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  1. insertcreativenamehere, funny that you wrote that as I was writing the response above. Do you know if Linney plans on writing higher levels? Or is it always just going to be the standalone book? I found it frustrating when we were done with GSWL to try and find a curriculum that would pick up where that left off. He ended up having to review a lot because every book teaches in slightly different order.
  2. I should also mention I'm looking for a series that he can stick with to master Spanish through his high school years. I know William Linney also wrote "Getting Started with Spanish," but I'm concerned that it's only one book. Then we'd have to find a good book to transition to when we're done with the first one. I'd prefer to stick with one series.
  3. My 7th grade boy has been doing Latin for 3 years (GSWL for 1st year, then we split up Big Book 1 over the last two years), but he's pushing to start learning Spanish instead of continuing on with Big Book 2. Any recommendations?? GSWL was a great format for him. He picked it up really quickly. If there's anything similar for Spanish, I'd love to know! Thanks!
  4. So I just noticed that my son, who uses this post every day for the Latin schedule, has been posting emoticons several times on this thread. I'm sorry...you all must have thought I was crazy! I've changed them to periods because it won't let me delete them (or else I don't know how). Please excuse his interruption.
  5. I would definitely love your schedule when you get it done! Thank you so much!!
  6. lorisuewho, this schedule has been so wonderful! I've been referencing it every day. Thank you again so much!
  7. I would love to see your schedule, lorisuewho! My son will be a 5th grader this year (10) and we've already done Getting Started with Latin so I know that some of the first book will be review so that might help us to move through it a bit faster. We do a 4 day school week so we would probably just skip the day of review that you did on day 5. I'm trying to be careful not to overwhelm him with too much. Thanks for all of your help!
  8. Just wondering if anyone can give me some tips on how you scheduled Lively Latin Big Book 1. Did you stretch it over two years? Would it be too light/pace too slow if I did? Thanks for your help!

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    I have the Paragraph Town, Practice Town, and Grammar Town student books in excellent condition. Practice Town is missing pages 2 & 3 (doesn't affect the learning process...just continue with page 4) but otherwise, everything is intact. No writing, tearing, binding issues, etc. Contact me with any questions! I accept PayPal.



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    Looking for Sonlight Science C activity sheets and supply kit. Willing to buy separately from each other, of course. Activity sheets must be unused. Let me know if you are selling either one of these! Thanks.


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