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  1. PAGE #1 Welcome to High School Motherlode #1 -- the first "motherlode" of linked threads on high school topics. There is also a college motherlode of linked threads on preparing for/applying to/attending college AND a few post-high school topics that are NOT college related. Enjoy exploring the amazing collected wisdom of The Hive! (In case links break, I have listed threads by their original subject heading, and have also provided the original post date and poster for search in various ways.) Warmest regards, Lori D. topics linked in first 2 posts of this thread CREATED: Aug. 2012 UPDATED & REORGANIZED: Sept. 2018 ======================== CONTENTS: HIGH SCHOOL MOTHERLODE #1: page 1 topics: High School Time Table (what to do/when for each year of high school) Teaching Executive Function Skills Preparing for High School Addressing Fears Getting Started Books & Resources Making a High School Plan Time Management High School on a Budget Expectations/Attitudes Accreditation / Cover Schools page 2 topics: tests -- info and comparisons on: - PSAT (National Merit Scholarship qualifying test) - ACT / SAT (frequent college entrance requirement) - SAT Subject (also called SAT II) - AP (Advanced Placement courses & tests) - CLEP (college credit by exam) - GED (high school diploma equivalency test) - ASVAB (military entrance exam) - Compass/Accuplacer (college placement test) - IB (International Baccalaureatte program / diploma), and comparison with AP ======================== High School Motherlode #2 -- pinned thread at top of high school board page 1 - transcripts / credits / grading & GPA - honors designation - record keeping / course description / letter of recommendation - graduation / diploma page 5 - homeschool subjects (English, Math, Science, Foreign Language, Electives) - making your own courses - extracurricular activities - outsourcing / online classes / dual enrollment Going to College Motherlode -- pinned thread at top of college board page 1 = college search / college visits / online college page 2 = college applications / Common App (including more on transcripts, course descriptions, etc.) page 3 = financial aid / scholarships / FAFSA and CSS Profile page 4 = Honors Programs / Internships / NCAA page 5 = heading to college / at college / overseas studies page 6 = alternatives to college / gap year / military / career exploration ======================== GENERAL TOPICS Reference threads High School "Time Table" (deadlines + what to do/when in each year of high school and for college prep) -- Mar 4 2012, Lori D. College [prep] checklist: heading into 11th grade, what should we be doing? — Jan 24 2018, mirabillis What do "seventh" and "ninth" grade look like to you? (brain development and goals for the average student for grades 7-12) -- May 31 2012, Colleen in SEVA Could you point me to a list? (what type of classes "count" for what type of subjects/credits) -- Aug 13 2013, MomOfOneFunOne Can you help me decipher some terms please? (defines: Honors, AP, “regular”, high school, and college) — Apr 15 2018, chocolate-chip chooky Explicitly teaching executive function skills (great descriptions of techniques for helping atypical learners, esp. in learning how to study/learn) -- Sept 30 2018, lewelma Preparing for high school (looking ahead from middle school) If you knew then what you know now (what would you do differently for Logic stage years) -- Feb 25 2009, MSNative High school parents: looking back what would be your ideal for 7th/8th grades -- Jan 15 2009, at the beach 8th grade goals: What skills do your kids need to practice before high school? -- May 14 2015, Chrysalis Academy Looking back (what you would do differently to prepare for high school work) -- Oct 19 2008, Guest Hypothetical question: What to do for the 4 years before public high school? -- July 2 2013, Walking-Iris How best to prepare for high school? — Feb 2 2016, Gwenny Pressing through the middle years of homeschooling: how do you do it? -- Nov 11 2014, Chrysalis Academy Addressing Fears about homeschooling High School The "There Will Be Gaps" thread -- June 2 2013, swimmermom3 Damn...now things are starting to feel real -- Jun 28 2015, SparklyUnicorn To all you people with 8th graders (or there abouts) (encouragement of what to do in 8th to get ready) -- Nov 18 2008, Nan in Mass For those of you with 8th graders considering homeschooling high school (encouragement of what high school can look like) -- Jan 30 2008, Nan in Mass Will I ruin my kid's life by homeschooling for high school, and other questions -- Apr 1 2015, NoPlaceLikeHome Talk to Me About High School Fears (will my homeschool transcripts/records be accepted by colleges?) -- Mar 11 2009, debbiec Teaching a high schooler next year.. I am terrified! (encouragement of what is needed, how to plan) -- Nov 30 2014, kfeusse Approaching high school, confidence flying out the window (can I do it at home? what about outsourcing? extracurriculars?) -- Oct 21 2014, Calming Tea How do you plan high school for the child that you've got? (big thread; how to support interests AND complete academic credits?) -- Jan 21 2015, Chrysalis Academy Please describe the reality of homeschooling high school (time commitment; typical day; what do you do) -- June 1 2016, EKT Homeschool vs. Public (or Private) High School vs. Classical Conversations Challenge Pros and cons of homeschooling high school — Aug 2 2016, Jean in Newcastle Just curious: why do you send you DC to public school [for high school] (discussion on why/why not homeschool high school) — June 2 2017, extrafor6 Rising 9th grader wants to try public school — Feb 1 2018, Tumbatoo When you teen decides, “I think I want to try high school next year.” (experiences?) — Sept 21 2016, Elfknitter.