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  1. It might not be 50/50 chances, but it does happen. My uncle moved from TN to Kansas to teach at a university. He grew up in Tn in the 60s/70s and was taught to say ma'am, hold the door for women, etc... He was walking his (all female) students to another classroom, held the door, and said "Ladies, after you" whereupon he promptly got his behind handed to him. He was told he was being sexist, a womanizer, that he was "making a point that they are female". Now this was all by the students, not by a supervisor. Anyway, later, at home, he commented that he could think of a far more colorful term to use if they didn't want to be called ladies. I'd say, in his situation, he was darned no matter what he did. Eta: my point is that, while I don't think the majority of folks do it, there are people who are just bristling to say they are discriminated against. It is never that they weren't suited for the job, or someone else was better suited..,,for the, it's ALWAYS that they are a woman, or black, or whatever. They look for anything they can turn into being a way of putting them down, even someone trying to be polite. Those are the people that leave a bad taste in someone's mouth, and turn people off to whatever movement they claim to be a part of.
  2. I got the bobby pins to work pretty well by turning them over, as Ms Mungo suggested. It could be the thickness of each section so I will look for hairpins this week. I've seen spin pins. They are too large for this particular style. If it were a regular bun, maybe.
  3. I like the Daisy Sunshine and I love Coach! I tried Coach Love today, and it's great. I got a sample in the mail of Eternity Summer and liked it. It was a very light floral. I honestly thought it would be strong like the old Eternity, but it doesn't appear to be.
  4. Thanks these are all helpful replies :) One group I'm looking at is for teens. I'd like to join it for my rising high schooler, he gets lost in the shuffle and they do community projects which I think is nice. . One is specifically for 5th grade and under which would be nice for my younger kid who gets lumped in with his sister because they are so close in age. Both allow older or younger sibs to come with and let them free play with each other. One focuses mainly on sports and has teams that plays area schools and two of mine love sports. Another holds once weekly game nights, and that's all it does, so that dads can attend. Things like that. Together, they offer what I'd really like to see in one coop/group, but I can't find it in one group. Two offered field trip/play date type things but one is mainly indoor things and the other is true park days. It's hard to find one group that does it all (though it would be nice). Since none of them require a minimum amount of attendance (and some I looked at did) and none have fees over $25 a year, I guess I could try them all and even do them all, to some extent, if we like them.
  5. Thanks Ms. Mungo. I am not using them right. I'll try that way :p Me, too, WendyK. I have very fine individual hairs, but a bunch of 'em. I never think of my hair as thick, because it is so fine, until I get to the salon and my stylist says "Gah. You have so MUCH hair!"
  6. I'm trying out a new hairstyle. We have to attend a wedding and I thought I'd do a messy bun. Weeelllll... I forgot that my hair apparently repels bobby pins. I put them in, they immediately start backing out. Even making an X with two pins, they both start to back out. What am I doing wrong?
  7. I see people refer to their "group" and I get the sense that they just belong to the one. I've found about five groups and they each offer something slightly different. None demand weekly meetings, all dues are either cheap or non existent, several were for ages that all my kids could attend but two were geared to only ages appropriate for one or another of my kids (with siblings welcome to come along and play with other sibs). I'm just curious to see if most people have just one group they do everything with or if they cherry pick from various groups. I won't be doing all five, I don't think.
  8. Wait....you're telling me you people got commemorative gifts for prom? I'm pretty sure we didn't. We did have a winter formal and the theme was always made into a t shirt that we could BUY. Oh, and I don't feel one way or the other about giving wine/beer/shot glasses to juniors and seniors in high school. I wouldn't have drunk alcohol in high school just because I got a cup and there were plenty of us that drank a lot without ever getting a cup. I don't know that it sends a mixed signal. I've drunk wine in front of my kids. Or beer. I expect them not to drink until they are legal to do so. I also never drive after drinking, if I have a glass of wine then I'm in for the night. I'm by no means a teetotaler.
  9. I enjoyed the LOTR movies. I thought they were adequately fast paced and suspenseful. I wanted to shoot myself during The Hobbit, and for the same reason I finally gave up on the book. It was such an agonizingly slooooooow start. My mother informed me there was action after I gave up and went to bed. I think I'd watched an hour of it and had basically seen the 90000 dwarves introduced.
  10. I usually stay up far too late to get in my quiet time. I'm trying to rearrange it so I get up early and get it in before kids awake, it's just as nice and my frame of mind is better when I do. I'm a night owl by nature, though, so I find it really easy to slip back into staying up too late.
  11. It went from 80 yesterday to 50 today. I'm sorry, a 30 degree difference in temperature in a 24 hour time period is nuts. I actually felt ill all day and I'm pretty sure it was the weather.
  12. THIS is what was creepy about the Father's rights movement, I think. They didn't CARE if my husband had done more than the mother, or if we were a better couple to raise this child....my husband was a FATHER and he had RIGHTS to his child and the ex needed to get out of the way. Period. He has been a better and more involved parent than his ex, he isn't more involved (with our 3) than me. I have the feeling they would have felt that he had the same RIGHTS to our kids as he did to the one being neglected. It wasn't about a child having a father, it was about making sure the mother's weren't getting "more" rights and that men were getting "fair" time in exchange for the child support they paid. That makes me see red. No parent should be looking at what is most fair to them, before looking at what is fair to the kids. And I don't give a **** how much you pay in cs. I know way too many dads who have a fit if they are asked to give up *their* weekend or rearrange visitation, but then they leave the kid with grandparents or the new wife/girlfriend so they can go out and do whatever. It is about physically having the kids x amount of time, not actually spending the time with them. The same can be said for joint legal custody. They want the opportunity to be oppositional to the ex at every turn, if you ask what their kids do in school or what health issues they have they couldn't begin to tell you..,,but, by gosh, they better get a say in everything. *note that I don't think ALL men are like this. I've seen some stellar dads as well, I've seen some that far outdo the mothers. I just know a lot of men who can't tell you their kid's middle name, but they expect their sick kid to leave the mom who takes care of them and lay on their girlfriend's couch because it is, after all, DAD'S weekend.
  13. Ours didn't ban it school wide, but some teachers did. As part of my job as an aid, I would sometimes have to sit with a class while the teacher went to a meeting or had an appt. once or twice, I had to take a class to lunch. I remember dismissing a class by rows and telling them "Go to the restroom, wash your hands, and then come back to your seat". A little girl piped up and said "Ms So n So doesn't let us wash our hands (toilets were in the bathroom in the hall, but each classroom had its own sink to use). We have to use the GermX." Uh no. I replied "Well today you'll all wash your hands." Gross!!!!
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