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  1. We have only done it self paced and have been very happy with it. We aren't advanced mathy peoples here. My kids focuses are on the arts and humanities. We have done well with it self paced.
  2. Well, we have a really nice Science Museum and a really nice zoo in our city. So even though my kids have grown up going to those, I would consider those the best in our city and pretty close to our neighborhood. If we just attend the different exhibits, the different seasons, the special events and such at each of these (and we have a lot,) there is so much to learn . For my 3rd it would be tough. I love our city art museum. They get traveling exhibits that are amazing, even though it is a small museum. Over the years, we have seen amazing exhibits from all historical periods and modern a
  3. I can't wait. I talked to them on the phone about their educational shows for the coming year. Sounds like they didn't fare well during the pandemic, so they are looking forward to booking more this year. Have so much fun! I know I loved it when I went a long time ago!
  4. Oh, here are my three for this upcoming year: 1.Medieval Times Restaurant. Not a lifetime top, lol, but we are excited to do it for a medieval year. 2. The big Aquararium and Zoo in Atlanta, whatever the name of that one is. That is going to be mdd's senior trip. She has always wanted to go there. My sister may end up flying her there, so if she does that, I won't get to go, but if we do a road trip, we will all go. 3. Our biggest in state aquarium. This is because we might not all get to do the senior trip, so we are planning this aquarium so that ydd has a chance to pe
  5. Our biggest trips so far were Washington D.C. and another to Boston. Once we drove almost cross country, one we flew to. On the drive, we stopped at several stops along the way too across the country. When around D.C. we also went to Mount Vernon for a day, and that really stuck with us all. In Boston we did the Freedom Trail over a couple of days and toured Harvard, and just saw as much as we could. For smaller trips, we do lots of nature reserves in whatever we are going to, but especially ones that are within a day of our house that we can go to once a year or more to see in diffe
  6. preschool: months of the year, days of the week, the poem that tells how many days in each month phone number and address, parents' names nursery rhymes and songs Bible verses elementary: math facts english definitions, phonics rules, etc. books of the Bible for ancients list of Kings of England for middle ages the Fifty states in alphabetical order, and the capitals etc for American history getting older, we added major wars science definitions for whatever we are on poetry and Bible verses Latin conjugation and declens
  7. Definitely R&S ABC series. I used it with two of my three and a niece. The only reason we didn't use it with the first is because we hadn't discovered them yet. Cut/paste, manipulatives that they cut out and use for numbers and things, writing, etc.
  8. I'll have to work, buy I am hoping it will be part time. I had my last child going at 39.5, so I will be older by the time she graduates. In a perfect world, I will get to house projects, continue volunteering in a position or two that I am in now, but will be able to devote more time and energy to them, and can find the perfect part time job that allows all of my wants above to be accomplished. I also, may go back to school to finish a degree that I wanted to but never did.
  9. We did the R&S full curric including writing plus the WTM writing of narration, summaries, outlining, dictation across the curriculum through middle school, and around 8-9th grade started WWS. My girls did WWS later than WTM suggests, but it worked well for us, then they continued WTM writing assignments in Lit and History and did the suggested Rhetoric/writing after logic.
  10. The Well Trained Mind, Rod and Staff, Memoria Press Latin, and the public library have been our main sources for homeschool. First one is in college, the other is heading there in a year or two, and the baby is in elementary school and is using all of their old books.
  11. #2 or #3, depending on which is better liked by the person who will be working through it with him. If you can't get him ready by the time school starts, then you go with Lori's advice, and just hold him back in math.
  12. I think everyone, teens everywhere, have had a rough year, not just mine. My oldest missed a graduation ceremony. She spent her first year in the dorms without a roommate and with very little campus activity with most of her classes on zoom and part of that time was quarantined in another dorm away from her own stuff. My next at home had one co-op close down and we had to find a new place that was meeting. (Luckily it worked out for us, and we found a group where she really fit in well.) Our neighbor's kid was in public school all year, which in our city was completely virtual until March,
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