# Classical Conversations Challenge for high school - experiences? -- May 19 2017, diaper joys ======================== GETTING STARTED Overview/Topics to Start With Can someone link me to a nice 4-year overview for high school? (lots of topics: planning, required credits, tips, info on tests, etc.) -- Feb 22 2014, Halcyon I need a guidance counselor (addresses fears, tips on planning, ideas for outsourcing, info on tests, etc.) -- Mar 20 2015, SaprklyUnicorn Starting over again - homeschooling in 8th-12th grades questions (good overview of all the "getting started" topics) -- Oct 14 2014, snipsnsnailsx5 My son is starting high school this year (linked resources, tips, and gentle steps from posters on getting started) -- Jan 13 2013, faiths13 High school curriculum, where do I start?? (how to decide what credits to do, and then how to select curriculum) -- Dec 26 2012, mamakelly Homeschooling high school... where to begin? (links to threads on specific topics: getting started, curriculum, credits, transcripts, etc.) -- Oct 14 2010, iwjeanie Where to start? Which resources, etc.? -- Jan 23 2013, profmom Soon to be high schooler (where do I start?) - Feb 7 2010, scrapbabe Books and Resources Need book suggestion for help in homeschooling through high school -- Feb 7 2009, Debbi in Texas High School at Home (books/resources to help?) -- Mar 9 2009, Pensguys Homeschooling High School (suggest books for overall planning/getting started) -- Jan 19 2009, Chelle in MO Homeschooling high school with limited resources (need resource ideas) — Jan 20 2018, Entropymama High School on a Budget Free homeschool curriculum and resources (mega list, all ages, including high school) -- Feb 20 2017, shinyhappypeople A free high school curriculum list -- May 24 2014, Karen Looking to outsource: need ideas to make it affordable -- Nov 11, 2017, diaperjoys Homeschooling high school with limited resources -- Jan 20 2018, Entropymama Homeschooling high school on a very tigt budget, the duct tape and WD40 way -- Jun 8 2016, frugalmamtax Is this even possible: homeschool high school for free or very cheap -- Sept 13 2016, Um_2_4 Rigorous high school (esp. 9th and 10th) on a shoe string -- Jan 24 2016, Calming Tea High school on a budget? -- Sept 30 2015, Calming Tea s/o Minimalist schooling: poverty schooling? (ideas for all grades, as well as high school) -- Dec 28 2016, frugalmamatx How would you home school high school without internet and lots of driving? — Nov 29 2015, Pen Oldschooling Homeschooling for High School (a number of low cost ideas) -- June 8 2016, frugalmamtx ======================== PLANNING / SCHEDULING General Discussions The breadth vs. depth question -- July 7 2010, swimmermom3 Broad vs. Focused study in high school and how to find balance? -- Mar 18 2013, Kfamily Are we all crazy? How can a kid get everything done in high school homeschool? -- Mar 16 2010, titianmom To parents of freshmen, sophomores next year (4 types of college admissions, and why you have to plan ahead in the high school years) -- Apr 25 2014, Nan in Mass NOT planning for college (options? how would that change high school?) -- Feb 19 2016, shinyhappypeople What is a "good" education? -- Jan 16 2019, zyxwvut Making a High School Plan Looking forward toward high school (time line, planning credits, how to make a plan, picking curriculum) -- Jan 2 2016, Sebastian (a lady) When formulating a high school plan (what factors to consider?) -- Feb 10 2010, razorbackmama To parents of freshmen, sophomores next year (4 types of college admissions; why you have to plan ahead in high school) -- 25 Apr 2014, Nan in Mass How many credits / college prep & graduation requirements How many credits for all of high school? -- Dec 16 2016, Garga 5 or 6 classes a year per year in high school? — Sept 30 2014, LNC Hold my hand: help with 9th grade plan? -- Apr 16 2017, Lucy the Valiant Advice for 9th grade planning (includes discussion on over-scheduling, balance/not burning out student, etc.) -- Nov 28 2016, popehj Frustrated with meeting college requirements vs. our own -- Sept 13 2011, Kfamily Another transcript issue for us: # of credits (will 30+ credits be too much?) -- Aug 31 2018, Evanthe Graduation requirements (how to plan credits over high school; college prep set of credits; what an English credit looks like) -- Aug 31 2017, provenance61 Time Management How do we get all of the things we want to cover crammed into 4 years of high school? Looking for advice from seasoned moms — Feb 19 2018, housemouse OMG! Please tell me this is typical and it gets better -- Sept 28 2016, reefgazer A homeschooled day week in the life of a teen -- May 4 2015; Quark Please tell me this is typical and gets better -- Sept 28 2016, reefgazer High school planning angst - time, credits, depth, oh my -- Dec 5 2015, Chrysalis Academy Too many hours doing school work vs. just being a kid -- Feb 27 2016, dereksurfs Typical length of hours for academics in high school? -- May 30 2017, j_thurm Specific Ideas for Scheduling Planning 4 or 5 days/week? Some other method? -- May 12 2012, OHElizabeth Scheduling questions -- how much in a day? (ideas for not overloading/keeping a balance) -- Aug 14 2014, Brandicm Scheduling: time on task vs. set amount of time/subject vs. predetermined assignments -- Aug 28 2014, g1234 Scheduling -- Nov 7 2013, Woodland Mist Academy I'm toying with block scheduling (last post includes links to more threads on block scheduling) -- Aug 30 2012, Jean in Newcastle ======================== EXPECTATIONS / ATTITUDES Various Teen Topics Seeking advice on teen boys :) — Feb 12 2018, lewber How organized should a 16-year-old be? — April 9 2018, borninthesouth How much do you interact with or talk with your high schooler throughout the school day? — Mar 20 2018, hopeistheword “Why Aren’t American Teenagers Working Anymore?” (link to article; sparked much discussion) — June 11 2017, Melissa M Helping our young adults find the “bright side”? — June 1 2017, swimmermom3 Depth and Passion? (how to help your student develop this?) — Feb 21 2018, Jazzy Is anyone else’s senior just worn out? — Mar 22 2017, Attolia