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  1. Thank you for posting the link to this thread! It was very helpful! And I’m so thrilled you responded. My son used “Treasured Conversations” a couple of years ago and it was our favorite writing curriculum to date!
  2. Thank you all so much for all of your thoughtful responses! I’m feeling much more confident in our decision to redshirt our 11 yr old. And since my youngest’s bday is late July (she will be turning 6 years old next week), we will redshirt her, too! And just as mentioned earlier, if they are ready to graduate earlier and/or decide to do a gap year, we can address it when the time comes.
  3. I often see many gifted homeschoolers graduating early. But, I’m wondering if any of you have done the opposite with your children? I have an accelerated learner who is 11 years old and has an August bday. He is at a higher grade level in most subjects even though we just finished up “6th grade”. I’ve considered reclassifying him as a 6th grader this coming school year. I honestly cringe at the thought of him going to college at 17 years or younger. The social stressors at a university are so very much for a young teenager. Not to mention after graduation with their degree(s), the
  4. I'm about to purchase AOPS pre-algebra for my son and was hoping to get recommendations for either the printed or online version. When I viewed a sample of the online version, there was an arrow that said "jump to solution" on every single problem. Is that how it is on the actual online version?
  5. I'm looking for an app for my home library. After I enter all of the books, I'd love to be able to sort them by genres. Do you have an app that you use for your home library? What features do you like?
  6. I've heard great things about Kiss Grammar, and I love the fact that it uses high quality literature. I've been exploring the website for about an hour yesterday and another hour today. This is the link that I think I am supposed to use for a rising 6th grader. It seems like you could read a portion of it online, but what should be printed? https://www.kissgrammar.org/kiss/wb/LPlans/G06_WB_Start.htm#L1 Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Thank you all for your suggestions! I think we are going to jump into AOPS pre algebra and see how that goes. We are also looking into joining a math club, such as MathCounts.
  8. I am considering teaching a public speaking class to middle schoolers in our co-op this year. My son took a speech class a couple of years ago, and the teacher did a great job including games. I remember a few of them, but was hoping you all may know of more resources/games that I could use. Thank you!
  9. Moms of accelerated learners: I need to change up some things for my almost 11 year old son this year. I don't think he is being challenged enough and is getting bored, especially with math. I've kept him on grade level in math knowing he was gifted in this area because I wasn't sure how to accelerate. His tester also mentioned that he needed to be challenged when he was recently tested (testing is required in our state). He scores very high (99 percentile) in math, not only in calculations, but in applied mathematics. So, I'm curious and need some help thinking outside the box. He is finish
  10. I'd like to do some grammar review with my 10 yr old for the next couple of months. He has a good understanding of grammar. He did FLL 2 and 3 and then did Treasured Conversations in the spring of 2016. Thanks for any recommendations!
  11. We have enjoyed VP's online self paced history. We haven't tried their online Bible classes yet. Here is the link:http://209veritaspress.refr.cc/ZG8TWCJ I do receive a $10 credit for each new family that joins if you use the link above!
  12. Homeschool Buyers Co-op has the self paced history and bible classes for 50% off and omnibus for 34% off through Sept. 19th.
  13. Thank you for the idea! I wasn't thinking of using an entire other curriculum. I was just trying to figure out what others do who use TC. As I mentioned, we have FLL 3 and finished about 3/4ths of it. I could always go back to be chapters on prepositions for review.
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