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  1. We bought the student microscope from homeschool science tools seven years ago when odd was going into 5th grade. We use it at home and have drug it back and forth to co-op to be used by all students in co-op classes for several years for biology and other science courses. I do keep it in the original box for transporting, and it has held up great. I still have one going through biology this year, and another up and coming (ten years behind her...) and I don't see why it wouldn't keep holding up.
  2. I made my own desk charts and laminated them. I do think you need something to reference on the walls or in their hands. I taught First Form in co-op fir years, so I taught it on every Friday. I went over the lesson and recitations from the teacher's book. We tried to.get at least the grammar page done in class, leaving 3-5 pages for the upcoming four days at home. We also created flashcards in class of the vocab words. So on Mon-thurs I expected them to practice with their flashcards and finish at least one page of work. When they came back to class I gave them the weekly quiz the first 10 min of class. Then recitations, the new grammar lesson and sayings along with a few examples on board, the oral drills from the textbook, and then a few minutes to work on the grammar workbook pages with me there to help. It does help to work at least one example from all sections of work ok whenever possible. A lit if times the kids couldn't quite get what they were asking for. And I expected them to grade their own daily work before class. If I were just doing this at home, I'd rearrange that my Friday class was on Monday.
  3. My youngest is now five and starting k this fall. I threw a few decent preschool books into a consignment sale like Before Five in A Row. Even that is hard for me, and I've never actually used it besides reading through it for ideas and books. It will make me cry to get rid of curriculum I've actually used and loved with multiple kiddos too. I pulled out my storage tub labeled K and 1st grade to go through. I saved all of the homemade flashcards I made to go with our curriculum, and it's been ten years since I last used them, lol. My family was here and shocked I had stored all of it. 🙂 But I was too sentimental to purge it back then.
  4. I've got DD enrolled for two her senior year, fall semester. One is for the content- computer applications and presentations. I think she needs that to be ready for school. The other I agonized over. I went back and forth and finally put get in comp I. Her ACT is high enough she could probably skip this, but she needs practice writing in demand and more quickly. She needs that answering to someone else. At this point I'm not going to pay high dollar for an online homeschool class when she will get college credit for this for less money. I am not putting her in comp 2 nor any other class 2nd semester. We are going to do English lit at home and history all year and then try to clep out of it. She'll get the same three credits for less money with clep, and I can control the content for our last go through. Those were the others the professors said she ought to take and get out of the way.
  5. Ok, so I am adding HWOT. I was gifted the whole set,vso why not. She's lived playing around with some of it so far, so I'll incorporate. And now we had a speech eval and will be adding speech therapy. So 1st semester: HWOT Speech homework R&S 1st grade math R&S 1st ABC books D-F I will rotate either the ABC books or the HWOT work, not both in the same day! Bob books at bedtime reading. 2nd semester Same, but add in R&S 1st grade phonics and Reading when ABC workbooks are complete. She'll turn 6 with a winter bday, so she'll be my latest starter as a reader.
  6. I didn't see anything super tempting, but I've got next year all planned now anyway.
  7. This year was kind of a get things done, carry on with what you've been doing year for us, no big hits or misses. We did everything at hone with my junior and focused on getting ready for ACT, PSAT, SAT, and Latin exams, college visits and figuring out all of those processes. She did finish her Gold Award at girl scouts, and that was a huge hit. It was a two year process between earning it and turn all of the events they had this year for recipients. She worked hard and is so proud. But subject wise- we mostly did things St hone, WTM style. For my 9th grader we've started diving into Writing With Skill, and I remembered how much I love that program.
  8. Mine is a future dual major of Letters (classics basically,) and English lit. I put her in comp 1 at the cc next semester if senior year. I'm probably going to regret it. But tuition us free for high school seniors and she needs to start knocking off a few credits. They suggested history as well. And I didn't want to give it up! So we're doing history at home and going to try to clep it. I am nit doing comp 2 at CC second semester because I want us to do literature. I already decided that. I don't want to skip certain titles. But oh, your post reminds me of what others here have said about comp I. Yuck. It's so different from what I remember.
  9. I've skipped to the bottom, so haven't read all. We've got no lefties in our house til our youngest. She's now five, but it was obvious since she was reaching for our spoons to eat when she was around five months old that she's a leftie. I taught her to.cut with regular scissors in her left hand with no issues. She's now beginning to write, and has always used the left for coloring, painting, eating. There was never a doubt.
