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  1. Regarding the bolded, I haven't see that kind of soap since elementary/ middle school days...
  2. Put their cellphones on speaker for a conversation in public indoor spaces like a library? And the ones who do always seem to have the volume turned up loudly. Honestly, the rest of us do not need to know or care about your financial or medical business... (It should go without saying that my comment does not include with hearing issues.)
  3. Representing LA SoCal here. Your description is how I feel about Thirfty's ice cream. As a kid, a scoop was $0.25 and they were cylindrical due to their unique scoopers. Because it was cheaper than Baskin Robbins, I was more likely to get one. Plus, I found their mint chocolate chip to be far superior to Baskin Robbins. Same artificial green dye, though. 😂 All the same, if they still existed (Today's version from Rite Aid is ok), that is how I imagine it would be. Carvel was awesome, too. Today's freezer case items are good, but not like what I remember from the stores.
  4. I vote plane, unless your ds likes seeing lots of scenery. Google tells me that's a 16 hour train trip vs about 4 hour plane ride.
  5. This. In theaters that I've been to with assigned seating, it applies to the whole theater. It's stupid that they have a system where in one theater some can choose seats ahead of time and others can randomly choose where to sit.
  6. My inner medieval studies major heart is dying. I had always wanted to see it.
  7. Doesn't add to the thread, I just thought it was an interesting tangent as I've never really thought about pay periods and different industries.:
  8. David Tennant Does a Podcast With... The first episode was with Olivia Coleman. FYI: there is free use of f bombs and other adult language.
  9. Eat My Globe- by Simon Munjumbar (sp?) loved the podcasts about what they are on the Titanic LeVar Burton Reads- shirt stories, usually with Sci-fi bent I recently added one called Mythology, but I haven’t had a chance to listen to it. Also Top Chef/Food Network’s Richard Blaise has one called Starving for Attention. I like food stuff 😄
  10. I took these to my work today because we have some vegan staff members: But the back of the Pepperidge Farm's box had this recipe:
  11. I did these for my work potluck today, minus the noodles:
  12. I have a 13 yo son with long, very thick hair and he could use some help with properly shampooing his scalp. Anyone here have experience using a manual hair scalp massager like this?
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