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  1. We are using CLE Algebra 1 and I am super happy with it. We did both 700 and 800 before moving to it and it went very well. I have no regrets thus far. I have no idea what we are going to do when we finish Algebra I. I'm trying not to think about it.
  2. Thank you for the varied suggestions! It is very helpful to me to have some new ideas.
  3. My 2nd grader is nearing the end of Writing with Ease 1, but still cannot answer the questions at the end of the passage. Even if I read the passage numerous times, she really has no idea. When I read aloud any books, unless there are pictures or diagrams, she has very little comprehension. On the other hand, if she reads a book herself, she can give a very good retelling. I am quite frustrated with her lack of auditory comprehension, and I'm not sure what else to do. We work on narration all the time, but she just cannot do it unless she has read it herself (and it is on her reading lev
  4. My son did book 6 mostly independently; then we got to book A! Ai Yi Yi! It was a huge jump in difficulty. I'm actually giving it up for now. We are going to focus on the vocabulary we learn in Latin instead.
  5. These threads are always helpful to me! Language Arts: MOSDOS literature, Practical Spelling, Easy Grammar Plus (break from Rod and staff/CLE), Essentials in Writing 7 Latin: Finish Lively Latin Big Book 2 CLE Algebra 1 Logic: The Thinking Toolbox and How to Read a Book Science: Tiner's Exploring Planet Earth and Tiner's Exploring the World of Chemistry Nature/Science books: Eric Sloan's Weather Book, Phineas Gage: A Gruesome Story about Brain Science, Rocks, Rivers and the Changing Earth History: Notgrass From Adam to Us World History, including literature Ge
  6. We did the pet store one a couple of years ago. We did it during the summer so it did not replace our regular math. It was quite fun. I believe my boys were a bit younger than 5th grade when they did it.

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    Sold! Houghton Mifflin's Pre-Algebra: An Accelerated Course by Mary P. Dolciani This one is copyrighted 1988. This was a school textbook and has the stamp inside. The corners are banged up, but the binding is really good. The pages are clean and in very good shape. $30 paypal (shipping included in USA)


  8. When I look at my list it seems so overwhelming to me. But when I look at your lists they seem very substantial also! Welcome to middle school, I guess.
  9. Thanks. I took a look and she hasn't posted since 2016, but it was a good idea! That's good to know! Thank you. Maybe I need to be more patient. I actually will do this. Thank you, Friend.
  10. We are unable to find some video lessons online for Big Book 2 of Lively Latin. They appear to be completely missing We are at a complete standstill in Latin because I don't know Latin to teach it myself. I've tried two different email addresses to reach Lively Latin but I have received no response. Does anyone have a way to reach them by phone?

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    Math Card Games: 300 Games for Learning and Enjoying Math by Joan A. Cotter. 4th Edition. Fantastic condition. $10 ppd in USA



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    Rod and Staff Grade 1 Beginning Arithmetic Loose Leaf Math Blacklines and Answer Key. $14 PPD in USA Horizons Math grade 1 Teacher Manual. Back corner is a little bent, but other than that it is in wonderful shape. $22 PPD in USA Horizons Math grade 1 Book 2 Student. Unused like new. $14 PPD in USA Smoke-free home. Paypal preferred


  13. Lesson Thirteen Lesson 13.1: Watch online video and complete Lesson 13.1 on page 521. Complete Exercise 10.1 on page 522. Complete Exercise 13.2 on page 523 and Exercise 13.3 on page 524. Listen to Vocabulary V. Complete Word Power Exercise V.1 on page 525 and Word Power Exercise V.2 on page 526. HISTORY: Read and complete “Trajan†pages 527-530. Optional activity to “make Trajan's Column†is on pages 531-532. Lesson 13.2: Watch online video and complete Lesson 13.2 on pages 533-534. Complete Exercise 13.5 on page 535 and Exercise 13.6 on pages 536. HISTORY: Read â
  14. Lesson Nine Lesson 9.1: Watch online video and complete Lesson 9.1 on page 331 and Exercise 9.1 on page 332. Complete Exercise 9.2 on page 333 and Exercise 9.3 on page 334. Listen to Vocabulary R. Complete Word Power Exercise R.1 on pages 335k-336. HISTORY: Read “The Nobles Plot Against Caesar†on pages 337-338. Complete pages 339-340. Lesson 9.2: Watch online video and complete Lesson 9.2 on page 341 and Exercise 9.4 on page 342 Complete Exercise 9.5 on page 343 and Exercise 9.6 on page 344. Listen to Vocabulary R. Complete Word Power Exercise R.2 on page 345 and Wor
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