  10. My teen starts her summer job a week from tomorrow, so she's got this week to find a stopping place in a couple of subjects. She needs to rake her final in algebra, finish the Cicero translation she's on, and finish reading Macbeth, etc. Some of her books she'll continue reading over the summer, but we're do e with planning. Dd14 has to finish some science work- writing up sone labs she's on, etc. She's doing Macbeth with older sis, but will continue math throughout the summer with me. She's done with Latin for the year after this week. I have a five year old who is on the cusp of beginning reading which we work on organically, so that won't be stopping. So I guess I don't feel like I've got much of a break coming. I'm pretty burned out right now, but will just be moving into June's responsibilities- I've got a full time job one week on top of driving dd16 around, another job in the home I have to work on while keeping dd5 entertained, and I will be volunteering one week in our Church's VBS. So I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with June right now. I'll be thinking of vacation in July maybe when some of that stuff is done.
  11. One thing that has worked for us was to do it with others. When I started Latin in 4th grade with my first I decided to teach it at co-op, so I spent the time going over it and putting together a syllabus for it. Then we started a Latin club on top of it to study for the National Latin exams, and I did the same-started a new class- when my next DD was around 4th grade. Having other families devoted to it and putting in the tine and effort has really kept us motivated. I've taught it to others now in co-ops and in my home for 8 years. My oldest just took the level four Latin exams and is studying for the SAT Latin subject test and plans in studying classics in college. She's already talked to the dean who has told us he'll probably skip her at least a level in college even without the AP exam. So maybe working with another family could help? It did us.
  12. We had the same results! My DD got a 35 in English and 34 on reading, but got a 7 on the writing! I'm glad to hear it's not a big deal. She isn't planning on a selective school though, so we weren't worried about it. Mine tanked the math though which brought her composite down to 30. For her though this is typical. She did the same on PSAT. So we keep studying and working on it. It's just not her thing. A 30 is still good. 🙂 A 35 is amazing! Congrats to your kid.
  13. Nothing is legally required of me either. But here is what I do, much like the others: I keep a regular paper teacher planner. At the beginning of each year I outline our main course of study and the core publishers and material I plan to use. It's very simple and usually in pencil. It helps me remember what I've got planned for the year too. Then I daily mark what we've done in each subject throughout the day while I'm sitting with each kid. That helps me remember when we do have to write up something for an outside class or girl scout project or something. Because I've had this habit of daily journaling since we started homeschooling, creating my teens' high school transcripts has not been difficult. It wasn't an adjustment for me to keep records. In 4th grade, my kids and I were still reading so many books since they are pretty short, that I didn't get them all recorded, but the daily notes had snippets of them listed for a vague idea of some of the titles. Then I keep a folder for each child each year where I drop in ribbons earned at the fair, certificates earned anywhere, programs from recitals and church services they participated in, pamphlets from plays or cool field trips,etc. So for each school year I can pull the daily journal and the folder for a good picture and the highlights of a year. We could make a nice scrapbook at some point if I wanted to for each kid, and might in the future. I do save good art projects and some of their school notebooks, but scrap a lot of the day to day workbooks after a year or so.
  14. Oh, I'm making a gift basket for a scout friend of the girls who's having surgery this summer. I'm going to get one of those. We use similar journals in our morning baskets at home. Each kid has a morning baskets of journals, gel pens, colored pencils, and various books that we rotate through to start each day. That would go in our rotation if we didn't already have similar items in ours!
  15. We eliminated dairy and eggs to try to see if it made a difference in my dd's pretty bad exzema. It did. Within a month it had cleared up after years of terrible exzema in huge patches inside of her arms and stretching up into her neck and even face and eyelids. So even now, a year later, it is gone. She occasionally has had dairy, but cutting it out in her daily meals and switching to vegan cheese, butters, mayo, and milks and baking with those and with applesauce vs. eggs has made all of the difference. She has always been ok with the super cheap body wash, White Rain, the one for kids that is clear and has no colors or scents. She is ok with regular shampoos, but the body wash is so much better for her than any soaps.
  16. I would do a math online like Mr. D's or Teaching Textbooks, something that self grades and scores. I have never done an all in one program like Monarch, but doesn't that do all subjects and the kid does it all online? I don't know anything about it honestly. But something like that could get you through one busy year. I don't think it will hurt if it isn't your ideal "classical" curriculum one year if you plan on going back to what you usually like to do. I don't know. Something to look into, maybe? My dd in 7th grade self guided herself through science pretty easily. She did Science in the Age of Reason and its older notebooking prompts and did the experiments herself. Then she did a Thinking Tree journal that we agreed on sources for each day. These were self guided content studies. I did have to still teach English, spelling (her nemesis with dyslexia) and history and Latin. But those (TT journals) are nice for a little self guided study for artistic kiddos. She also did EasyPeasy 7th grade Spanish completely on her own. I did not expect a lot of retention, but wanted some exposure before high school Spanish.
