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  1. Yes, that is a good price. The places I looked were way more expensive -- the teacher text alone was over $100. Thank you! ETA: I just checked out Abebooks and only found one copy in acceptable condition, student edition, for around $28. Didn't see any teacher's editions. Would you mind sending the link (s) to the books you found? I'm usually pretty good at finding stuff but have struck out on Abe this time around, for some reason.
  2. The recommendations for Saxon 8/7 are interesting. I have never used Saxon. Is it a curriculum that can be utilized independently by the student with success? Also, is Saxon 8/7 homeschool edition the preferred text? Thank you!
  3. The recommendations for Saxon 8/7 are interesting. I have never used Saxon. Is it a curriculum that can be utilized independently by the student with success? Also, is Saxon 8/7 homeschool edition the preferred text? Thank you!
  4. Dolciani is pretty much out of my price range at this point and I need to redirect her right away so I'm not waiting for the price to ( hopefully) go down. I am willing to "help" -- math isn't my strong suit but I can dredge some pre-Algebra from my memory and aid her in searching for online helps if necessary. So, she will need to be work independently for the most part.
  5. Same here! She really liked the Horizon elementary series but PA has been nothing but frustration. I don't understand the thinking behind expecting a student to understand a concept never taught in anything even approaching a comprehensive manner. It's been a very disappointing experience. Thanks for your recommendation.
  6. Hello -- My daughter is currently about 12 lessons into the most current Horizons Pre-Algebra program and it really isn't working for her. She is generally pretty good at math but is frustrated with Horizons because it is asking her to solve problems without showing her the steps necessary in order to accurately do so. For example, the way square roots were explained was that a square root of any given number is a multiple of that number. End of story. The lesson then proceeded to ask her to solve several square root problems. Occasionally it will ask her to perform a certain task and then explain the necessary steps a few lessons later. Perhaps this works for some, but it has led to lots of discouragement for her. Any recommendations for a program which is challenging but thorough as far as providing clear explanations and examples with each concept introduced? Thank you

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    Copyright 2013. Contains complete 18-week schedule and notes, plus all 6 books and DVD with accompanying guide. Everything is in excellent condition, except for "What has Christianity Ever Done for Us" which has a scuffed dustjacket that is missing a bit at top and bottom, and has a small tear ( see pic). Hardcover inside the jacket is in excellent condition. Most of the covers have a very small amount of edge/corner wear. No writing in schedule. Pages and bindings of books are tight, clean. Discs in great condition. My daughter loved this course! $98 before media mail insured shipping. Paypal only. From a non-smoking home. Please PM if you intend to buy. Thanks for looking!



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    From a non-smoking home -- Holt Geometry book plus One-Stop Planner discs, copyright 2007. Book pages are clean, binding tight, discs and case are in great condition. A bit of scuffing on book covers, and upper right corner is a bit dinged (see pic). $65 before insured media mail shipping. Please message me directly if you intend to purchase. Paypal only, please. Thank you for looking!


  9. Thank you for your help, ladies! I really appreciate your time in answering and I'm looking forward to reading the google articles.
  10. I used Math U See years ago with my kids who are now older. I am considering revamping my math thinking for our youngest and going back to Math U See. However, I have heard that it now utilizes Common Core. I like the blocks and at least what used to be the way MUS was taught. I also know I want to avoid CC. Anyone here with experience using the newest edition of MUS? How thoroughly does it push CC math techniques and standards? Talk to me, please, before I invest any $$. Thanks! Desiree

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    I have a Sonlight Core 530 AP British Literature set for sale, recommended as prep for the British Lit AP exam. It is almost complete, with a few caveats: Books and I.G.s are in good to very good condition. Sound and Sense has some permanent marker on an edge. This set does not contain The Great Divorce. Book bindings are tight and pages are clean. From a non-smoking home. Student and Parent I.Gs. have Schedules, Appendices, Literature Study Guides, and weekly tabs. Some erasable and non-erasable checkmarks and writing in the student IG. The Parent IG is clean so you can photocopy it if you want a pristine schedule for your student. Student Lit Guide is missing Beowulf and Canterbury Tales pages, but these questions can be supplied to the student orally via the complete Parent Lit Guide ( or however you want to do it). Sherlock, Paradise Lost, and Frankenstein do not line up with the I.Gs. The most workable of the three are Paradise Lost and Frankenstein. You will probably want to find a different Sherlock book or switch out stories. All this for $135 ppd uninsured Media Mail! I can add insurance and/or priority mail, but it will add to the shipping cost. Please PM me with intent to purchase, or questions. I prefer to sell as a set only at this time.



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    All items are from a non-smoking home. Tutor in a Book's Geometry: $14 ppd media mail. Pages clean, binding tight, crease on front cover. Glencoe Chemistry Matter and Change: $28 ppd media mail. Heavy book, hardcover, very good condition. ( photo coming soon) Princeton Review Biology Coloring Workbook: $12 ppd media mail. Softcover with tight binding, clean pages. Will sell all of the above together for $44 ppd media mail. Sonlight Core 100 (partial) copyright 2010. I prefer to sell this as a set. Books are all in good shape or better, with tight bindings and clean pages. There are easily removable pieces of masking tape from a previous owner, on the spines. Schedule pages are in good shape except for first few pages of Week 1. Light, erasable pencil check marks through Week 12. Top of Literature Study Guide pages has a smudge. $108 before shipping. Contains these items: Schedule with all weekly tabs, Sook list ( marked ) Schedule for Topics and Skills Appendices American History Literature Study Guide Peace Child, The Red Badge of Courage, The Call of the Wild, Sequoyah and the Cherokee Alphabet, Farewell to Manzanar, The Landing of the Pilgrims, Dragon's Gate, Out of the Dust, Mixed-Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler, Blue Willow, My Side of the Mountain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle, The Cross and the Switchblade, A Year Down Yonder, Maniac McGee, Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold, Moonshiner's Son, Indian Captive, Nothing to Fear, Stink Alley, A Gathering of Days, Cameron Townsend, The Slopes of War, Christy I will sell the Core 100 set and all other books listed for $144 before postage. Paypal is preferred. Sonlight Core will ship via Priority Mail or Media mail, buyer's choice. Insurance is highly recommended for the Core shipment, especially if Media Mail is chosen. Please PM me if you wish to purchase or if you have questions. Thanks for looking!


  13. Yes -- for some reason six points of her math and two points of her English weren't included . The points are there in those sections when they were subdivided, but they weren't added into the total subsection scores, and therefore didn't make it to the composite. So, perhaps I should've said that we can't make sense of how her divided subsection scores aren't accounted for in the subsection totals, and therefore not reflected in the composite. I read the link you included ( thank you) and frankly, I think their method stinks. If a student earned the points, those points need to be credited to them, period. I mean -- talk about fuzzy math. Some points actually aren't points?! They don't really bother to explain that one, do they? Thank you for your answer!
  14. Hi~ My daughter just received results of her first ACT test, which we viewed as a trial run of sorts. However, she was disappointed to see that not all of the points in a couple of sections -- math and reading -- were included in her composite score. We thought that, like her sample tests scores, the composite would be just a simple average of the four subscores. This didn't happen to her cousin or her brother, when their tests were scored. Can anyone explain this? Thank you, Desiree
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