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  1. I learned to drive with a stick shift, it is mostly what I have always driven. I even drove my old Toyota stick shift in San Fransico , now that was an adventure.
  2. oh and another thing, while we were trying to sleep at a hotel a couple of minutes from the critical hospital, I suddenly realized that it was my lousy, stinkin birthday. As in Happy Birthday Jeannie, your beloved cat is dying. yes, I am very bitter right now.
  3. about 6 weeks age our Quiky (Quiksilver) was going to be having dental surgery. Since he was 7, our vet did some pre-surgery bloodwork and it showed that Quiky had diabeties . We have an older 13 year old cat that has diabeties that was caused by being overweight, his blood sugar is now under control at 1 unit and our vet thinks Ginger may be able to come off insulin soon. Anyway, they had no idea what caused Quiky to get diabeties as he is not overweight. I started giving him the insulin shots and our vet was checking him . At first his blood sugar went down, but then it started climbing
  4. My very first kitten that was my own, as in I was an adult, she died during her spaying surgery. I have since gone on and had 5 more females spayed and 5 males neutered. I was terrified during each surgery but none of the rest ever had any problems.
  5. Coral Reef in Epcot Future World has amazing atmosphere and great deserts. our favorite quick service are: Sunshine Seasons. Lots of different stations. ex. Asian station, sandwichs (huge and really good), 1/2 rotassaire chicken and pork chop area, salads, etc. really good food this is in Epcot where Soarin is. At Magic Kingdom, Columbia Harbor House . I love the tuna sandwich Animal Kingdom. People seem to really like Flame Tree Barbeque (I will be trying it on next visit) Hollywood Sudios, our favorite is Starring Rolls, good sandwichs (huge) and HUGE fantasic cupcakes
  6. 50's Prime Time Diner, we just love it. Last time we were there, a teen boy at another table was being "disrespectable" to his "cousin" the waiter so the waiter pushed the teen boy in his chair all the way across the restaurant to our table and made him eat with us. We have a beautiful teen girl so we don't think the teen boy minded too much. We just love the playfulness of the servers there as our "cousin" or "aunt" as they make us eat our veggies, take our elbows off the table. One time dh was there with his sister and the servers had everyone in the restaurant playing a game together to
  7. perfect name for the little princess
  8. Hopefully you have a good realtor that will inspect the house after showings and take care of any dirt, etc. tracked in. Kinda funny story about our realtor when we moved. We had to do the "have movers come and take everything, then wait till after settlement and take our stuff to new house". Well the day of settlement, our movers were very late and had only sent one truck and 2 movers to move a 2200 sq. feet, 3 bedroom house full of furniture. Our realtor came by about 2 hours before settlement, saw all the chaos, turned into a drill sqt. she called the moving company and really quickly
  9. with all the bad news happening lately, I love GOOD news. Welcome little princess.
  10. I don't watch tv (except for dvd movies) so I have my home page on computer set to yahoo.news just so I know what all is going on in the world. After a long stretch of bad news, I was so happy to turn on computer to happy news. A new little princesss, I also loved the video of William taking George to meet his new sister and William gave George a nice kiss on his forehead after George was waving to the crowds.
  11. surgery, eventually getting her masters and being a nurse anesthesia
  12. We will be moving to Orlando, actually probably Winter Garden area (near Disney) when dd finishes up her nursing at Villanova University. Any nurses on here in the Orlando area? How is the job market? This is will be in about 2 years (maybe 3 at most). She will have her BSN.
  13. what about rules limiting the number of cats you can have? When we were looking for a new house here in New Jersey (in our area there are only about 2 HOA developments) I was interested in a house that was in one but they had a rule that you could only have 1 pet of any kind. We have 8 cats. We are probably going to move to Florida in a couple of years and HOA communties seem to be the norm so of course I as wondering about cat rules.
  14. I have been taking one of my cats in every week for an issue. Anyway there is a new office kitten there. She had been attacked by a hawk, somehow survived and someone brought her in to the office (she was a stray). Her entire back end had been torn up, she could not poop as the parts were not whole and attached. My vet did surgery on her, re-attached her back end but she will always have to have special care so he decided that she will have to always be there as a office cat (along with their 2 other office cats). Believe it or not, she has no fear, not even of the biggest dogs. She is s
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