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  1. Can anyone recommend a film version of Treasure Island? This is for a older teen so I'm wanting to avoid kids movies. It also doesn't have to faithful to the book as comparing the film and book is part of the assignment. Just looking for an exciting and well made adaptation ... thanks!
  2. Yes, all the way from alpha to zeta, a detour to Rod and Staff grade 7 (about halfway through?) which was good for review and exposure to more word problems and then almost two months going though zeta again as a preparation for starting MUS pre algebra. It has taken us a while to get through some lessons (eg. negative numbers, particularly lesson 7) but she is still making progress. If you don't mind me asking, why did you leave MUS for Jacobs'?
  3. Hmmm ...maybe I don't really understand how MUS compares to other curriculum. She's not finding MUS pre algebra all that easy so I don't think she is ready to move onto MUS algebra. But hearing you say that some people use MUS algebra as a pre algebra year might mean I need to backtrack even more if I switch to another publisher.
  4. Dd13 is about half way through MUS pre algebra. It just occurred to me that maybe it might be a good idea to do another year of pre algebra with another publisher before moving onto algebra. Has anyone done this? What did you use? Are you glad you delayed algebra? Just looking for stories from other homeschool parents at this stage. The plan is to probably go back to MUS for algebra but that may not work out.
  5. My oldest has completed a few BJU literature and history courses at the high school level and I found the Teacher's Manuals were enough for me to teach those subjects. Now my youngest is approaching high school and I would like to use more BJU but not sure if I can teach the other subjects like math, science and english/grammar (no dvd/dlo). What do you think? Any there subjects I really should avoid? I wasn't good at math/science at school and I've only learnt about grammar through homeschooling my own kids
  6. Anyone used these? What are they like? We have done BJU literature before but not their math.
  7. Is it just me or do other people have trouble searching for subject/grades on Currclick? Every time I go there I end up getting very frustrated :cursing: I want to browse through literature studies for middle school and I want to buy them as a pdfs. When I select literature studies and 11 - 13 yr age from the side bar I get a ridiculous number of results which don't seem to be relevant. Any hints on how to perform a better search? Are there any other websites where I can buy curriculum in pdf format? At the moment I am looking for literature studies for middle school but I wou
  8. Yes ... just adopting a casual or chatty tone doesn't actually make the content anymore memorable.
  9. :iagree: plus I developed an aversion to unexpectedly coming across the word "twaddle" more than once a day (which obviously rules any visits to the AO forum)
  10. Yep ... I tried to see a sample of TOG a few years ago and I think I had to download something first to open it ... you know a curriculum isn't for you when you can't even work out how to view the sample :001_huh:
  11. I'm attracted to Abeka because of its glossy pages and lovely photos. I find Sonya Schaffer reassuring and I like the moms on the Simply Charlotte Mason forum so I lurk there even though we've tried SCM twice and we're not really CM homeschoolers ... I get a lot of satisfaction throwing away CLE light units when they are done. (edited to add: I like the light units but it's nice to be finished something and to be able to throw it out as frequently as you can with CLE). I end up disliking anything I've bought as an ebook even though I try and convince myself at the point of purch
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