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  1. It's would look pretty much the same except in a nicer, bigger house with a separate schoolroom and newer books instead of hand me downs. Everyone with their own laptops and with a color laser printer. And like others, there'd be a lot more travel!
  2. I am loving not being in a co-op this year for the first time ever. Last year, it was run out of my small house. We had just three families, a great science teacher doing labs, and me doing Latin and art. That was a pretty relaxing co-op year. It was just the right people doing just what we needed. Dd17 had actually already outgrown what we were doing in the home co-op last year, so we did it on her afternoon out of the house at her job mainly for mdd. The science teacher is done doing homeschool. Dd17 does part time at jr. college now. So we, dd15 and I, are on our own. And I love it. Of course my ker is there, but her "schooltime" is minimal. I actually think dd15 who has been in a weekly co-op her whole life is good with it too. It's an adjustment, but we can actually put our time more into something special just for her with little outside stuff to prepare for and older sis out of the house more. I can also design her science better just for her. We do a once a month support group for three hours on one topic for the year. It does have enrichment for one of our classes this year that I help plan, plus field trips and holiday parties. It really is just enough for us. I may stick to this way of homeschooling once a month even when I'm down to just my last elementary kid when mdd starts college in a couple years. Dd5 gets a mom putting special time with them doing a fun craft. She loves it. Plus she still has church classes and dance classes and neighborhood friends. I always did a lot of teaching and planning at our bigger co-ops, so I made sure my kids were getting what I wanted them to have each year. Plus they got the benefit of other stuff often. It was great. But I'm enjoying the less times a month this year.
  3. Last year I planned on getting more done over the summer, but DD ended up way too busy for us to start until way into August.
  4. So our common app for the early decision schools was turned in today. But she's got go get back in and do the state school and its honors college app after today is all finished as her back up. She still has supplemental essay questions for one school and one QuestBridge form to submit today that she's still working on. I feel this is never ending. But we're just trying to take it one step at a time.
  5. It was on the contact us portion of the recommender site. I'll look. But I had to set up an appointment last week. And that was the first one available. I didn't actually need them by the time I got the appointment. But I made it anyway in case we had any last minute questions.
  6. And totally unrelated, but I got my portions all submitted earlier this week and feel I babbled endlessly as is my way. And DD is still working on her essays until the last possible minute today, scared go hit submit. Ours are due today too. I'm trying to let it go and just know that we are who we are. They can like it or not. And she's going to get a great education no matter where she goes. I keep telling myself that. I hope I'm listening.
  7. I agree with #1. It doesn't matter. We just put them on the transcripts as in progress for this year. On the letter, i actually talked to common app yesterday on the phone. We at that time were still waiting on a letter which thank goodness is there this morning!! But he told me the letters can be added later, and to go ahead and submit and they can be attached later.
  8. I would have him take it. Just keep practicing til then. And then schedule another. My DD went up two points on her second time. And we're doing it again this Saturday just to see if the two prior tests will help her increase it maybe one more. Everybody I've talked to IRL says their kid improved two points the second time they took the real test. And then it ended up the same for us.
  9. Too bad. It's really good! I had trouble with the website trying to find the extra free coloring sheets to print and gave up. I found it confusing so never looked at the price of purchasing more. Guess we'll just enjoy the units we got.
  10. I just recently picked up six units from Character First used from a consignment sale. I have no idea how to buy it. I found the website a little confusing when I looked at it, but my five year old really likes the lessons we've done with it.
  11. Deleting, because I am losing my everloving mind here doing this, but I think I found everything I need!
  12. Questbridge has its own application similar to Common App that is distributed to each college that she selected. You select your colleges with the app, before you know if you are a finalist. So most of her work was completed last month. Some have extra supplements like a few questions or another essay or telling them which majors you're interested in. Some don't require anything else. Then we have the financials to get to each. And a couple want common app too, but she's already been working on that. Most of the info is stuff she'd already put together for her previous app. So our goal is most definitely to aim for getting everything in to all eleven schools. The good thing about selecting them with the early deadline is that we've already put in the work on the stuff that took a lot of research going over her records and all of that.
  13. Off topic, but I attached my course descriptions to the unofficial transcripts I sent in on dd's Questbridge application. I didn't see a separate place there. So thanks for sharing how you did this. I think I'll separate for common app.
  14. We are in the middle of college searching and the application process right now. My DD has high test score, so we get a barrage of mailers and emails daily. With all of the schools who have contacted us, only one very selective school and only one state University have made any mention of being able to apply without test scores. And I agree with others that I wouldn't give up basic tests for homeschoolers, even if optional, unless you have one (like I do,) that doesn't test well. In that case there should be something really good the schools can look at though. Dedication and participation in projects and activities that demonstrate abilities, good essays, etc.
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