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  1. Had my first one this year and it was quick and no biggie. Just a couple of seconds of being squished like others said.
  2. I hope he gets better quickly. Hugs for you.
  3. UmMusa


    What a shock this is for you. Take care in the next several weeks. I experienced a similar loss at 21 weeks of pregnancy and remember that heartache. (not that that is supposed to make you feel any better, but just to know that I understand your pain)
  4. I've been enjoying a one-pot chicken and rice dish. I use the instant pot, but you can tweak it to stovetop. Saute onion, carrot, green pepper (all cut up chunky, not small) Add any boneless chicken you have ( I like to use boneless thighs) Sear the chicken either separately or in the same pot (remove veggies for this step then add back in to the pot) Season with salt, pepper, some garlic powder, oregano... or any all purpose seasoning. Add 2 cups white rice, 3 cups water or broth. Cover and cook for 20 minutes if stovetop or 10 minutes in the IP in order to get chicken cooked through. Good Luck
  5. Oh my goodness!! Take it slow. Wishing you a full recovery.
  6. I've frozen unfrosted cakes successfully many times, but I hesitate to give you a confident yes on a cake that's likely already frosted. Ask the bakery.
  7. Have you watched Jim Gaffigan’s comedy? He makes us laugh so hard!
  8. For me, when I feel overwhelmed, I literally drop a few activities and baby myself. This means I don't have to think about going anywhere or being with people or doing homeschool. Stay in pajamas, sleep more than you think you need. Eat easy foods, and not too much junk because that will make you feel icky. Literally act like a kid who is home on a sick day and is not really sick with the flu, but needs to stay home to rest. That's what helps me get off my crazy hamster wheel. Sounds like you have a lot of hobbies and activities which at this point don't seem to sound good to you as a 'stress reliever', so just drop everything and sleep, eat, repeat. This too shall pass.
  9. Our city requires trash be collected in bags, so at this point I'm thinking of ways to reduce that trash, or maybe to use a trash bag that is not new plastic. Since I already throw away certain plastic bags (like bread bags), maybe I will put garbage in those little bags and throw them in the big bin. (I just read last night that those bread bags can be recycled, so there goes that idea).
  10. I'm thinking of the soup, broth, chili, homemade beans, spaghetti sauce. Things I like to freeze flat in a ziploc bag! If the jars work, it would take up tons of space.
  11. Oooh Yes, I use the cloth napkins, but most of the rest of my family won't! I keep paper napkins for when we have company over. I'll try the canning jars again and check into their manufacturing recommendations to see if they're freezer safe. I do use glass jars for storage, so that's helpful.
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