Interest-led AND college-bound? — Feb 6 2018, PeachyDoodle Attitude Smart yet unmotivated teen — Jan 24 2018, leeannpal How do you handle an intentionally difficult high schooler? -- Nov 30 2017, Sharon37217 Homeschooling a reluctant teenager -- Dec 30 2017, 2ndGenHomeschooler How to deal with a teen that doesn't want to do anything -- Aug 31 2015, GypsyHomesteader Tired of dealing with this kid (bright, NOT motivated, behind -- just graduate him?) -- May 2 2016, razorbackmama Accelerate / skip a grade / graduate early Red shirting an accelerated learner? (discussion covers several topics on this subject) -- July 17 2018, JRmommy 2e high school - pushing a highly-gifted low-energy teen -- Apr 29 2017, tj_610 If your child is accelerated does s/he graduate early? -- June 5 2015, JadeOrchidSong Graduate early (gifted)? (your experiences?) -- Aug 22 2016, StephanieZ Has anyone decided last minute to graduate their junior early (posters pose good questions to think through) -- Oct 28 2016, prairie~phlox Skipping junior year? (any repercussions with earlier PSAT or ASVAB tests and declaring a grade?) -- May 18 2015, jetzmama I can't decide whether this is my DD's 9th or 10th grade year -- Aug 17 2018, Calming Tea No outsourcing and now potentially no Dual Enrollment: WWYD? Graduate early? — Feb 17 2018, frugalmamatx "Just Average" Does anyone on this board have a NON-superstar high school student? — Jan 17 2015, Kinsa High school AS high school — Feb 16 2012, Kim in SouthGa Anyone just doing average work in high school? — Aug 1 2012, scrapbabe s/o “average” work in high school: when did you know that’s how it would be? — Sept 9 2012, JaneP I want to share some very average PSAT scores — Dec 8 2012, teachermom283 Launching an average kid — Sept 8 2017, Jazzy I would like to hear from moms of “average” kids who want to go to college — Aug 13 2012, Kris in Wis Anyone with extraordinarily average students attending college? — Dec 19 2017, dereksurfs I get so depressed reading some posts on this board (anyone else NOT have over-achievers?) — Feb 11 2016, kfeusse I need former slacker teen success stories today — Mar 9 2018, texasmom33 "Behind" (due to illness or other) / LDs (Learning Disabilities) Learning disabilities and college admission (and accommodations for tests) -- Feb 11 2017, AmyinMD Accommodations for teen with ADHD, anger, and depression — Jan 22 2018, Zoo Keeper Do you tell your student's online teachers about LDs? -- Jan 11 2016, AppleGreen Online high school for someone who is behind (due to illness) — Jan 30 2018, Joyce Gripe High school with a chronic illness -- Aug 15 2017, Chrysalis Academy Online high school for someone who is behind -- Jan 30 2018, Joyce Gripe Very behind in math: need some advice for best path forward -- Mar 8 2018, ILiveInFlipFlops ======================== ACCREDITATION / COVER SCHOOLS / STATE REQUIREMENTS Accreditation Living overseas and need help with homeschool diploma -- Jun 20 2022, Kencam Homeschooling internationally with an accredited online high school -- Aug 27 2019, Nikki Dee Can I get some clarification? Accredited vs not (is it the school/organization that is accredited, or can curricula be accredited?) -- Jan 9 2017, heartlikealion Accreditation: how important is it? -- Feb 12 2018, momof2cowboys In this situation would an accredited transcript be worth it? (not going beyond high school, or only to trade school) -- Feb 2 2018, HSmomof2 9th grade: seek accredited program or not (in case ending up at public high school or trade school) -- May 14 2016, blue darling Accreditation (how GA homeschoolers can be accredited) -- June 19 2012, Momto MERLD Accredited diploma programs for high school -- Apr 21 2017, HSmomof2 Cover / Umbrella Schools NARHS documentation for diploma -- Mar 13 2019, Hilltopmom Does accreditation matter for outsourced classes? -- Mar 9 2022, EKT Using a cover school for only 9th and 10th: cons? — Mar 14 2018, MamaSprout Accredited diploma programs [cover school] for high school (which ones let me choose the curricula) -- Apr 21 2017, HSmomof2 NARHS: any experience with them? — Mar 8 2018, bluebonnetgirl Options for earning a high school diploma (what program/organization oversees credits and awards diplomas?) -- Feb 27 2016, Daria State Requirements Do you base [your homeschool] high graduation school requirements on local public school standards? -- May 15 2018, Innisfree Do I have to follow state [public school] graduation requirements? -- Dec 11, 2014 Veritaserum State requirements for graduation (do you follow public school requirements or not?) -- Apr 1 2016, Pronghorn Determining your graduation requirements (how/when did you decide?) -- Nov 12 2015, MissMousie Graduation requirements (what are yours?) -- May 9 2015, FreeIndeed College requires proof of meeting high school graduation requirements -- Dec 12 2016, Amoco California a-g California charter schools and a-g requirements -- Apr 16 2017, LAmom If you plan to apply to UC schools, list your courses here: another a-g thread -- Sept 10 2016, mirabillis UC a-g online vendors: a lot are being dropped -- Mar 20 2018, Calbear A-g -- July 4 2018, happycc College admissions requirement: accredited high school (CA colleges and a-g requirements) -- Feb 17 2015, Cakes Accredited high school diploma needed for community college (is this needed in CA or for a-g requirements?) -- May 31 2017, Virlizorchid99 New Jersey Is this too much for 9th grade? 