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  1. Well that explains why I couldn't find Amazon Basic phone charging cords when I needed new ones about 2 weeks ago...
  2. #teamcupola based on some of the background and pictures from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cupola. Belfries seem taller.
  3. @math teacher Tangential... How the Chat board displayed to me... I think it answers your question. 🤣
  4. No. I have an older relative (early 70s) who simply had a sore arm. My coworkers had reactions 24-48 hours after and they were headaches, fatigue, and achy joints.
  5. I answered for a relative who had it. Their reaction lasted about 4 days and they returned to work on day 5.
  6. I did mine at a mass site. Once both shots were done, I emailed my PCP a copy of my card and it was added to my medical record. My teens had their done with our health provider, so it was automatically to their records.
  7. Yup. Personally, not a big deal to me because I don't like boba pearls in my tea. It just struck me as an odd thing to be running short of, but made sense logistically given the past year's supply issues. Here's an NPR article: https://www.npr.org/2021/04/24/990353928/boba-shortage-could-stretch-into-summer-leave-businesses-in-a-bind
  8. Bicycles. Still. Bought one as a gift for ds last month. It was 1 of 2 in that price range and style. Shopkeeper said his next ones wouldn't be available until late summer or fall. I read in the news today that lumber supplies are dwindling, which doesn't surprise me since construction costs have gone up around here. Also, not too long ago I read that the tapioca starch used to make the balls in boba teas would soon not be available for purchase and that coffee/ tea shop merchants would soon be out.
  9. 16 and 17 year old here. Both have only had their first shot. Only thing reported to me was a sore arm the day after and fine since. We'll be 2 weeks post shot #1 on Saturday.
  10. My 2 teens got their first Pfizer doses about 2 hours ago. 🤞🏽Finger crossed for mild to no reactions.
  11. Your reaction sounds like my brother's 2nd Moderna shot. His doctor suggested 600 mg of Tylenol and warm compresses on the injection site. He ran a fever of 102.5 on and off for about 3 days. He also broke out in what looked like a red, streaky rash but said it didn't itch. It took about 4-5 days for my brother to feel better. I hope your symptoms pass quickly!
  12. Anyone get bruised from their shot? A coworker received her 2nd Moderna shot last Thursday and returned to work yesterday. The bruise is about the size of a quarter.
  13. 2 days post Moderna, shot #2 for my relative. Fever broke in the night but they woke with their body feeling sore and said their injection site is now swollen, warm, and itchy. They also felt stiff. No rash. They had a phone appointment with their PCP and were directed to phone daily for a check-in, to use hot compresses on the arm, and to take 600mg of ibuprofen.
  14. Two relatives of mine got their 2nd Moderna shots in the last week. One only had fatigue -- funny (ironic) to me because I would have expected this relative to have more post-vaccine reactions because they are generally pretty sensitive to medications. The other one got their shot midday yesterday and by the evening had chills, muscle aches, and "the worst headache I've ever had." Today, that relative says they feel like they've been hit by a truck and still have a low grade fever (99.7 -- it went up to 102.5 last night). It's been so interesting to see our different reactions...
  15. Quoting myself- now at 28.5 hours and feeling fine. Fever and headache gone. Fatigue has lessened. Feeling certain that after a good night’s sleep I’ll be fine tomorrow.
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