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  1. I’m allergic to many, many things. And mine seems to be worse in the winter months as well. I just recently found a combo that is helping. It’s not perfect, but much better than it had been. I take an Allegra and use Nasacort spray (triamconolone). And in the evening I use Neilmed Saline Spray Nasal Wash. It’s in an aerosol spray can and you use it like a netipot where you let it flow from one nostril to the other. This seems to help a lot. And if I’m outside in the allergens for a while, I try to immediately shower off inside and change clothes.
  2. My daughter has had these for over a month now with no complaints: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07G9YJ8GD/ref=ya_aw_oh_bia_dp?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. We stayed here: https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p606822vb The owner lives upstairs and they were very friendly and helpful, yet didn’t “bother” us. The unit is cute and clean, perfect for our family (and I’m super picky about clean). It is convenient to everything! We never even took the bus or metro....we walked all over the city. The row houses and pocket parks and the atmosphere of the city made the walks wonderful. It’s also very safe. I was SO afraid of ending up in a sketchy area, but this was perfect! We walked home after dark often and never felt unsafe. Not to mention that DC is always bustling with people. This unit is located in Capitol Hill. This house and location helped make DC our favorite vacation to date!
  4. I just discovered and watched this movie yesterday! I adored it!! Only afterwards did I learn that there was a book first! I wish I had read the book first, but the movie was wonderful. Is it worth reading the book afterwards? I’m not one who rereads books, so I’m worried it would be very redundant for me.
  5. Just my mom. I could never call anyone else by that name.
  6. I have a 3rd grader and a 6th grader and I used Times Tales with each of them when they were in 2nd grade. I LOVE the program!!!! We used it for about a week, then did a refresher a few months later. Whenever my third grader needs occasional reminding, I just say something like "remember the tree and Mrs Week. And she immediately remembers the answer. I'll be using it again when my 4 year old reaches 2nd grade!
  7. Wer're going there in about a month on our way to the Stone Mountain area. We're only spending 1.5 days though. On the full day we're going to hike trails, see the butterfly garden, catch the birds of prey show, and maybe check out FDR State Park. The next morning we're going to do the Wild Animal Safari. Then leave and see some filming locations from The Walking Dead on our way to Stone Mountsin.
  8. Heck no!! At 2, my kids would stay with my parents for a few hours. My youngest is 3 and she's never stayed overnight with anyone. Sending a 2 year old off to stay with "strangers" breaks my heart.....they have no way of knowing they are family and no way of knowing they'll see you again in a week. Not to mention the questionable care!
  9. Off topic....,,How long are y'all planning to be in Jamestown/Williamsburg? We're going next year and I'm unsure of how much time to plan for things. I'd love to hear your schedule!
  10. Off topic....,,How long are y'all planning to be in Jamestown/Williamsburg? We're going next year and I'm unsure of how much time to plan for things. I'd love to hear your schedule!
  11. We did! Best thing ever! We bought the house when we only had one child who was 6 months old. We had a pool fence installed. When the kids were toddlers, we enrolled them all in ISR swim lessons. When our older two reached about 5 and 8, they were able to swim without me being in the pool with them. For the past three years (my older two are now 11 and 8), my older two kids go swimming from May-September at least 5 days a week for 2-5 hours each time. Great fun and exercise for them! My youngest, now 3, swims almost daily as well with them.
  12. Lazy trainer here too. I don't have time or patience to clean up tons of accidents. Around 2.5 I start attempting it every 3 or 4 months. If they don't seem ready within the first few hours on the day that we try it, I let it go and try again in 3-4 months. My third DD just trained a few weeks ago and it was a total breeze. She's dry at night too. Shes 3 yrs, 8 months.
  13. I've never planned a trip to somewhere like DC, where there's a ton of things to see and do. I'm feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out where to stay, walking distance between things, planning meals, etc. And doing it on a budget. Some thoughts.... How many days do you think we will need in DC as a family of 5 (kids will be 12, 9, and 4 when we go)? We want to move at a comfortable pace. We currently have 4 full days planned. However, we're also driving north to go to Pennsylvania as well, and if needed we can drop those days off of our trip and save them for another time. So we could add some more days to DC if we need to. Where should we stay? I'd like to be as close to the mall as possible, but stay within a reasonable price for lodging. That's probably not feasible, huh? I'd love to stay $150 per night or less. I thought of staying in a VRBO property or something like that. We don't mind air mattresses where the kids have to sleep on the floor if we need to in order to keep costs down. Getting around.....I've heard that biking it a good way to get around. Are we able to bring our own bikes? I'm thinking that if we stay in a rental property we can just keep them there when we don't need them (would be more difficult if we stayed in a hotel though). Is there any reason we cannot do this? Would it be safe for children to bike in DC? Too many vehicles/people? Are there places to lock up our bikes outside of museums and such? Meals....I've heard that there are not a lot of meal options available around the mall/museums. Is that true? And no lunches are allowed to be taken inside? I was thinking that bringing our lunches and snacks each day would really cut down on the cost of our meals. We could eat breakfast in our room/condo, pack a lunch, and maybe do dinner out or cook it at our condo some nights. What would be a good way to save on meals? As for things to do, our must sees right now are: Natural History museum, American History museum, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the monuments (specifically Lincoln if for some reason we didn't get to the others), and possibly the zoo but I'm not sure. I've heard Georgetown is neat....but I don't know anything about it. And I also heard that Mount Vernon is a good place to visit. Possibly Arlington too? And if you have any information or tips on seeing Jamestown/Williamsburg, I'd love to hear those as well! That's going to be our first stop. Someone plan my trip LOL.
  14. If my child wouldn't give me their password, they may not see their phone again for many years. My 11 year old daughter has an iPhone with no phone activated. This means she can access apps, text people, get on the Internet, etc. Up front, I told her that the Internet can be a dangerous place filled with certain things that she's too young to understand....and filled with people who may not be who they seem. We continue to talk about the dangers of the Internet. 11/12 is very young.....they don't need free reign with technology. Here's some of our rules.... No facebook. Period. Downloaded apps must be approved by me (and I won't approve many social networking ones....but she's quite sheltered so she doesn't know about most). Instagram is set to private and I must approve her friends. I have all passwords....I can check anything at any time. No profile pictures of herself (she can post photos of herself in Instagram where only her friends can see them, but everyone can see profile photos so no personal profile photos). No YouTube unless we view together. She has set times when she can use devices. No phones kept in the bedroom overnight. No phone during family time. Technology is great, but it's also a big responsibility. Kids have to be taught how to properly use it and that comes with age snd maturity.
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