shuttle I had arranged to take me back to my car. I hiked pretty much by myself both days and at the campsite an older gentleman set up his hammock a bit away from my tent and there were a bunch of other people set up a ways up the trail. Everyone had to walk by me to get to the water source, so they all knew I was there, but I think the older gentleman was worried about me being on my own - he and I had chatted at an overlook for 10-15 minutes about 3 miles before the campsite. Anyway, it was nice he was there, but I felt totally safe before he set up. Everyone I spoke to on the trail was nice, chatty, and easy going. I can't wait to do it again - hopefully for 2-3 nights next time.
  24. I should be able to get water at any of the places I camp. Although as summer progresses, it may become more of an issue..... Yes, I'll need to keep the heat in if I camp in the winter. But still a lot of $ I am not quite ready to spend that amount of money. Most of hikers I saw last weekend carried Smart Water bottles and a single Sawyer filter. I had never thought to use them for hiking or camping. So tempting.... I signed up for their emails, so hopefully I will get notice of their upcoming sales. Sometimes, I find have to force myself to eat when hiking - no idea why. I can feel myself fading and then when I eat I feel sick. Other times I eat ravenously the entire time!
  25. Have a great time. It sounds like it will be a wonderful 2 days of solitude!
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