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  1. Martin Cothran is awesome, but Les Mis vs. Shrek is not his best talk. I heard him speak at Cincy. Loved him in the panel led session.

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    Complete set in like new condition $50 ppd.


  3. Thanks! My two youngest will be 6th ad 9th this fall. They both want to do biology, but this is something I would seriously consider (along with a good text) for both grades if our fall looks to be as busy as I think it will be.
  4. What grade level is this environmental science? Tell me more, please! (I am clearly not doing the "no buy" thing lol!)
  5. My two year old 8.9" kindle fire is inferior to the newer lighter tablets. I'm not sure about the newer kindles. They are supposed to be a lot better. I went with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7"). I think it's a nice tablet, but I can't seem to get it from my 10 year old for very long. He has spent HOURS doing duolingo and playing chess online with it. Thinking of getting another or maybe a 10" one (for him): http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-10-1-Inch-Black/dp/B00JKCH4X0/ref=cm_rdp_product
  6. My plan for the next year (and beyond) is to not bring in more than I send OUT. Ideally I'd like to purge 2+ items for every new item.
  7. I did get the tests. I am using them, for sure. Not sure exactly how they well get used, or if I'll use every single one, but they will get used.
  8. :iagree: Sensory issues are not fun. I can't stand the sound of eating certain crunchy things. If my husband gets a bowl of cereal and sits beside me, I will suddenly abandon my breakfast, and go hop into the shower. It keeps me from stabbing him with an eggy fork. :willy_nilly:

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    Like new condition, paypal preferred $35 ppd. Pics at the links below: https://secure.flickr.com/photos/76295197@N00/14119088562/ https://secure.flickr.com/photos/76295197@N00/13935459319/in/photostream/


  10. :iagree: I check for keys, phone, kids, purse, debit card! lol!
  11. Always? Know yourself. If I did not always put my keys in the same place, without exception EVER, I would lose them. Make this a rule for anything important. You might be surprised how few things there really are that you CANNOT lose. Sure, it's irritating to misplace a book, but it's not life-altering. The checkbook? That's a problem. My house has clutter. None of that clutter contains anything that could be important (bills, keys, phones, credit cards, money...). Those things all have a place.
  12. That was the first book I thought of when I saw the title of this thread! lol!
  13. As a teen if I had worn that dress? There's no way I could have done anything but stand there without flashing someone my underpants. It would have been inappropriate on me at any event for that reason--no matter what the dress code said. I'm 5'6" and have long enough arms. I just have a long torso. I have never been able to wear fingertip length dresses at *any* weight, and never needed anyone to tell me that. I just don't go there--and I am NOT a conservative type. I just think it's common sense to keep underwear... you know... UNDER something. ETA: I have a teen dd. If she wanted
  14. Yeah. Every year or so, I consider going back to it and every year I talk myself out of it. I just bought it to give it a good looking over. We have other subjects. I think Saxon will simplify my life.
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