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  1. We had a the same problem and had luck placing a ton of sticks around the unplanted areas...tossed willy-nilly so they are sticking up and awkward to walk on. That won't keep them off your grass, but it seemed to dissuade our invader from walking around the garden and using it as his bathroom.
  2. Started off as a Biology major, and switched to what my school called "Psychobiology" back then. (They have thankfully changed the name of that degree to "Neuroscience" , so that is what I tell strangers who ask what degree I have. Telling people I was a Psycho-biology major always brought strange looks, LOL). Decided I didn't want to spend my life dissecting rat brains and got my M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology.
  3. Glad to know I'm not alone! Perimenopause for me, an emotional 15yo DD, a 13yo dd who has just started cycling.... if it's any indication of what it's like here, last night I heard the oldest two still awake at 11:30, and one was sobbing uncontrollably that the other didn't let her finish her sentence, that she doesn't let her talk. Ummmm, I'm pretty sure she was told to stop talking by the other because it was 11:freakin30 at night and they were supposed to be quiet two hours ago. :lol: :banghead: I'm usually fried by 8:30 AM. :glare:
  4. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: <------Wish I could do more than just this. I hope tomorrow is better!
  5. We have 7 people and one couch that can fit us all if we all pile on top of each other :glare: but is really meant for three, *maybe* four people who really like each other. :lol: . We did have a rocker/recliner, but I gave it away when I thought a move was imminent. OK, it's like 4 years later now and we still only have the couch. :coolgleamA: . Part of the problem is a large fireplace that juts out into the room, making furniture placement awkward at best. Maybe I'll post for advice on that one, because I've had it. If we do have a party or something, the dining room chairs can easily be moved into the living room, and we do have a sofa and loveseat in the family room. For general everyday, though, I stay upstairs in the living room with dh because he has trouble with going up and down stairs too much and the couch downstairs hurts his back. So if kids want to be with us, they stay around on the floor playing/reading, or if they want a nice seat they go downstairs to the family room. :) One of these days, hopefully soon, we'll figure out how to get more seating in here w/o totally cramping the room visually. ETA: I completely forgot about "the bucket." My kids all fight over sitting in/on this thing, really. We store throw blankets in it and it is remarkably comfortable when you are sitting on them. Classy, right?
  6. Agreeing! And seeing how it's 3 AM here, I at least wish it ended when I went to bed! :glare:
  7. I choke mine down :) by mixing equal parts melted chocolate chips (we use Trader Joe's), melted coconut oil, almond flour, and coconut flakes, and hardening in the fridge in candy molds.
  8. Sending love and prayers to you and your family. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: Your beautiful attitude is an inspiration to me, Kay. Peace.
  9. They did for awhile... kids of MY friends who were similar ages, enjoyed similar things. Now that my kids are older and life and friends have moved on, they really only have each other. They have acquaintances at things like youth group, choir, skating... but NO close friends outside each other. I'm glad to hear this is somewhat normal. I grew up as one of two kids 6 years apart. I've never been "close" to my sibling or family members, so this is all new territory for me. I've been so worried about my friends not having "friends" - not realizing they may have something better in each other. Still working on a few more friends for them though. :)
  10. I get that ... I lived in the same state/area (not too far from LI) for 20+ years, but once I drove to my new state to visit grad schools, I knew I was "home" here. I even felt like I was home when I first stepped into this house...but after a year or so it didn't feel like that anymore, and now I can't wait to get out. First the house felt "off" and now the state or at least this general area of the state. This area has changed a lot in the last 15 years. I would love, love to finally feel *home*.
  11. Thank you! I'll try that ... I couldn't think of good google search terms. My mind isn't what it used to be! :tongue_smilie: And "hypoallergenic makeup" was just getting me normal makeup, not what I needed. Thanks!
  12. giving a last little bump :) before giving up
  13. Never thought I'd post a thread title like that! :laugh: My 15 year old is in a performance in a few weeks where she has to wear zombie-like make-up: white face, black around the eyes, black lipstick. The problem is she has extremely sensitive skin and the last time she had odd colored make up on, she broke out in a rash, especially where the black was. She'll need to do this for 4 shows and a dress rehearsal over the course of a week, so I'd like to keep her from an allergic reaction if possible! Does anyone know of a more hypoallergenic line of makeup that would have the white for the face and black lipstick? I can probably get away with eyeliner for the eyes, but I'm not sure how they are doing that yet. Thanks for any leads!
  14. 16+ years. I expected to be here maybe 5. We've spent the last 11 years saying, "should we fix it up, or should we move?" I've disliked it since about year 2. :glare: Bad vibes, bad layout, and until we put another bedroom on the first floor, not enough space for 7 people (including 4 girls and 5 introverts). Right now it looks like we can either move or have money for college. I still want to move anyway, can't these silly kids get major school loans or something? :leaving: :laugh:
  15. Me too! When we were part of one, I would spend days before hand worrying about my teaching part. When I realized I was a mess for my OWN family at home for much longer than that 45 minutes I was helping anyone at co-op, we left and I haven't joined one since.
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