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  2. UPDATE: See detailed instructions in this post below my first signature! I'm trying to set up an account on the College Board to submit an AP syllabus. I'm running into a road block - the FAQ here says: Unfortunately, there is no selection called "Home School Provider" available to choose from the list. Instead, it requires that I choose a function (teacher) and an organization (a school in a premade list). You can see the problem by going to the AP Course Audit page for AP Computer Science A and clicking the Get Started Create and Account link on that page. (You don't need to create an account or even type in any information to see the list.) At the bottom of the Create Your Professional Account page that appears, scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the list provided by the label "What is your primary job function?" Note that "Home School Provider" is not there. In addition, it requires you to select an employer from "Where do you work?" Has anyone who homeschools recently successfully submitted a syllabus to the College Board? If so, how did you do it? I plan to call the CB tomorrow, but just thought I'd ask now. Thanks! GardenMom UPDATE: Here are detailed instructions on how to gain access to submit a syllabus to AP Course Audit: 1. Go to the AP Course Audit page for AP Computer Science A and just click on the Get Started Create an Account link on that page. (Of course, you can do this from the AP Course Audit page for any AP test.) This will take you to the Create Your Professional Account page. 2. Fill in your "Account Information" as normal. 3. For the "Professional Information", do NOT enter "Zip or postal code of your organization." Leave that space blank. 4. For "Where do you work," enter your state CEEB code (99XX99 where the "XX" depends on your state). For VA, it is 994799. You must type the number (do not press enter) and then wait for "Statename Home School" to appear below that box in light blue. Then click on the light blue text to enter the proper homeschool information for your state into the form. (You can also accomplish the same result by typing "Statename Home School" directly into the form, waiting, and then selecting the proper result from the list. Note that the CB spells out "Home School" as two words, so you must also use this format. Thanks, Sebastian!) 5. Do NOT check the box "My organization is not listed." 6. For the "What is your primary job function?" selection, choose "K-12: AP Teacher." 7. Click "Next: Review." 8. Review your entries and accept that form. (I don't remember what the button is called on that page.) 9. Go to your email and find one from the College Board entitled "Education Professional Registration Confirmation." Open the email and click the link to sign in again and thereby validate your account. 10. Return to the AP Course Audit page for AP Computer Science A page and this time click on the Continue to AP Course Audit link. (It is located in the same green area at the top left of the page where you originally found the link to "Get Started Create an Account." 11. This will open the AP Course Audit page. You will see an error message which reads: Do not panic! This is normal. The person at College Board explained that this message appears because you have not yet set up the course audit area (with basically the same information you just provided a minute ago). 12. Click Click here. :laugh: A new page entitled Get Access to AP Course Audit will appear. 13. Ensure that "Teacher" is selected for "Job Function." 14. Do NOT enter "Zip/Postal Code." Leave that space blank. 15. For "Professional Organization" enter your state CEEB code (99XX99 where the "XX" depends on your state). For VA, it is 994799. You must type the number (do not press enter) and then wait for "Statename Home School" to appear below that box in light blue. (Again!) (You can also accomplish the same result by typing "Statename Home School" directly into the form, waiting, and then selecting the proper result from the list. Note that the CB spells out "Home School" as two words, so you must also use this format. Thanks, Sebastian!) 16. Click the "Add" button. You will see a message which reads: You can now see your access on the lower right portion of the screen: Woohoo!! I'm all set through January, 2040!! :hurray: 17. Click the "Finished" button to see a page for 10 seconds which reads: That sounds so official!! 18. After waiting for the prescribed 10 seconds, your My College Board Professional Account page will appear. (Without my husband's encouragement, I could not possibly ever wait for that long! :blush:) 19. Click the AP Course Audit hypertext in the "My Tools and Services" area. This again takes you to the AP Course Audit page, but this time without the error! 20. Click the "Add New Course" button. A pop-up window entitled "New Course for Virginia Home School" appears. Select the course for which you want to submit a syllabus and click "Add Course" and then confirm on the next page. The right side of the screen now shows: 21. Click the "Submit syllabus" button to submit your syllabus. (I am not providing that link since it is either for "Computer Science A" or for my specific account or perhaps both.) That's it! Wasn't that easy? Hopefully someone else will be helped by these steps (until they change the website next month :glare: ). Please let me know if you have any questions or problems with these instructions. A BIG thanks to my hubby, RegGuheert, for constructing this post for me!!! GardenMom
  3. This thread intended as a comprehensive discussion of how a homeschool parent can teach their student Java programming and prepare them for the AP Computer Science A exam. I am doing this now since my son taught a Java course to homeschoolers in the fall and did AP CS A test prep this spring. I was both his assistant and his student in these courses and I want to take advantage of that dual perspective to capture my thoughts on how to best approach this topic. My goal is to enable homeschool parents who do not have programming experience (or Java programming experience) to administer a homeschool course and successfully prepare their students for the AP Computer Science A exam. This thread is not intended to be the ONLY or the BEST approach to this topic. What works best is very subjective and it depends on the characteristics of the teacher, the student and their goals for the course, among other