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    $125 ppd Complete with Foreman's Construction Guide (including DVDs), Apprentice's Building Manual, and the Literary Guide. First 8 student pages of the Literary guide are missing, but you can easily reproduce them as they are in the back already filled out as part of the Teacher's pages. Framing code 1 is missing from the Apprentice's building Manual, but it is supplied in the Foreman's Guide. Framing Codes 2, 3, 4 have student writing on them.



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    $47 plus shipping includes: Teacher's guide (used with some notes marked in) A First Book in American History (like new) Stories of Great Americans (like new) One Small Square Seashore (library edition)



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    Gently used. $ 22 postage paid


  4. It's a great idea to put all the subjects in one book. These might work pretty good for that too.
  5. I think we might try this out too: http://www.livebinders.com/play/play/20698
  6. You know, it's funny, I look back to when we were schooling 1st grade and my son was only 16 months old and I think, off the cuff, that was so nice! Then I remember that a few months later I had a broken foot and was precancerous. SMH Yeah, it's all hard, it's all nice. Except right now. Right now is hard. ;)
  7. I have two that are 4 1/2 years apart. They both rely on me for their socialization and fight with eachother constantly. I wish I had one in the middle.
  8. I am looking at this for literature: http://www.centerforlit.com/Materials/TG.aspx
  9. I know this is a really old thread but it's great! I was hoping for a young earth timeline with this. Any thoughts on how to make that happen?
  10. Thanks that helps! :) I think we can go ahead with the Bible then... and maybe start even lower in the literature, hmmm.
  11. Emy will be going into 6th grade in January. She is not a reader at all so I am thinking I should get the literature and start low... maybe with A Door in the Wall. What do you think? I was also wondering about the Bible. How long does the Bible take to complete each day? I am worried it will be too much. We also need to start catechism. I was also wondering if I can integrate the Bible with Ancient History, and should I get the Timeline? TIA for any comments at all. :)
  12. I'm lurking in the forums and thought I'd leave you a message :) Hope you're having a beautiful day!

    1. Lovedtodeath


      Hello hello. I have decisions to make for 6th grade so I happened to pop in! This message was a real encouragement for me! <3

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