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  1. There are illustrations here. And yes, they are meant to be people not animals. https://nationalpost.com/entertainment/books/here-are-the-wrong-illustrations-that-got-six-dr-seuss-books-cancelled
  2. http://www.ala.org/advocacy/literacy/inclusive-booklists
  3. Yes, they decided this after having a review board look at the titles: https://www.seussville.com/statement-from-dr-seuss-enterprises/ (Bolding is mine.)
  4. Is it this one? https://www.amazon.com/Runaway-Nickel-Frances-Salomon-Murphy/dp/B000RHLHQC If not, maybe this will help: https://www.nypl.org/blog/2017/11/22/finding-book-forgotten-title?page=3
  5. I can only vouch for this particular site. As of 2 weeks ago, this is what they wrote: (Bolding is theirs.) Based on that, if I had a preference, I'd wait to see my doctor's office or talk to a pharmacy.
  6. In a press release from a county supersite by me, it stated that you are not given a choice (at least at that time, which about 2-3 weeks ago). I believe you are told after receiving it so that you are scheduled for the next in the series from that brand. They were using both Moderna and Pfizer and were eagerly looking to add the J&J vaccine.
  7. I never stopped coming into work. We were closed to the public for a good six months but that ended in October. I've been working with the public for about 6 months now. My work is good about masking, hand sanitizing/ washing, social distancing. We have not had any cases of transmission among our employees happening at our location during the entire pandemic. Shopping routines haven't changed much. I did try to pull back when numbers where on the rise here and opted for early mornings/ after work at night when I could. I sometimes opt for curbside pickups, but that's more to save time on
  8. Ah yes, the cocaine hippos... https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/18/americas/colombia-pablo-escobar-hippos-scli-intl-scn/index.html
  9. I've heard good and bad experiences with them. I liked the concept but the cost and unusable items received by those I spoke with (a couple of people mentioned beyond over ripe and near-expiring fruits and veggies) outweighed my initial interest.
  10. Thank you for mentioning the toilet bowl cleaner. I've been having issues finding that!
  11. I don't utilize my IP much as is, so that's not quite the concern for me. I could see using the air fryer but still using my regular stove for the same meal. If I was using my IP and wished to air fry for the same meal, I totally see how that's a problem.
  12. Slight digression... which one do you like better? I have an IP only because my brother gave it to me for Christmas last year. I haven't used it much, but I do like it when I use it.I have looked at the air fryer attachment but wasn't sure if I'd like to try that or just purchase a stand alone machine.
  13. Today I learned that I clearly live in the wrong state... 🍹
  14. I've noticed an improvement in my eczema patches since using CeraVe moisturizing cream after my showers. I carry a tube of Gold Bond healing with aloe in my purse and at my work desk. The two seem to help and I don't find the scents overwhelming.
  15. Here just in time for the Little House on the Prarie reboot: https://ew.com/tv/little-house-on-the-prairie-reboot-paramount-exclusive/ 😆
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