things. Rather it is simply a resource which someone wanting to provide this course can use to gather ideas on how best to proceed. I encourage everyone to provide corrections and suggestions in the comments and I will make adjustments to the posts as I feel is necessary. This thread will include ideas on how to teach Java programming, but it will be mainly focused on AP CS A test preparation. The discussions will range from broad overviews to detailed discussions of technical topics with very specific strategies provided. I will provide many links to available resources, some free and some for a fee. (I am not affiliated with any of the organizations to which I am linking.) In the interest of ensuring that I have enough space to fit all the material that I want to cover, I am breaking this post into several separate posts on different topics. Here is an outline of what will be covered: - Should my student learn computer programming in high school? - Java programming: Overview and Resources - AP Computer Science A: Overview and Resources - Multiple-choice (MC) test-taking strategies - Free-response question (FRQ) test-taking strategies - Programming Fundamentals: Tips and strategies - Data Structures: Tips and strategies - Logic: Tips and strategies - Algorithms/Problem Solving: Tips and strategies - Object-Oriented Programming: Tips and strategies - Recursion: Tips and strategies - Software Engineering: Tips and strategies Please bear with me as it will take me days or weeks to assemble all of this information. In the meantime, please ask your past AP CS A students to comment on what they found to be the most difficult areas or to provide any tips that helped them the most. Also, if you are a parent who is thinking about offering this to a student, but have questions which are not answered here, please post your thoughts and I will see if I can answer them. If you are a parent that has taught AP CS A, either successfully or not-so-successfully, please share your insights on what works and the struggles that you had. Thanks!
  4. The AP Course Audit website is now open for courses for the 2015-2016 school year. As such, I thought it might be interesting to have a thread to share approved syllabi to simplify the process in the case someone is using an identical or similar curriculum. My recommendation is to post both what you have approved for this year as well as what you might be looking to get approved this year. If you would like to request or offer a syllabus to someone, please do that via PM. When you share a syllabus, you may also want to share the official AP syllabus number for that syllabus in case they want to file it as an identical or modified version. (I don't think we should post them in the thread so that people don't just use them indiscriminately.) I don't know if any of us use sufficiently-similar curricula to make this at all worthwhile, but I'll start: Syllabi we have that are approved for 2015/2016 school year: AP Chemistry - Based upon Chemistry by Zumdahl, and AP Chemistry Guided Inquiry Experiments (for the labs) by The College Board - This syllabus was first approved for the 2014-2015 school year. AP Computer Science A - Based upon TeenCoder: Java Programming - This syllabus was first approved for the 2014-2015 school year. Syllabi we are interested in getting approved for the 2015/2016 school year: AP Physics C - Based upon Physics by Resnick, Halliday and Krane. AP Calculus BC - Based upon Calculus of a Single Variable by Larson Hostetler and Edwards (Chalk Dust Calculus) If you don't know how to get started with getting your College Board account set up and getting your syllabus approved, I recommend that you read the step-by-step instructions in this thread. Hopefully things haven't changed too much since last year. If you are wondering why anyone would go through the trouble of getting these syllabi approved, I can think of four possible reasons (there may be others): You are teaching a course and you would like to be able to advertise the course as having received "official recognition by the College Board that it meets or exceeds the expectations colleges and universities have for your AP subject." You would like to put "AP" on your official high school transcript for your student. You want access to additional sample tests. You just want to be thorough and ensure that you are covering all the material that is expected for an AP-level course. One final thought: MomsintheGarden says that she does not want to share these out to members with fewer than a couple of hundred posts so that individuals do not join just to gain access to these syllabi. (I'm not really sure what a student would do with an approved syllabus, but perhaps there is some concern there. Frankly, I don't really enjoy reading the ones I wrote myself. :tongue_smilie: )
  5. According to the College Board, our students' 2017 AP scores will be posted this week on a staggered schedule. As was mentioned in a previous thread, 2017 AP score distributions are now up on TotalRegistration.net in case anyone is interested in seeing the distributions for their students' exams. Here are the scores we will be looking at this week: DS17: AP Chemistry - On the border between a 4 and a 5 (But he didn't quite finish and only 9.2% earned 5s this year.) DS15: AP Computer Science A - Expecting a solid 5. DS17. DS15, and DD15: AP Microeconomics - Expecting a 4, 5 and (hopefully) a 3.
  6. I'd love to hear from anyone whose student recently took the AP Spanish (either language or lit) exam. I have a student who will be taking the language course and exam next year (2017-18). Favorite providers? Surprises? Other thoughts? The curriculum description has not changed in several years. See College Board: http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/public/exam/exam_information/4554.html Our instructor will be the lovely Ray Leven, who teaches other Spanish classes, but offers AP via PA Homeschoolers.
