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  1. what about rules limiting the number of cats you can have? When we were looking for a new house here in New Jersey (in our area there are only about 2 HOA developments) I was interested in a house that was in one but they had a rule that you could only have 1 pet of any kind. We have 8 cats. We are probably going to move to Florida in a couple of years and HOA communties seem to be the norm so of course I as wondering about cat rules.
  2. Omar Sharif was in one of my very favorite movies Hildago . That was in 2004 which to me is considered a "current" movie. also I am really glad that Nimoy is still alive, the 2 Star Trek reboots would not have been the same without him as old Spock
  3. I forgot to mention that when our principal made the announcement about Pres. Kennedy, he was crying. That freaked all us kids out and then to go home and watch Walter Cronkite crying on tv, that was upsetting. I def grew up with the Kennedy era.
  4. I remember being in school when our principal came on the intercom to tell us President Kennedy had been shot and he told all students to run home to be with their parents. The nation was in shock. So I understand televising Rose K's funeral and I understand why we sent our navy out searching for John-John. England had it right when they called him the Prince of America.
  5. my dd always wears her camis under shirts . Regarding the bra straps showing, I told her that when I was a teen, that all the girls would have been mortified to have their bra straps showing. Dd thought that was a strange thing to be concerned about Most of her tops are tanks with cami under and bra straps showing (she is very small up top so not much danger of too much exposure) we joke about this all the time so I am not saying something here that I do not say to her in person
  6. What is that on your shoulder?

    Polly wanna cracker?

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