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  1. Does HE think he has PTSD? I know some vets have received good or better help from the VA hospitals with regard to PTSD. Sometimes it's medicinal, sometimes it's counseling, whatever. If this isn't a path he has explored, it may be worth considering. I understand the whole "I don't want to talk about it" process, but would he consider "medication might make it easier on the rest of us"?
  2. Someone last year suggested Pringles and soda (single cans). My kids were thrilled to have their own personal can of Pringles. Mine still wants Hot Wheels cars. We also usually include toothbrushes, body wash, etc. I also put out the mini boxes of cereal with stockings (Santa leaves your stocking on the end of your bed so you have something to open if everyone else is still asleep) so that there's something semi-breakfasty to have while everyone is waking up. 12 year old DS just said, "Nerds candy, twizzlers, fun cereal, those little Lego sets." I think I got the boys some ch
  3. Or this: http://itsybitsyfoodies.com/the-next-best-thing-to-robert-redford/
  4. I found this recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/next-best-thing-to-robert-redford-pie/ Apparently there was something on the Philly Cream cheese boxes in the 70s or something.
  5. We do a lot of "pounded chicken breast in some kind of sauce" - chicken piccata (unbreaded), chiciken in a balsamic dijon cream sauce, chicken carbonara with spaghetti squash, etc. The Suzanne Somers cookbooks do this. She uses a food separation system (so no carbs with fat or protein, but protein with fat is fine, fruit is separate from everything). DH prefers to eat this way.
  6. Room: cleaned. Closet: tidied. I need to rehome a mess of pillows. I know I SHOULD call an animal shelter, but I WANT to just chuck them. Maybe I'll see if there's one close that actually wants them. SUNDAY: Ideally? Working on my shawl on the back patio and listening to an audiobook. Realistically? Meal planning and grocery shopping. OH, and dealing with all the laundry I found in Thing 1's room. The boy who told me he didn't have "ANY" socks. I found at least 10 today.
  7. (Re: "Song of Fire and Ice") - Read Alikes. This is from the "NoveList Plus" database that my library (and maybe yours!) subscribes to. Tide Lords by Fallon, Jennifer Reason: George R.R. Martin and Jennifer Fallon have both created epic fantasies with multi-layered plots and exquisite world-building. The authors employ magic, secrets, deception, and the battle between good and evil to draw readers into their worlds. Malazan Book of the Fallen by Erikson, Steven Reason: Readers who enjoy the detailed world-building, complex pl
  8. I've just realized I used "can" when I should've used "may." I can hear my dad inside my head now saying, "I don't know? Can you? I would surely hope that by now you would be able to." :banghead: :smash:
  9. Miss Jean, can I use the potty? Also, that girl is looking at me funny. :tongue_smilie:
  10. We're getting new carpet later this month, so we need to have the floors picked up (they'll move furniture, etc, but they can't exactly deal with 3576348956395692385692837 lego on the toyroom floor). Today I'm dealing with Thing 1's closet. When we first moved into the house, that was the guest room. It was that until about 4 years ago, so the closet in there became the place to put "I don't know what to do with this, but we should keep it" stuff. Yes, he could be helping, but honestly I'm kind of enjoying it by myself. That's today's project. Tomorrow may be Thing 2.
  11. Are there other things you can do well? Is it possible you could trade with someone who can knit?
  12. I don't know if this is still true, but back when I was pregnant and in a "due date club" we all found that if we'd told the formula companies we were planning to "exclusively breastfeed" we got coupons worth more than those who said they would either mixed feed or exclusively formula feed. I (EBF) got coupons for $2.00 off per can. My EFF friends got 50c. They were officially "checks" made out to me, but I mailed them to other people who had no problems using them at the store.
  13. We liked the book "Darcy and Gran Don't Like Babies." I agree with the other posters about putting academics on hold a little and just playing together.
  14. Do you drink? http://www.buzzfeed.com/emofly/how-to-make-miniature-pumpkin-jello-shots
  15. I mainly use a laptop at my desk, so I use a mouse. I dislike where the touchpad is on this laptop because I end up hitting it when I'm typing which can make the cursor jump. I have the touchpad turned off when I'm at the desk, and I end up just being more careful if I use it other places.
  16. http://knitfreedom.com/knitting-basics/change-colors-knitting-stripes also: what pattern is it? maybe i need one :)
  17. It depends. If there are LONG gaps between the colors, it can get hard to deal with them, in which case cutting makes more sense. I've done AABBAABBAABB without cutting. I'd possibly even do AABBCCAABBCC (the main problem being that now there are TWO colors to carry up the side rather than just one). AAAABBBBAAAABBBB might be too much, depending on the thickness of your yarn, and IMO AAAABBBBCCCC is definitely too much - that's carrying A up 8 rows. Is it a dishcloth for you, or a gift? If it's for you, you could just try it and see how you like it.
  18. http://www.amazon.com/Large-Family-Logistics-Kim-Brenneman/dp/1934554499/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1351836251&sr=8-1&keywords=large+family+logistics - there are several reviews on amazon (and a wide range of "stars"). The author apparently has a blog, too, in case you're interested. http://largefamilylogistics.blogspot.com/ (I don't have a large family and I'm not interested in this book, but I like looking things up on amazon :) )
  19. I agree with everyone else - "No" is an acceptable answer. The one additional thing I would mention is that you SHOULD say something to your husband if you have a reasonable expectation that your siblings will contact him directly. Even if he agrees with you, he probably won't want to get the phone call that goes something like, "Sister is about to get thrown out of the house with Nephew! Wife said you couldn't help AT ALL! What are we going to do?!" or whatever without knowing ahead of time. At least if he knows the situation, he'll be able to say something like, "Wow. That sounds
  20. I, too, bought stuff I don't like. Costco had bins of "cheesy poofs" in individual packs, so I bought those. Plus, if we have any left over, I won't mind the kids having a pack of those for snack or whatever.
  21. I can remember being introduced to when I was in England as a college student. My adult cousins all thought it was nuts.
  22. Back to Blues Clues. There's Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper. Does that mean there was or still is a Mr. Pepper somewhere? Does he know about his wife running around with Mr. Salt? As for the children - do they have hyphenated last names? Cinnamon Pepper-Salt? Cinnamon Salt-Pepper? And to go further back: Bear in the Big Blue House. Ojo was at that house all the time, but didn't live there (since it was a big deal that she got to spend the night). Why did Tutter live alone, despite being a child? He went off to school and did occasional things with Grandma Flutter, but he was largely
  23. Gwendolin? :) I had a substitute in 7th grade who was doing roll call and got to me and asked if I'd prefer to be called Amelia. Uh, no. What with it not being my name and all. I also had a friend named Beth who was asked by the same substitute (?????) if she'd prefer Liz. Her name wasn't Elizabeth, but officially BETH. So, no. She wouldn't prefer Liz.
  24. To avoid hearing about who's to blame for the hurricane. Severe weather is always God's Vengeance on someone. This link is semi-political. If you skim over the political stuff, you can see a review of Robertson and major storms: http://www.au.org/blogs/wall-of-separation/stormy-weather-why-is-pat-robertson-refusing-to-use-his-hurricane
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