  7. Our local high school called today to tell me they are having difficulty ordering the AP Computer Science A test for our son. When he tried to place the order, the CB web page asked him for an access code. This did not happen in previous years. He called me to ask if I had a code that he could use, but I don't know anything about that. I told him that it is possible that they had sent me a message through the course audit since I got the course reapproved last August and that I would look into and get back with him tomorrow. Of course it is now Februrary and AP Course Audit is currently closed. I'll log in tomorrow and look around, but I frankly don't expect to find anything. In the meantime, I thought I would post here and see if anyone knows anything about an access code that schools need for ordering AP CS A. Perhaps this issue is coming up because the high school is not approved for AP CS A, but that seems like an odd requirement that will leave a lot of homeschoolers with nowhere to test. I wonder if he had the problem simply because it is still February, but beyond that, I am at a total loss. If you have any ideas about what might be causing this issue, I'm interested to hear them. TIA! I'll call the CB tomorrow is I HAVE to, but I expect they will be a bit busy on March 1. :glare:
  8. If your students earns a grade in an AP class, do you add some amount to the grade point (0.3? 1.0?) or do you add an extra fraction of a unit or credit? Also, can someone explain the difference between weighted and unweighted GPA?
  9. Yeah, I know, it depends on the student and their interests and strengths, but generally speaking/on average/everything else being equal, what is your vote. Most difficult AP: Easiest AP:
  10. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article28702138.html http://www.davidson.edu/davidsonnext https://www.edx.org/course/teaching-davidson-next-davidson-next-twdapccx
  11. I thought we could have a thread in which we post links to the FRQs from the 2015 AP tests. That way we can get access to them without any additional waiting and grill our DC on what they missed got right. I'll pull all the links up to this post for easy access. 2015 AP Art History Image-Based MCs and FRQs 2015 AP Biology FRQs 2015 AP Calculus AB FRQs 2015 AP Calculus BC FRQs 2015 AP Chemistry FRQs 2015 AP Chinese Language and Culture FRQs 2015 AP Chinese Audio Prompts 2015 AP Comparative Government and Politics FRQs 2015 AP Computer Science A FRQs I also posted unofficial answers to the 2015 AP Computer Science A FRQs here. 2015 AP English Literature and Composition FRQs 2015 AP English Language and Composition FRQs 2015 AP Environmental Science FRQs 2015 AP European History FRQs 2015 AP French Language and Culture FRQs 2015 AP French Audio Scripts 2015 AP French Audio Prompts 2015 AP German Language and Culture FRQs 2015 AP German Audio Scripts 2015 AP German Audio Prompts 2015 AP Human Geography FRQs 2015 AP Italian Language and Culture FRQs 2015 AP Italian Audio Scripts 2015 AP Italian Audio Prompts 2015 AP Japanese Language and Culture FRQs 2015 AP Japanese Audio Prompts 2015 AP Latin FRQs 2015 AP Macroeconomics FRQs 2015 AP Microeconomics FRQs 2015 AP Music Theory FRQs 2015 AP Music Theory: Sight-Singing FRQs 2015 AP Music Theory Audio Prompts 2015 AP Physics 1: Algebra-based FRQs 2015 AP Physics 2: Algebra-based FRQs 2015 AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism FRQs 2015 AP Physics C: Mechanics FRQs 2015 AP Psychology FRQs 2015 AP Seminar End-of-Course Exam Questions and Sources 2015 AP Spanish Language and Culture FRQs 2015 AP Spanish Audio Scripts 2015 AP Spanish Literature and Culture FRQs 2015 AP Statistics FRQs 2015 AP United States Government and Politics FRQs 2015 AP United States History FRQs 2015 AP World History FRQs
  12. So it's time to put hat in hand and start cold calling high schools looking for exam locations for AP tests again. At least this year it's going to be local calls. Last year we were moving around the same time as the exam registration. So I was calling from one side of the country to the other side, with no idea where we would be living, trying to find hospitable exam locations. This year we are newly arrived in another new state. One course (Computer Science) is only offered in one high school on the island. But at least the aren't doing Comparative Government this year. That is only offered at one public high school in the state, and it's not on this island. Not one public school in the state offere AP German or AP Latin. Guess we'll be looking towards private schools for those. I was actually mentally drafting an essay about this on the treadmill last week. I was dwelling on the gap between equal access rhetoric with respect to these door opening exams and the reality that a student from many high schools may not have access to the exams that actually get them college credit. There is a disproportionate impact against students who self-study, get outside tutors or who want to create small study groups independent of their high school's official structure. When I was in high school, my district only offered one AP course (US History) and it was only offered at limited high schools with a cross town agreement from other district schools. But I was allowed a release to travel to the other school to take the exam, based only on my work done in a non-AP honors course. I did well enough to validate 2 semesters of US history in college. But I don't feel like this would be encouraged or necessarily even allowed in most schools today.
  13. Could someone offer advice on preparing for the AP Biology test independently? What books did you use and how did you study? (I realize that an AP Biology course would not be placed on the transcript for a self-study class.) Thank you for your help.
