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  1. I should add that we aren't homeschooling anymore. She is in PS in Ohio and we are moving to NY this summer-she'll be entering 10th grade in New York. She'll be taking Global History and Geography II but we need to go back and review the GH&G I content this summer. Jennifer
  2. My daughter will be taking the Global History and Geography Regents exam and I am looking for a curriculum to purchase to prepare her. I've reviewed the information at the NY Board of Ed website and because I am in school full time now I just don't have the time to build the course myself. Thanks in advance! Jennifer PS The same for Biology/Living Environment if you have any suggestions!
  3. Should add that we would like something like an online course-some outside accountability will be necessary!
  4. My upcoming 8th and 9th graders (who are in PS full time) and I want to start afterschooling Latin. Any recommendations on programs? Thanks so much! Jennifer
  5. I love you all. Seriously. Today is much better.
  6. No. I have a Rx and usually take 0.5 mg once or twice a week. On the "bad days". Should have realized the stress would get to me and taken it earlier in the day ;)
  7. Thank you. I am not a screamer. But I was SO frustrated with them! Still am. I think part of my rant was "We are leaving at 6 am on Wednesday. What isn't packed stays behind and I will NOT be buying replacement clothes, shoes, ipods, phones, etc etc etc for the stuff you leave behind!" Reply: "Well, maybe you should leave us behind too!" Where is the emoticon for banging my head against a wall?
  8. Almost 14 and almost 13 yo girls. We are trying to pack up our New York house after an 8 week vacation to return to Texas. Saturday I sat everyone down and we discussed what needed to be done Dirty laundry downstairs so it can be done in time to pack Pack a travel/hotel bag Pack a bag of stuff to take back to Texas Figure out what (clothes, books, etc) can stay here for next summer. I told them I was available to help all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Starting monday morning I was going to be busy with my own packing, laundry, getting kitchen cleaned out etc. Nothing. They h
  9. Well, after years of having some kids home, some in ps, all in ps, all at home, some in private school, etc. etc. this fall all will be heading off to public school, with the plan to not homeschool again. And I will be starting a new full time job-in a public school as a school nurse!! So the first day of school will be the first day for ALL of us! I thought I would be sad. But I'm not. I'm excited about the changes ahead. I still have MANY issues with PS and will still "afterschool" to the best of my ability. But can I still hang here?? Jennifer
  10. and a "Hello, My Name is..." sticker. Lots of name stickers. And a name keychain. And a mug.
  11. DD 1 was almost Lillian Elaine DD 2 was almost Rebecca Brooke DD 3 was almost Kelly Rose, which my husband said sounded like a stripper. And my sister said she would be called Kelly Rose, Smelly Toes on the playground. DS 1's birth name was Arnold Schwarzenegger Something Last Name Last Name. Changed that right quick.
  12. Aliens in London...is that the WWII/London Blitz one where we meet Captain Jack Harkness? Mummy, is that you?
  13. There is a Science of Doctor Who book, too. I ordered both it and the Philosophy one.
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