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  1. We just did our own studies, and I created a co-op class. The core spine was a library book. I think one of mine picked out one called American Government 101. The other picked something similar, but different. They just read through these and took basic outline notes for each chapter at home. I assigned three projects: one poster/speech project on a topic of their choice to be given at co-op. (one did marijuana laws in different states and looked at effects in our state. One did a more basic breakdown of how government works using the chapter she was studying from her book at the ti
  2. I know nothing about what is on Sonlight's list for high school readers. I will say we used the WTM style of history throughout high school for one of mine (along with lots of projects, field trips, documentaries, contests, and outside classes and experiences.) And it worked really well. We didn't do it exactly as in WTM. We actually only used one of her high school/adult history books as the spine one year that she read and took notes from, did the context pages, used the Timline book, and created reports about. Other years we used other materials as the spine or did units throughout the
  3. If he is going to continue latin further, I would say you need to learn it, unless you are going to enroll him in an online class with a teacher who knows the material. If you just facilitate, it would be like handing a kid an Algebra textbook to figure out on his own. Yes, some kids could read the text and grasp it. But most need a teacher to work out practice problems with them and to help correct work and to know what they are looking at. (when you grade Latin translations, there can be different translations that are correct. You don't want to be counting off because it doesn't look e
  4. I am with you. I am not an early morning person, just due to my dh's job and our family routine, but I am an early morning person compared to my family So I use my mornings to get up and do housework and errands. I set the tone for the day to be productive while everyone is still sleeping and just starting to get around. So we are not productive with school in the mornings. Then around lunch time (an early lunch time) the kids have eaten, are dressed, and we start school. Because of this schedule, our work is not done until dinner time. But we work straight through. My kids, espe
  5. They have different funcions. A full page spread of a calendar gives you a space to see the month all at once. The daily pages are more of the daily to dos. If I am trying to remember which day we have a conference call or a one day zoom class, if there is no monthly calendar where I can see the whole month at once I would have to flip through and search every weekly page for where I wrote down the call information. On a monthly spread I can put appointments, field trips, what have you, as they are scheduled. Then each week as I plan out the current week, I can refer to the monthly calenda
  6. Covid hit last year just as the last semester of senior year hit for my odd. Luckily, she had finished taking her ACTs and was in the middle of applications and interviews for college. She had gotten to take the college tours over the course of the year before and the first semester of senior year. Everything got so crazy that last semester (no graduation, everything canceled, etc.) that I can't even imagine what it has been like for this year's seniors who didn't even get a first semester. Luckily for us, we had already decided she had taken most things, so she was just in a finishing
  7. I do a giant bulletin board in our home, like schools do. I tend to do it for holidays or by seasons or months. So currently we have it for new years. I have a big Happy New Year banner dipping across it, and we made a poster of stars. Everyone filled out a star and wrote their New Year wishes, kind of like resolutions. The poster says 2021 wishes. They range from dd6 saying she wants another cat (not happening, lol) and that she wants grandma to visit to my resolutions like read more, exercise more, etc. So you could maybe have the kids each fill out a wish. For February..
  8. We used the book recommended in the Well Trained Mind- I think it was called Adventures with Atoms and Molecules? It was a very inexpensive book. It was just experiments and explanations. Later my kids used the elementary Apologia books with co-op. They were very expensive and basically had the same experiments. So I preferred the inexpensive one. But either worked.
  9. BTW, even many of us who weren't unschoolers have kids who are "behind" the usual high school sequence for whatever reason. We work with the kid in front of us, where they are. I have one I have homeschooled from the beginning, daily, intentionally that is way behind the usual high school math progression towards college. We have to deal with it. Now that she is making progress and algebra is starting to click, she will need to make decisions. Does she want to double up on math her senior year to get the required credits? (required here for a particular state scholarship that we qualify by
  10. I have one visual speller who can. That is how we know she has learned a word, when she can spell it backwards. The rest of us are "natural" spellers or phonetic spellers, and never worked on this trick, so no, we really can't.
  11. thank you. I will be looking at it even with my high school and college kiddo!! My college kiddo just asked me when it was time for the eagle watch in our area, and I just looked it up, and it is this weekend. This is something we do as a family often in January. Thanks for the web cam!
  12. I prefer paper. I use the High School 4 year planners by Well Planned Day for my high schoolers. I like them because I can 1. handwrite. (i journal after the fact for daily stuff, but I can plan generally in advance on pages that where I can list credits, extra curriculars, awards, curriculum, literature read, etc.) 2. I like that it lays out things to do each semester as they go through high school to get ready for college. 3. that it has a full page calendar spread before each month. I really like planners with the full page calendar before the daily pages. This is SOOO important.
  13. You all are so talented! I don't have a lot of talent. I enjoy scrapbooking and drawing and paper crafting type stuff, but I don't know a lot. I made dd18 a scrapbook of her senior year for a Christmas present, but I didn't get to any pages about her senior trip. I got her graduation ceremony in, pages of her in dance and scouts. So I would like to get some picture printed up from her trip and get those done, or else I never will, lol. I also like to buy grab bags from Michael's and then challenge myself to use what it is in them. I had some Christmas boxes from last year and some
  14. For me, that would be a great time to do state history and government. It would be a perfect year to go really in depth. Then when you get to needing it for a high school credit, you have really done it in full, and just need to refresh a little for that credit, which is nice when high school can be so intense. But for a cool, something different, if your child is into theater or costuming or fashion, we just did a year (really more like a year and a half!) of the history of fashion. We did start with a premade, amazing unit study that covered the history of fashion, fine arts, We fo
  15. Didn't read all of these, just wanted to share our schedule or "non" schedule. We have always been pretty non traditional. We don't start school first thing in the morning. We never did for elementary school until schedules demanded it like when my older elementary/middle schoolers had outside classes in early afternoons. So it made more sense then to start school somewhat early, break for lunch and outside and classes, and then finish up at night. But our more regular routine that we are back to this year thankfully goes more like this: School starts around 11:00 or so. No set tim
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