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    $125 ppd Complete with Foreman's Construction Guide (including DVDs), Apprentice's Building Manual, and the Literary Guide. First 8 student pages of the Literary guide are missing, but you can easily reproduce them as they are in the back already filled out as part of the Teacher's pages. Framing code 1 is missing from the Apprentice's building Manual, but it is supplied in the Foreman's Guide. Framing Codes 2, 3, 4 have student writing on them.



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    $47 plus shipping includes: Teacher's guide (used with some notes marked in) A First Book in American History (like new) Stories of Great Americans (like new) One Small Square Seashore (library edition)



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    Gently used. $ 22 postage paid


  4. I'm lurking in the forums and thought I'd leave you a message :) Hope you're having a beautiful day!

    1. Lovedtodeath


      Hello hello. I have decisions to make for 6th grade so I happened to pop in! This message was a real encouragement for me! <3

  5. You are very gracious.

  6. Oh wow! Standing ovation with whistling and cheering!

  7. Wonderful wonderful post on the locked thread. Thank you

  8. Nice work on that last post on the KJV thread. Thumbs up lady!

  9. I actually commented on a facebook group that I do not see the Catholic and Orthodox churches as having a "golden calf" but rather like when Israel asked for a king. It was not God's preferred arrangement. I was very pleased to see someone with more Christian experience than me comment on the thread and to see that comment was even better. :)

  10. I love love love PR. It is worth it. If your student needs interaction it is the best. You can even watch the video together (sometimes) if you aren't prepared. I really like the markings, flashcards and rule tunes. I have PR 1 and 2 and will probably pick up WRTR to help me implement it off schedule. We tried to switch to a workbook approach and it didn't go well. She didn't like it and didn't test well.
  11. Yes and no. The information about the industries really adds a lot of understanding of the culture, but they were way too advanced for 2nd grade... 4th grade is really a toss-up. I would not require him to read it all, as each page is really full of information. I would definitely feel comfortable using them in 6th grade. I plan to use them again when DD is in 7th, along with the WP language arts for that program. My library had most of them, hopefully you can check them out.
  12. Done. Will your facebook email work? I will send it as soon as I know you are looking for it. :) You can see examples of some of our projects and notebook pages here: Geography
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