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  1. I did my hame today. I use renyolds oven bags. keeps all the juices inside. soooooo not dry. robin
  2. check out the library. ours has a huge selection. robin
  3. look at easy peasy homeschool. free online. even the links to the books are online. i think the mom designed it because she has a lot of kids and it is supposed to be independent. we are using it for English - because it is all there. just there. and it is getting done which is better than not getting it done. http://allinonehomeschool.wordpress.com/how-to-use-this-curriculum/ Robin
  4. we are also using choll for 7th; logic stage ancients. we are using it not just for history but having her answer the questions as 3 or 4 sentences each. trying to master the 'short answer' questions with this. Robin in nj
  5. Yes, you were lucky than most. But that doesn't negate that your loss is still YOUR loss. you need time to mourn the loss of your things. it's ok to be sad. Robin in NJ
  6. my dd got her first at 7. still going strong and she will be 13 next month. one of her friends got into them at 14 and they play together all the time. i also have a 9 year old who cries when she can't play with the older girls. Robin in nj
  7. here is a FB group where hs'ers affected by the hurricane can post their curriculum needs. those who have extra curriculum can also post what they have to offer/share/give/lend. https://www.facebook.com/groups/482729538433972/ robin in nj
  8. if you look at rt 70, we are halfway between philly and the ocean. near 70 206 circle. robin in nj
  9. i wish someone would tell people waiting in line for hours, that my town is about 45 minutes west of some of these stations and we are empty of lines. my friend drove out here from Brick and got gas, waited in no lines, and was back home and saw the same cars in line at stations near her house. Robin
  10. Jeannie - I am sooo close to mt laurel. seriously. the people in this area want to help. The shelter at burlington county college was so inundated with supplies they had to cut it off after 2 days. same thing at the church in burlington. please, please, please let me know via PM if there is ANYTHING we can send with your daughter when she travels back to you. there are frequent meet-ups at the mt laurel chick-fil-a in one of my moms groups. They have items to donate and want to send it with locals directly to the area. Robin in NJ
  11. we are so in. there is fb group from my area New Egypt, nj that is being set up for just this reason. I will try to get the actual link to that group. we are so close to devastation , but have the means to help. Robin in NJ
  12. I don't know where you are located but if you are in burlington county, NJ, Burlington County College is a shelter for about 150 people. I am copying/pasting directly from the FB page: With Burlington County having weathered the storm better than other areas nearby, we are currently hosting 300-400 Ocean County residents in local shelters, one of which happens to be the BCC PE Building. Some of these people have come with nothing more than the shirts on their backs and we don't know yet when they will be able to return home. OEM has requested our assistance in collecting the following supplies for the shelters: toiletries, such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, combs, sanitizing hand wipes, deodorant, lotion, feminine hygiene products, baby diapers (any personal hygiene supplies!); towels; clean clothing for any age group; toys and games for kids; blankets and pillows. If anyone was interested in donating, items can be dropped off on the Pemberton Campus, in the Parker Building, Office 413G. You can also donate items to our office on the Mount Laurel Campus in the Enterprise Center, Suite 256 and we will be happy to get the items to Pemberton for you! If you have any questions, please contact our office at 856-222-9311 ext. 2540 or via email at bquintan@bcc.edu. Robin in NJ
  13. school here. no halloween ToT. governor cancelled halloween for NJ. at 12:30. on halloween. so kids who went to school will come home at 3:30 and be told no ToT. until monday. sigh RObin in nj
  14. "i certainly understand your concerns" apparently, from the other thread, this is very annoying. just keep saying it to father's wife. robin
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