  17. Never heard of this. I will be adding it to my summer reading and research plans. Thanks for this thread!
  18. We are wrapping up our year. My Ambassador girl scout is getting awarded her Gold Award in a big ceremony this week. Lots of family is coming for that, so we are really excited! She just finished her requirements for her Safety Pin. We had an event for scouts of all levels. We had experts come from all kinds of places to teach the scouts of all ages the requirements for their pins. Part of hers as the oldest rank is to teach younger scouts. So she had a table at this event and taught about her two topics and had games for the littles, and got the teens talking about her issue. This year she hasn't done a lot of badge work, as the Gold took up most of her year. Even though she was approved in the fall, there have been many events with her and all awardees. She joined the Girl Advisory League this year at council and that also took up a lot of her time. She really enjoyed getting to know the other scouts on that and to learn more and have a say in council activities. They also started an Astronomy Club at our council this year which she joined. That went perfectly because she had decided on Astronomy for her science this year. They participated in several events with the local Astronomy club and did a lot of labs with a local astronomy teacher in a high school. She also is about halfway through her volunteer hours for a volunteer in scouting pin. She should be able to continue to volunteer in scout events and finish that over the course of next year, so it won't be awarded this year. So she hasn't earned a lot besides her Gold, which is big, but she has been very busy. My Senior scout has been working on a journey as her prerequisite to starting work on the Gold next year or the year after. She did the Sow What journey. We still need to do a Take Action project to finish it, so will probably do that over the summer. She also did the Room Makeover badge which was fun. She completed the requirements for her Safety pin at our troop event as well. She has done everything else my older has done this year- Girl Advisory League, Astronomy Club, about halfway through her Volunteering in Scouts pin. But she has earned her Bronze and Silver torch pin for community work for her work in the G.A.L. My Ambassador scout can't earn it because she hasn't done a journey this year. So if she wants to do a journey next year on top of G.A.L. then she will earn her Gold Torch.
  19. I've always chosen one like B. I have a very academic focused homeschool . I don't need to be tied to someone else's schedule. That said, within our loose co-ops, I've always found people who are focused and want to do say one academic class together. So my dds have had an awesome science teacher. We answer to her schedules for that one class. The rest are more loosey goosey, so I can incorporate them into my home curriculum as much or as little as I need. This has always been my preference.
  20. We did WTM history this way all the way through. Works great.
  21. I go to our state organization's convention. Yes, times are changing. The face of homeschooling has changed from mostly conservative Christians looking for like minded people and with the newer ways people get curriculum and even the availability of online workshops and conventions people are attending less. I think it is a shame. But I also think convention committees will change with the times and find ways to make things that are relevant now available, at least some of them anyway. Some will go away. I always find ours is, even though it does contain Christianity and parenting stuff as well, very useful. I usually just choose the academic workshops and there were always plenty. I have attended the most amazing preschool workshops ala Charlotte Mason that really explore the development of young children and then explain how to complement that and why their model and curriculum supports that. As my kids over the years have each had some learning differences I started attending their special needs workshops and have learned so much about what is available for dyslexia, ADHD, and other things. I have been led to what is available in our community and different thoughts on causes, treatments, and teaching methods, Yes, they are trying to sell their materials. Sometimes I find that I do want to purchase something they have laid out. Other times I find enough info and learn enough to research further on my own on a rabbit trail from something I have heard. I have learned so much and been given so much to think about from convention workshops academically, even from our little state convention. Luckily I live close enough that I don't have travel costs in there. That could have made a difference for me as to how often I attended. But I have definitely missed the couple of years I couldn't attend. I am even sad this year because one of my kids has a pretty big event the 2nd day, so I only get to go one day. 🙂
  22. I love the Memoria Press sciences too. They're worth a look. In 6th for writing, we used Rod and Staff English which covers grammar and composition.
  23. My DD never did Apologia General Science. For 6th grade she did a general science year using a Prentice Hall public school text and lots of hands on at co-op. Then for 7th grade she jumped into Apologia Physical science, then Apologia Biology in 8th and so on. I would have skipped the textbook altogether, but she liked doing science with her co-op. I much prefer Memoria Press studies and something like Thinking Tree journals with Usborne science encyclopedia. Oh, my other DD did the new Wile chronological science series one year of middle school: Science in the Age of Reason was the one we used. I much preferred it to Apologia. You could pick one of those for a year, in your history time period.
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