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  1. I'm looking at The Academy at Bright Ideas Press classes for my daughter next year (11th grade), and am wondering if anyone is currently enrolled and can give feedback. We are looking at English III, American History, Spanish 2, Chemistry and Geometry. They are having a sale for the month of February, but I'm having a hard time committing without any info from other homeschoolers. I've looked at Big River and Excelsior, but the course descriptions and youtube videos from Bright Ideas Press seem to fit my daughter better. Even if you're not enrolled in these classes, let me know what you think
  2. So my youngest has been doing A Beka Academy's World History class and it's bad. so I need to find something else, preferably secular, and not just people and dates. In other words, more rhetoric and less grammar phase. I just need to complete the year and get her to the 1900's because I'm pretty sure I'm going to make her do a Modern World History course next year because I think it's that important to study the 1900's in depth. So what do I do for this semester? Spielvogel? MOH with a lot of discussion? Something else? She just finished the Protestant Revolution. Any and all suggestion
  3. Well, I'm a burnt out homeschool mom of 2 that has homeschooled from the beginning, graduated one last year, and has tried several times to throw in the towel with my second (including recently). 1. Why am I burnt out? I did lose myself. I was doing everything for the family AND homeschooling. That worked in elementary school but not in high school. Someone on this thread said they hated high school and I whole heartedly agree. It's not fun. It's in the trenches dirty work, and feels like bare knuckled boxing every. single.day. Between the teenage drama, the testing, the "requirements," a
  4. Can we do this after the fact? So, for example, my oldest is taking Advanced Biology this year and I'm thinking about having her take the AP exam in the spring. I was just going to list it as an AP course on her transcript if she scored well on the test. Do we have to submit the syllabus before the school year starts in order to list it on the transcript? I guess I thought I knew what I was doing and now I'm realizing I don't. :confused1:

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    Saxon Algebra 1 3rd edition. Student Text and Homeschool Packet. Does not include tests. $35 ppd priority mail with insurance. Like new copy.



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    Chalkdust Algebra 1. Student text, Student Solutions Manual, and 6 DVDs (1-6). Discs 7-10 missing. $100 ppd priority mail with insurance. Discs are Like New. books are in Good used condition with some pencil marks, but not answers.



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    Almost complete set $250 ppd media mail insured. All books are in like new or very good used condition unless otherwise stated. Here is what IS included: Teacher's guide 2nd edition - some writing in pencil/highlighting in the introductory teacher notes Student sheets 3rd ed - week 12 through the end. We used the first 11 weeks of student pages. All your state stickers, state cards and state sheets are included US President's Flashcards Exploring American History 2nd Edition In God we Trust Building a City on a Hill George Washington's World The Last 500 Years The World of Animals (AIG) The World of Animals (MFW) Intro to Schubert, Mendelssohn and Chopin 6 CD set - some unopened Read Alouds (missing one book): Almost Home Amos Fortune Free Man William Carey Madeleine Takes Command Bound for Oregon Optional Resources: God and the History of Art book II AND paint cards - a couple of pages completed in pencil/just writing, no art :) What is NOT included: Student sheets weeks 1-11 Boy, Have I God Problems! Placemat Map of US/World The Story of the World Writing a State Report USA Wall Map Exploring Creation with Botany Then Sings My Soul Soda Bottle Feeder Read Alouds: Mary Jones and Her Bible Optional Resources: God and the History of Art Book I with Paint Cards Trial and Triumph Let me know if you have any questions! Blessings! Dorinda



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    BJU 9th Grade Cultural Geography 3rd Edition. $65 ppd Complete set. Student activity guide used through Chapter 7, Tests Chapter 1-6 missing. Student Textbook in used condition. Rip on spine, cover curled. I accept Paypal and I ship media mail insured and tracked.



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    All About Spelling Levels 1 & 2 complete $55 ppd. Like New Condition Everything needed for both levels. Ships insured and tracked. Includes Student Packets and Teacher's Manuals for both levels. Also includes all letter tiles already attached to magnets, Phonograms CD, divider cards and Spelling Review Box to keep cards in. Does NOT include the progress charts, stickers or certificates of achievements as those are consumable. You can print them off on the All About Spelling Website, making your kits complete. I accept Paypal.



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    Hello! If you're looking for Saxon, I've got it! Saxon 7/6 in Fair Condition - $30ppd SOLD 4th ed Student Text ISBN 1591413192- worn but clean/ one lesson ripped but all other pages intact with no writing or highlighting 4th ed Solutions manual in Good Used condition Algebra 1/2 Good Condition - $35 SOLD Complete Set Includes: 3rd ed Student Text ISBN 1565771494 - Good Used Condition 3rd ed Homeschool Packet - Cover falling off 3rd ed Test Packet - New Condition Algebra 1 Very Good Condition - $50ppd Complete Set Includes: 3rd ed Student Text ISBN 1565771346 3rd ed Solutions Manual with all problems worked out step by step 3rd ed Homeschool Packet 3rd ed Test forms. Algebra 2 BRAND NEW NEVER USED - $40 ppd Complete Set Includes: 2nd ed Student Text ISBN 093979862x 2nd ed Solutions Manual 2nd ed Homeschool Packet 2nd ed Test Forms Algebra 2 BRAND NEW NEVER USED - $20 ppd 2nd ed Homeschool Packet 2nd ed Test forms PM or email me if interested. I ship Media Mail and accept Paypal. Blessings!



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    I'm looking for the complete set of 6th grade math 3rd edition only. If you've done the first couple of units in the Student Text, that's fine with me, but you must disclose what you've done. Thanks!


  12. How funny that you knew exactly what I was talking about. Good memories, good times. :)
  13. This is what finally worked for me. I found some Ryan Gosling, a Kilt and a nun, :lol: but no Johnny Depp?!? Does that mean they're gone already or do I still need to do a search? Did some of the pics disappear with the last forum switch over? So sorry this has turned into an issue Susan. Blessings! Dorinda
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