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  1. I would have guessed the zoo would keep ant colonies just for their ant eaters, lol. Kids wonder about the craziest things.
  2. We use BA, the most fun looking math I have been able to find. His mind was blown with factorials and the huge number of variations of 20!. I don’t remember learning about permutations and combinations at all. I told him that the area of a tiny rectangle that just fits the bean would be close enough. Well he thought an oval would be closer, so then asked how you figure the area of an oval. I had to google that.
  3. He is 10 and I have been picking up more fun maths, I just got a few zaccaro books. I will check out family math. He likes math or he wouldn’t ask so many questions. He just doesn’t like the tedious workbooks. He asks a bunch of odd science questions too. He has lots of ideas about time travel. So many questions. I don’t know the answer, kid let’s look it up. I guess you all call these things “rabbit trails”.
  4. And you found yourself looking up online or in books to find the answer? I was asked how to find the area of a bean at lunch today. It is usually math questions. It is a good thing he does not even like math, we already talk about it all day.
  5. I read The Hobbit as a kid and loved the humor then and again when I did it as a read aloud for my 9 year old, who also loved it. I agree the hobbit movies were blah. Lord of the Rings I found to be a much more difficult read aloud. My kid wants to continue with two towers but I needed a break. So nice to know there are audible versions for when we continue 😉
  6. Not really actively teach but just ensure that what he has learned is truly comprehended with depth, if that makes sense? In a fun way that he doesn’t see as normal math work but just life and how all the math he learns is applied in life? He wants to learns something new everyday. Well, I don’t think math is a subject that can be done that way, kid. I am that insecure homeschooler who one day is amazed at his understanding and deep comprehension and thinks maybe we should move a little faster, but then the next day he says he can’t do a simple division problem. He is 10, too young f
  7. We do not like the LoF liver and mineshaft I bought as a just for fun review as a short break from BA between books. The kid does not like LoF and I completely understand. I looked at samples, I swear I did. Some chapters are better than others but overall just nope. Likely going to skip to fractions and just do the bridges, not even read the story. I looked at the final bridge and I do not think he would struggle with it. I also have LoF decimals. So knowing we hate LoF, what else could be recommended? I occasionally do some grocery store math that I made up that is practica
  8. Amazon’s reviews on the $13 kits are not stellar. Just wondering if there are any good kits that are not immensely expensive.
  9. Thank you for such a thorough review! Very helpful 😀
  10. I was just looking at the R&S reading which is separate from the well reviewed and much recommended English from R&S. I cannot seem to find many reviews on the reading. Is anyone familiar with it?
  11. I kinda started 5th in January Math- BA rest of 4 and 5, a little LoF liver and mineshaft (decimals and fractions) for review, HoE (once weekly) and R&S speed drills twice a week. LA- MCT for grammar and some writing saving essay voyage for fall. -alice, peter, and mole trilogy for literature as well as free choice otherwise -CC fable + narrative as the main writing (as well as killgallon once weekly, we are reading through the most wonderful writing lessons ever) and TC over summer. I have R&S grade 5 and 6 as well. I really love the idea of writing acro
  12. Thank you! Mindwingconcepts does look interesting and is presented in a way that it seems most kids can easily relate to the concepts. I will also look into the inspiration software. I figured I would be ridiculed for doing writing orally. He can leave out key events in oral narrations about his day or what he did while at his cousins house, but that is remedied with more precise questions. He can orally narrate WWE 4 fine, I have not tried having him write any narrations out, yet. I did scribe a couple, they were fine. We also do killgallon occassionally
  13. We had just read chapter 5 of PT the previous day. He came up with that one nice sentence all alone after I told him about the assignment. I praised that sentence he made all alone. It took him about 50 seconds of thought. So after he started with that, I expected more decent sentences to follow. I try not to be too critical, but really feel it is not lack of knowledge, scaffolding, or tools in his toolbox, but he is just not wanting to put forth much effort. We were using a writing strands based curriculum writing twice a week, but he was writing very short pieces and not expanding.
  14. I might have to add some more hard rules such as minimum number of sentences and a check for dead verbs/words. Those are great questions to have him ask himself. I had not thought of them. Thanks!
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