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  1. I finished My Man, Jeeves and began The Inimitable Jeeves. Both included on Audible and read by Jonathan Cecil.
  2. My 17yo was in a local community theatre presentation of Twelfth Night this past weekend - I saw it twice! So fun! I wonder if I could count it twice LOL
  3. I finished Pilgrim's Progress (and Christiana's Journey) yesterday. They were a hole in my reading, and I'm glad to have it filled. Even better, I enjoyed both and can imagine going back to them. For the last several years, my son and I have been listening to Stephen Fry's Complete Sherlock Holmes on Audible as we drive to and from his organ lessons an hour away. We finished yesterday! Hooray! I'd never read Holmes, either, and enjoyed the stories. In my GoodReads review I mentioned that I don't think I would have enjoyed them so much if I had listened to them straight through in a shorter period of time, but this occasional listening was better for me. So - recommended but glad we took it slow.
  4. Mine! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've never read A Pilgrim's Progress by Bunyan, so I started it this morning on Audible.
  5. Last year I listened to Josephine Tey: The Daughter of Time & Other Mysteries: A BBC Radio Crime Collection which was included on Audible I believe. I really liked it! It also had a nice interview at the end that I enjoyed. Recommended.
  6. The audio at 1.5x is the only way I made it through!
  7. Finished! Wow. Utterly undone at the beauty and wrenched heart.
  8. That sounds interesting - I haven't heard of that. Worth the time?
  9. Over the weekend I finished None Greater which is a popular theology book about the superlativeness of God. It was very good. This morning I finished Aristotle's Poetics which took longer than it should have considering how short it is. I enjoyed it. I particularly, though, liked the Dorothy Sayers essay that applied the Aristotle to Detective Fiction. Seeing how she used the work as a framework/paradigm was very helpful. Still powering through Kristin Lavransdatter ... 8.5 hours to go!
  10. Don't forget Ngaio Marsh. I enjoyed her book When in Rome, I'd like to try more.
  11. I listen at 1.5x ... I haven't been annoyed with the reader so far.
  12. I decided to read the AmblesideOnline poetry volumes for years 1-6 this year. Year 1 will take all year, but I finished Year 2 last week and started Year 3 this morning. I started Kristin Lavransdatter on audio, so I suspect that will take a while.
  13. I listened to McCullough's Pioneers which is about Ohio and it was absolutely wonderful! Highly recommended.
  14. Finished A Midsummer Night's Dream and then listened to Isak Dinesen's Babette's Feast and Sorrow-Acre as read by Colleen Dewhurst (aka Marilla) from Audible. Really a lot to consider. Today I started The Communist Manifesto and scandalized my 17yo.
  15. I'm going to toss early Susan Howatch into the discussion of Gothic Romance/Suspense. From Wiki, I think these would fit the category: The Dark Shore (1965) The Waiting Sands (1966) April's Grave (1967) Call in the Night (1967) The Shrouded Walls (1968) The Devil on Lammas Night (1970) I do love Holt (favorite: Pride of the Peacock), some Whitney (she gets a little too weird for me in her later books favorite: The Trembling Hills), and especially Mary Stewart (favorite: This Rough Magic). Last week I started Simon Vance's reading of The Great Divorce and Abolition of Man - which are two books in one, included in Audible subscription. I finished yesterday (both are short). Vance is the perfect narrator for Lewis, I'm convinced. I'm making more of an effort to read A Midsummer Night's Dream.
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