  14. So I'm trying to figure out what we will do for history next year. The boys will be 10th and 11th grade. Last year we did AP US Government and AP Comparative Government (I wanted to take advantage of our living in DC with the US Government). The year before we did a long study of the modern age from 1850 through the Cold War. It was incredible, spanning about 16 months with lots of Civil War battle field trips and other great stuff. We had considered doing one semester of economics and another semester of an anthropological view of the history of armed conflict. Then I reconsidered because I thought that this would be the last chance my older son would have to prep for a full year AP exam before starting college applications. (Whatever he takes senior year will not have exam scores back until after college application season is done.) I thought that we might instead do AP European History. We lived in Europe for three years. European History is a favorite subject at our house. But as I review the sample syllabi, I'm struck by how much content is in them. There is one week for the Napoleonic wars, one week for the Reformation. I'm not very good at survey courses, because we love to read and dig into a topic. This seems to be a common complaint. The AP European History course will be revised in a couple of years to have more of a focus on historical techniques and less on specific content. (I'm not sure what I think of this.) AP US History has been revised. 2014-15 is the first year of the revised course. I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what a revised course would look like. I haven't found samples of the new style of multiple choice questions or free response questions. There will still be a DBQ, but there will also be more short answer responses. I'm concerned about trying to do a course in the first year of a revision. But I like the concept of giving more focus on history themes and techniques and less on a march through time. I think my middle son especially would appreciate not doing a long focus on the 19th century, since he's expressed feeling that he spent a lot of time on that recently. Does anyone have particular insight on either European History as currently designed or the revision of US History? Has anyone done World History recently (because I think it was revised a few years ago with a similar intent)? Any great resources for Euro or APUSH?
  15. How have you found schools willing to allow homeschoolers to take the AP exam at their site? Who do you contact? The admin office, department chair, AP teacher? When is a good time to begin the search? If they don't offer a particular AP course, then should I not bother asking? What should I keep in mind about their point of view with respect to allowing homeschoolers at their AP exam? Is it more work for them? What misconceptions do they have that I might need to negate? My kids have never been enrolled in a school, so I have scant inside contacts, though I may be able to get some help from neighbors and local homeschoolers. But I may be cold-calling some schools. Any help is appreciated!
  16. Hello, I am in the very early planning stages for preparing an AP Human Geography course for my son to complete at home next year. I may possibly go through the AP audit process, or I may just have him "self-study" and take the exam. Either way, I need a plan/syllabus for the course. Obviously, one of the first steps will be to choose a text(s). According to the AP site, there are several suitable texts for this course. Could anyone give me some feedback on one or more of these texts? (This list has been narrowed down to 3 based on other info I have found on the internet...if you have an opinion on a text not listed, please share). de Blij, H. J., and Alexander B. Murphy. Human Geography: Culture, Society, and Space. Fellmann, Jerome Donald. Human Geography: Landscapes of Human Activities. Rubenstein, James M. The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography. Thanks in advance! Jetta
  17. This year's Advanced Placement exams are now looming. We have finally finished the readings for all six countries in Comparative Government. Now we're reviewing US Government, Comparative Government and trying to also squish in enough Latin review for the Lukeion Latin 2 final. I added some comments and tips for the government courses to the AP Government social group. I'm definitely noticing that the boys haven't dealt with US Government for a semester. They feel much less fluent with those questions, even though we covered them well in the fall/winter. Many deer in the headlights looks. I had them take a practice multiple choice section from one study book. Then they went over their answers and noted areas of difficulty. With one son, I saw that there were several categories where he needed to review. I also noticed that he was struggling with "negative questions" (all of the following are reasons EXCEPT). So he knows that he needs to read those carefully. I'm having him review the sections for those categories within that specific study book. Also, my library has online practice tests for a range of more common AP exams.
  18. Could someone with some btdt experience give me pointers on doing the course audit for an Advanced Placement course? I have my syllabus written. I've gone through the course description and the scoring criteria. I've marked up the syllabus to point out where it meets the scoring components. I have a College Board Professionals account. But I'm a little stumped on the next step. Do I need to register as an AP supervisor in order to approve the syllabus once uploaded? Is there somewhere to enter my homeschool as the organization?
  19. My kids are studying American and Comparative Government this year with the intention of sitting for the AP Government exams in the spring. I'm leading a study group in our coop of the American Government section this fall. I created a WTM Social Group for American and Comparative Government as a place to share resources, book recommendations, and study tips. I think there were some other families here doing government. I'd love to have some company.
  20. DS13 is in 7th grade this year. He is taking six online classes, four with VP (Omnibus, Algebra 1, Latin 1, Biology) and two with TPS (English 1, Geography). He is currently in the VP-Diploma program. The year has been intense, but I really wanted to get a feeling for his ability to function in this kind of learning environment during 7th/8th grade, as we intend to outsource a majority of classes for high-school. We will need to keep a couple of parameters in sight when planning high-school, and I am increasingly dubitative about the VP-Diploma for our needs... We live in Europe. Moving in the not too far future (South-Africa) is a possibility, but we want to keep doors to Swiss/European universities wide open. Access to these is highly dependant on AP exams (at least 5 by the end of Junior Year). We will also need to provide an "official" high-school diploma. On the other hand, ds is swimming competitively and dreams of swimming while studying at a college in the US. He will need to pass the NCAA clearinghouse... So, our options as I see them: 1.) Stay with VP This would provide the Diploma & NCAA recognition. On the other hand, I can not immagine how we would integrate the necessary APs... VP seems increasingly rigid about using their online-classes, and frankly, I don't care for ds to graduate with "pass/fail" grades, or an "Assiciate/Standard"-Diploma... Particularly when it comes to AP exams, I want to make sure we go with well-established providers with a proven track record (PA-Homeschoolers, etc.) 2.) Use TPS Diploma program They seem considerably better organized on the AP-side, with, as an added bonus, significantly more flexibility concerning the integration of not-TPS courses. The problem is their lack of NCAA recognition, and I don't see this evolving... 3.) Do our own thing We would organize the diploma "somehow" (homeschool-/transcript service for a fee), pack the necessary number of APs, and groom a (second?) transcript for NCAA... This last solution seems like the most straight forward way to go...apart of me...not.wanting.it. I am literally frozen at the thought of no-one holding my hand, and doing this alone... What if "my diploma" is not good enough? What if we run into trouble with the NCAA? I am almost tempted to just go K12 for the whole shabang...Diploma/APs/NCAA, all included...,but then, I don't really want this either... Any thoughts? Any brilliant Diploma/APs/NCAA-Combos I have not thought about? Thank you for having read this far!
