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    Pianimals books A,B,C, and D plus unused sticker packet. Excellent condition. $30 shipped MUS Primer Teacher book and DVD. Excellent condition $20 shipped 123Magic, set of 2 books (one for parents and one for children) $15 shipped BYFIAR vol 1. Spiral bound, light tea stain on page 25 that does not affect reading or use. $15 shipped :) I can accept Paypal :)



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    In excellent condition, although the book is a bit older. Spiral bound. One page, 25, appears to have a tea stain on the lower right corner of the page. Doesn't affect reading of usage at all. $15 includes shipping. I take PayPal or Amazon payments :)



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    Pianimals books A, B, C, and D (all spiral bound, all excellent condition). Also comes with stocker packet 1, for books A-D none have been used. $25 includes shipping. I take PayPal or Amazon payments :)


  4. Unfortunately a divorce, with kids involved, won't be fair to anyone. Not the parents, not the kids. You want a fair divorce, don't have kids. Not that you should stay married just because divorce is is simply a bad situation at that point. Hopefully, divorce becomes the lesser of two evils. Op, you could've written about my dad. My mom has her own issues, and I can see why he couldn't get along with her, but his sense of their history warped at some point. She was also "unhappy with everything he did". Well, he job hopped all the time (so no steady ins for me until she put me in babysitting and went back to work to get it herself), he gave her a diamond necklace in lieu of an engagement ring.....she later found out he'd had the diamond taken off his ex wife's ring and set on a necklace to save money, I'm just SHOCKED that she threw that thing in a box and never wore it :p That isn't to say that my mom didn't end up with a memory of how things happen that she had skewed in her favor, but it was a bit less fantasy based as his was. She spends more time blaming him for being "less than" what she deserved and, thereby, ruining her life. Honestly, and Bethany likely wont appreciate this, the best thing that happened to me was my dad being told to walk in the divorce. I only had to see him 4 hours a month. This allowed me to grow up in just the one whacked out home, rather than split my time between two parents who were bitter and unhappy. My mom was the "better" choice, even if she has issues. I totally get it when one parent stays so the kids won't have to go to visitation with the other parent.
  5. Thinking of Kay this morning

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