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  1. insertcreativenamehere, funny that you wrote that as I was writing the response above. Do you know if Linney plans on writing higher levels? Or is it always just going to be the standalone book? I found it frustrating when we were done with GSWL to try and find a curriculum that would pick up where that left off. He ended up having to review a lot because every book teaches in slightly different order.
  2. I should also mention I'm looking for a series that he can stick with to master Spanish through his high school years. I know William Linney also wrote "Getting Started with Spanish," but I'm concerned that it's only one book. Then we'd have to find a good book to transition to when we're done with the first one. I'd prefer to stick with one series.
  3. My 7th grade boy has been doing Latin for 3 years (GSWL for 1st year, then we split up Big Book 1 over the last two years), but he's pushing to start learning Spanish instead of continuing on with Big Book 2. Any recommendations?? GSWL was a great format for him. He picked it up really quickly. If there's anything similar for Spanish, I'd love to know! Thanks!
  4. So I just noticed that my son, who uses this post every day for the Latin schedule, has been posting emoticons several times on this thread. I'm all must have thought I was crazy! I've changed them to periods because it won't let me delete them (or else I don't know how). Please excuse his interruption.
  5. Thank you so much! And is it true that they are about a grade level behind? I.e. My third grader should do the 4th grade book this year?
  6. Perfect. So you use the consumable worksheets in the teacher's edition? Could the rest of the teacher's edition be re-used for another child in the future? And then I would just need to buy the student workbook?
  7. Thank you. I'm looking at the daily geography books and they do have a teacher's edition. So I'm confused as I've never used them before. Maybe there's more than one kind? I'm looking at 4th and 6th grades..
  8. I realize this is an old post, but do you feel that you need the teacher's edition to go with the books or are they quite self-explanatory and easy to correct? Thanks!
  9. I would definitely love your schedule when you get it done! Thank you so much!!
  10. My son has finished both the Island and Town MCT series. Now I'm looking at purchasing the Voyage series. I noticed on the MCT website that the new edition just came out last year. Usually I try to purchase used since the MCT curriculum is so pricey. I emailed them to find out what changes were made between the 2007 and 2016 editions and this was their reply: Everything was updated.We changed so many things and cleaned up so many errors that we simply destroyed and recycled the old edition. We do not recommend their use. Are any of you familiar with the new and old editions? Is this really true or just trying to get me to buy new? Did any of you notice serious errors in the 2007 edition? I'm really curious about this now. Thanks for your help!
  11. lorisuewho, this schedule has been so wonderful! I've been referencing it every day. Thank you again so much!
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