  21. An old colleage of ours retired from his first career and became a high school teacher. I thought his course website had so much good info that it was worth sharing. He has AP US Government, US Government and World History with syllabai, lesson plans, textbook reading assignments and video recommendations. Really a treasure trove. I first met him when he was teaching at the college level. I can say that his background and life experience is so incredible that I would love to sit and take one of his courses. And you could do a lot worse than use his syllabus as a guideline.
  22. Good morning!! I have a few questions, I hope I'm coming to the right place. This forum has been a HUGE help to me over the last two years, and all I do is read other threads! I've been homeschooling for two years, my 13 yr old has wanted to be a dentist since he was 5. We're just starting 8th grade, and for this school year we're good to go - he loves dry big school texts, so we're using Prentice Hall for social studies, literature, and science. It's a great fit. He eats right through Saxon math, he loves it and literally asks to do math first every morning. He's a smart kid, and I don't want to hold him back in high school. I'm still a newbie homeschooling as far as I'm concerned! I have no clue how to justify calling a class "honors", or what the benefit is of finding an AP class to enroll him in (other than having AP on his transcripts). A few friends have finally explained "dual enrollment" to me, which seems to be the answer to my question of how I would ever set up a chem lab in my house for high school chemistry! I live in GA so the bar is set pretty low for graduation requirements, and he really wants me to push him. I am adding a vocabulary class for 8th grade, as well as an SAT prep class. We of course read every day, he chooses a book then I do, we go back and forth. He is almost done with Latina Christiana 1, and adores it but some days says it's too easy. We also use Easy Grammar 6 still, because he didn't know what a verb was when he left public school in 5th grade. My mom does an art program with him, she's a graphic designer so he gets lots of art projects. Am I missing anything major? Can someone help me understand the honors label and the AP classes? I know once 9th grade hits I have to label classes more, no "social studies" but instead "world history" for example. I already write course descriptions of each class, the materials used, final grades, hours spent in each class, and take photos of all of our science experiments and keep examples of his work for each course. I don't plan to go the accreditation route for high school. Thanks for any help you can offer, and if I have posted in the wrong area please tell me!!!
  23. So much talk here and IRL about CLEP and AP and dual enrollment-is it wrong to just do high school as high school? I was looking at the samples questions for the English Lit CLEP, and I could only answer a couple of them. I know my son probably couldn't answer any of them! Am I doing him harm by just letting high school be high school? One of the colleges he is interested in doesn't even accept very many CLEPs. I don't know. I feel a tremendous amount of pressure to push, push, push but he is already up in his room working on school all day, most days from 8 til 6 or 7 at night or longer. And we still always feel behind. He has other things he needs to be working on, like physical activity :D and I can't even find the time for him to fit it in. Ugh. I guess I would like to hear from those of you that have just done high school without all the college level stuff and still had your kids do well with college acceptance/scholarships. Thanks
  24. There is much talk of AP courses on this board, and it sounds like many people are having their students take them. My question is, is it possible to do AP level courses at home, and subsequently test? If so, how does one go about that? In our previous experience, none of my older children enrolled in public high school AP classes, but did take courses at our local CC, which then transferred credits to their colleges. Not only that, but the content of many of their homeschool courses, history and literature especially, were of the caliber of many college courses. I wonder why the emphasis on AP, and AP tests (other than the college credit they earn), rather than simply challenging course content. Do you feel students actually DO learn more from AP courses? Or are they simply geared to ensuring a high score on a test? I just don't feel like going to the trouble of signing my son up for AP at the public high school, when his course work at home is just as challenging. So how can that translate to a transcript, and/or an AP test score? Incidentally, in our school district, the majority of the students take AP courses. I don't know how they eventually test, but it is unusual to run across a high school kid who is NOT taking AP. Which leads me to question the validity of the courses, since not everybody can be "above average." Not trying to sound negative, but if you're going to home school, why opt for public school AP classes? Just wonderin' . . . :huh:
  25. Hi everyone! I'm new to the WTM boards and am so relieved to have found them. I've been doing classical ed for years now, but have been totally alone (my area is very rural and most homeschoolers here aren't interested in classical ed) in it. I am so relieved to have found a whole community pursuing classical education! Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone could give me input as to "when" a kid should take an AP exam. Obviously, not until they've mastered the material...but does it need to be in their senior year? Or can a freshman take it if they have done an AP course, and still have the AP count toward possible college credit (per the college's AP policy, of course)? My son, 14 in October, has been doing US history (really great, free iTunes U course with a Yale professor!) this summer and I was thinking of bumping the coursework up to AP level and letting him sit for the exam. I'm just wondering if the college would take the AP score seriously if it's a few years old when he applies. Thanks for any input! Tammy
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