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  1. Woot, having the flu didn't knock me tooo far down in the standings!!! Although my sister is beating me in my personal friend list. :( HAH! Can we start a 2015 Fitbiters thread? Gym membership certain adds a couple thousand to my day. :) Who's up to logging 10,000 tomorrow?
  2. I lowered my goal to 5000 steps too. I was feeling a bit bummed not getting the, "Whoo Hoo!" dance daily when I had it set to 10,000. The weather has turned here and with the end to gardening and such I need to head indoors for my steps. Anyone else starting a winter gym routine? I usually do the treadmill or elliptical for a couple miles. Ahhh, winter, bring it on!
  3. Does anyone know what the quality of the MOVbands are like? My kid's online charter school is recommending them for the HS PE classes. And the cost is great!
  4. I'm going to join--where's the best place to buy it? My sister has had one for a couple years so....(holding my nose, jumping in!) :)) I'm going to become a groupie too.
  5. we replaced our HE with an old agitator style too. It's a GE. LOVE it! Our clothing hasn't been so clean since before the HE.
  6. Oh NO! This is awful. Praying for peace & healing.
  7. As parents It's hard to know if our actions & decisions are right at the time we make them. It's only in looking back that we can see progress. Sometimes its more like peeling an onion, one stinky layer at a time. Unfortunately it doesn't help us when we're in the middle of a child drama. Your son HAS made progress. It may not be in the positive yet, but he has figured some relationships/things that have been holding him back. Letting go, healing, and moving on are all separate steps that HE has to make. Time and experience will give your niece the insight that you have now. Her hurtful words were from her perspective, not from experience. You are one of the bravest, toughest, most loving parents I know. I admire that you're willing to let him make decisions because you know he needs the big mess he's made in order to learn how to be at peace with his past. I hope and pray that when I am in this situation (we have adopted 5 children) that I will be as careful and thoughtful as you have been. Thank you for reminding me that it isn't about how my children make me feel about myself because of their successes or challenges. Time for some personal TLC so you can take a deep breath before jumping back into it. :grouphug:
  8. My sister asked me to do this for her. I agreed. I had no idea how involved and lengthy it was going to be. Those questions are pretty detailed. My answers, I learned, could be read by xBIL too. I delayed and finally she called to say the church hadn't received my interview responses yet and was I still going to do it. I quick sat down and just typed in my gut responses. I don't think she was given her annulment. I don't know. But truly I was like, you married him and you had a baby with him, and now you want to say in never happened? I"m not catholic so I understand this might be my problem. It's not like she's waiting to marry anyone else. But I did it.
  9. You're doing a fantastic job, MOM! Kudos to you for parenting your child through this decision of his. Consequences now are tough, but perhaps the future will be easier because you allowed him this freedom.
  10. And this is the real reason she wanted him back. How is social services tracking that he actually gets his money?
  11. ...but his birthfamily is going to expect you to continue paying for his health insurance, school bills, and other expenses, right? Legal Guardianship will allow birth mom to add him to her family insurance. I would agree with this advice. It's in his best (and your own) best interest to protect him. Kind of a bum deal IMO. I'm watching your thread because I fear this is in our future. Thank you for sharing your experience, pain and grief. I am learning too. Back when my kids were infants some friends asked me what I would do someday if my baby rejected me and my family. I told them then that even if they did, they could never steal away the joy I had right then holding them and any other future joy we'd had together was mine forever. Even if they'd been my biological child no one could predict the closeness of relationships or just how stormy those teen years would become. It's all the same crap shoot. You did your very best for him. You stood in the gap when no one else would and you loved him. He can't take away from you the moments of sweetness or your joy at becoming his mother. Maybe it'd help to put together a photo album of your son, or look through the ones you have, and remember. :grouphug: You're continually in my prayers. Your mother's heart won't break. It will become wiser and stronger through this pain.
  12. Hugs. Many prayers for you and your son this week. Ugh. Despite all our fears and planning our kids still run toward the "flames." Good thinking about getting CPS at the other end involved too.

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