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  1. Yes - I use an App called The Bible in One Year, which I find really helpful. I'm not really recovered, if I'm honest. Thank you for asking. I have sarcoidosis, which has been pulmonary and musculoskeletal. Just recently, I started having some symptoms of neurosarcoidosis, which is worrying because the prognosis isn't good. Plus, with the current situation with Covid-19, it's harder than ever to get suitable treatment unless you are at death's door. The most troublesome thing right now is daily, frequent nosebleeds which happen randomly, and with no warning. I had 5 yesterday and ended up
  2. Been MIA.. I've been ill. Long story, but basically a combo of physical health problems and then extended family issues. I took a few days off my tutoring, and I'm glad I did. So today's list: Tutoring: a profoundly dyslexic 9yo; a 1hr science session for 10-13yos; and a 1hr English session for 13-15yos Friday's workout with my online group Listening to my bible readings whilst sewing A short walk with DD12 Resting/relaxing in the evening That last one is really important and a new thing for me. I am putting rest and relaxation on my list, because I need
  3. I meant to log in and post here this morning, and ended up having to get my a** in gear quick because I had an English student waiting for me! However, I'm feeling quite achieved today. I managed to do the following: A little Bible study Teach two students - one of them new, who has crippling anxiety, but she did really well My online workout Check and correct DS14 and DD12's schoolwork A little of my cross stitch Order Thai takeaway (in lieu of cooking, haha) I'd like to say that I managed to mark the English homework for my Friday group, but I did
  4. I wouldn't dare! I have very fast growing, thick hair which is best thinned out by an actual hairdresser. Obviously that isn't happening right now, and my hair is a mess. Good thing I'm not going anywhere! I've cut everyone else's hair in the family, and recently DH offered to do mine. But he's got MS, bless him, and his fine motor control isn't what it was.. so I have declined 😉
  5. New week - pick myself up and try again! I've had quite a few setbacks lately, and last Friday I pulled my back. It's still not happy, but it's not as bad as it was. Three English students today - a profoundly dyslexic 9yo, a 12yo on the autistic spectrum, and a 13yo who had a rather disastrous time at school and who hasn't really done any English for quite some time. But then, neither had the 12yo before doing sessions with me and she seems to be doing alright now! I'll need to check DS14 and DD12's work at some point Repot the sunflowers because they're getting a bit leggy
  6. It's a Bank Holiday here in the UK, which is sort of equivalent to a North American Labor Day. I gave the kids the day off schoolwork and went out to potter in the garden. Feeling quite achieved.. I managed to give the trees along the side of the driveway a trim, so that we will no longer get out of our cars into holly branches and wild rose claws; Planted up a hanging basket with sweet pea seeds, fingers crossed they will germinate okay; Helped DD20 plant up another couple of hanging baskets with flowers that she had chosen from the garden centre last week; Watered all of
  7. You have way more self-control than me! Snakes - any kind - give me extreme heebie jeebies.
  8. Well - the last couple days have been a washout. Not in terms of weather - it's actually been really nice, for the UK! Back in February, I got Covid-19, and I've literally not gotten back on my feet since. I keep picking myself up and making another attempt at getting life together again, only to fall a few days later, back into what I can only describe as a slump of absolute exhaustion. I haven't been this wiped since I had my first bout of sarcoidosis, 12 years ago. Covid has really played havoc with my health. I would really appreciate some prayer, or positive thoughts.. whatever
  9. Missed church altogether this morning, because I had a rotten night. Didn't get to sleep until 4:30am 😭 So.. it's been a very quiet day. I made no plans. I've been sitting in my caravan most of the time, sewing, listening to music (just discovered VOCES8), and having video chats with my MIL and kids. Also played a game of online Scrabble with my aunt on Word Chums, and got DH to move the seedlings onto the windowshelf so that they get more sun.
  10. It feels like it's been a busy day today, and I'm tired. Listened to my bible readings this morning and did some more on my cross stitch Chivvied the kids to do their weekend chores Made curry (this takes a long time, but I had bits of time in between chopping, stirring, and adding spices; mostly spent chatting with my SIL in Canada) Quiz night with church on Zoom: this is usually great fun, but the husband got all serious about it and ended up being rude to all of us, so I am still feeling a little salty about that Zoom chat with my oldest, who I haven't seen in
  11. Morning, lovely people 😊 I'm beginning to sleep better now, so feeling more human and getting up earlier. Hurrah. My list for today - Have a cuppa with DH and do our bible reading together Order seedling trays online Errands: pick up some tomato and pepper plants from a friend (social distancing compliant! She's going to leave them in her garden for me); pick up some more biodegradable seedling pots from the farm shop; pick up said seedling trays from the local DIY store Check DS14 and DD12's work and go through any mistakes with them Get out for a WALK
  12. Again.. no list today. I'm still getting back on my feet. Co-op is now online, on Zoom, and on Fridays; so I was teaching an English session today for 13-15yos, and then Science for 10-13yos Bit of self-care.. hairwash and shower A game of Psych with a few friends online.. Tomorrow is a new day. Hope y'all are doing alright. x
  13. So... my week fell apart early on, and it's taken me a few days to put things back together again. All because of the moon. 🌝 This is totally a thing - being affected by the moon. I get insomnia really badly sometimes, and I have discovered that it's almost always tied to the phases of the moon. I'll be ticking along in life, and seem to slide into a patch of sleeping really badly, and everything goes to pot. I suddenly think.. hang on, is it a full moon or something? and lo and behold, it is. This week we've had a supermoon (I think?) and that seems to have made it worse. I can feel it r
  14. Tell me about it! I had one yesterday. No shame, people, no shame.
  15. I had a better night's sleep last night, and consequently woke up feeling more the thing. We're doing a scaled down version of Co-op on Zoom now, and Friday is Co-op day. I had two classes to teach - IGCSE English prep (IGCSE is the exam British kids take when they are around 16) and Science for 10-13yos. They're a really nice bunch of kids, who make it easy for me to teach. And the prep doesn't take too long for it either any more - I'm getting into the swing of it. The slight hiccup today was DS14 and DD12 were being a bit scratchy towards each other in my English group. Not to mention
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