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Sad update from Julie in MN. Prayers desperately needed...

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I have copied and pasted the most recent Caring Bridge update:


Pray for us


Written 40 minutes ago


I am sad to tell you all that we are saying good-bye to Shane today. He may be with us a few days more but probably won't be able to talk with us much more than today. He still has pain but is very well covered with as much meds as he needs. He won't be having any more dialysis, so he won't survive much longer.


Yesterday was very agonizing for him and in the end, it seems his blood supply from the damaged artery is no longer able to get to his bowel and may shut down other organs. It felt like forever to get his pain under enough control to even figure out what was wrong, but eventually they were able to do a CT last night.


This morning I've talked with many, many docs and surgeons, some who've known Shane for years and came just to help. I've talked through all the possibilities, aggressive and not, and all the invasions and interventions that go along with those possibilities. We talked about his present multiple conditions and his past chemotherapy course and the need to stop chemo if he were to attempt surgery. We talked about his personal decision to fight all that he is capable of, but final wishes not to die in agony. Shane's been a part of most of it. He was alert enough to ask one doc how his new baby is, and did tell another that he was going to play a game of tennis (which he's never played), so it's hard to tell how much he gets things, but that's okay. Other than the pain, he seems content and caring about each person he talks to, almost doing more comforting than being comforted.


Pray for us, even when We do not know what we ought to pray for (Romans 8:26). Pray for my children. Pray for my nieces, too, as Shane's been a dad figure over the years for several family members who have lost a dad already or weren't able to know their dad for various reasons. We have each other but this is very hard to bear.

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