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    For sale from a non-smoking home for $125.00. ppd to US address. PayPal. AP Edition The American Pageant + Barron's AP United States History 500 flash card. Both items like new. Interested?



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    California edition of Prentice Hall/Pearson Chemistry ISBN:0-13-201304-5 Companion Student Express CD-ROM Set Hall/Pearson Chemistry includes Interactive Textbook, Student Workbook, Chem ASAP, Web Resources. Both were bought together so the student express works with the chemistry text edition. Sold as a set for $196.00 Clean * used only once * PayPal Message if interested.



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    $10.00-----Uncovering the Logic of English A Common-Sense Approach to reading, Spelling, and Literacy by Denise Eide. New! Non-smoking home. PayPal only. You pick and pay Shipping/ media mail, 1st class , or priority. PM if interested.



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    Great Courses How to Listen to Understand Great Music all parts I-IV. Older, but not used. We only got through parts I & II. Cases are yellowed with age. Course guide books for all parts included. $40.00 for all. You pay postage. If interested, message me.


  5. Why don't people buy on the classified board? Guess I will sell on Amazon and eBay.

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      It used to be easy and quick. With the format change, not so much, in my experience.

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      I'm having great success at this year.

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      I have quality high school stuff--AP etc.I'll look at homeschool classified. Thanks


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    For sale from a non-smoking home for $125 ppd. to US address. PayPal Sale Pending 6-23-2015 CPO Earth Science Student Text, Teacher's Text, Investigations, and Lesson Organizer CD which includes two different types of test formats (multiple choice and short answer) and other teacher support. Books and CD are in good used condition. Labs: Weather Study Kit Mineral Study Kit Rock Study Kit Density Cube set Contour Model Kit Mineral Test Kit Digital Multimeter Spectroscope Interested?


  7. Just wanted to say how much I dislike the college waiting, rejection, acceptance game.

  8. Our local K-8 school is very small. Less than 50 kids total. Everyone knows each other. My first son went to 5th grade at this local school, and my second son went to 7th & 8th grade at the same school. For these two young men, the local high school was a disaster socially. Homeschooling had/has a bad reputation in my community. Teachers and others feel homeschooling inferior to public school, and those in the community that homeschooled in the past set a poor example of academic excellence. The school also bemoaned loss of revenue. As much as I requested to be involved or offered help at our K-8 school, my requests were met with polite smiles and a "No thank-you." Curiously, my son's 8th grade teacher though he was the best educated homeschool student she taught. He could write and connect historical events with current events better than her other students. However, this son was not good at the housekeeping of school--handing in work that followed the rubric of expectation for a given project. Overall, I've found no openness to what a homeschool parent may have to offer a classroom, teacher, or school. Yet, now that my oldest daughter has applied to top ranked colleges and will likely go to one of these colleges, folks in my small community are realizing that homeschooling is not always a negative. In a community where few graduate from high school without going to a continuation/alternative high school and where even fewer go to community college and beyond, a homeschooled child getting into college is an anomaly. It just might change the way people think about homeschooling. Neither of my daughters have attended public school because of our experiences with the K-8 and high school social issues.
  9. I deeply resist looking too far into the future. It is so easy to bound on ahead with plans, curriculum selection, etc. Yet in the moment, I find that we need to go over that chapter in science again because the notes DD took on her reading were too superficial, and if she were to continue taking notes this way, she would undoubtedly meet with failure in the future. I am always reminded of piano practice: Go slow in order to go fast. Laying a good foundation of learning how to learn rather than obsessing about the next step is what I remind myself when I get the urge to plan or get bored with the daily pace of school.
  10. Digital Detox in motion-When was the last time you unplugged from the internet grind of incessant communication? Maybe it's time to take a break from the screen and enjoy life in real time.

    1. Robin M

      Robin M

      We do that two or three times a year.I just gave my teen three weeks off from technology. :)



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    $10.00-----6+1 Traits of Writing Theory and Practice: Everything You Need to Teach and Assess Student Writing With This Powerful Model: Ideas, Sentence Fluency, Organization, Word Choice Voice, and Conventions. $5.00-----Using Picture books to teach Writing With the Traits-Grades 3 & Up $5.00-----Writing to Prompts in the Trait-Based Classroom~ Literature Response $5.00-----Writing to Prompts in the Trait-Based Classroom~ Content Areas Buy all for $20.00 Buy all or just one. All are used with minor shelf wear. Non-smoking home. PayPal only. You pick and pay Shipping/ media mail, 1st class , or priority. PM if interested.



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    Books come from a smoke free home. I accept PayPal. Shipping is included in asking price. Draw*Write*Now Book 4 The polar regions. Outside shelf wear inside clean-$8.00 Draw*Write*Now Book 8 Animals of the World. Outside shelf wear inside clean-$8.00 How to Teach Art to Children Evan-Moor. Outside shelf wear inside clean-$18.00 Buy all three for $30.00.



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    Minor shelf wear. Book sells new for $7.50. Asking $4.00, but you pay shipping. PayPal accepted. PM if interested.



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    $16.00----For all My Pals are Here Primary 5 & 6 titles below. Text Interactions + Activity Book unused Text Systems Text Energy All are used with minor shelf wear. Non-smoking home. PayPal only. You pick and pay Shipping/ media mail, 1st class , or priority. PM if interested.


  15. Quotes question-- If I quoted something in a post but attributed the quote to its source, not just a link, can those posts remain? Is it possible to delete all old posts? SWB, Sorry for all the hassle. What a pain.
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