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  1. Hi friends. Reading Persuasion (again) and trying to keep up with my kids in AO Year 7 (and failing miserably) ... at least we're enjoying Beowulf and Ivanhoe as audiobooks. ... hope you're all well. @aggieamy ... I didn't know you were moderating the thread now. ❤️
  2. I think I missed Amy's birthday, Happy Birthday! Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  3. I received and finished Cindy Rollins's brand new book(let) The Handbook of Morning Time. It was lovely with some excellent reminders and Cindy always says something I need to hear -even on repeat -, but there wasn't really anything new that I hadn't read or heard from her before. It'll be helpful to have it in one place and reading it helped me refocus on what we're doing with Morning Time. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  4. I'm a bit of a cookbook junkie. I love beautiful cookbooks with easy, yet elegant recipes. I loved Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine and the coordinated cookbooks. Nigella Lawson and Ina Garden take up a lot of room on my shelves (yes, plural). My go-to cookbook is America's Test Kitchen 1000 Best Recipes. They're good recipes, and I like the explanations as to how they came together. I've learned much from that cookbook. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  5. I may have finally made friends with Tapatalk. Maybe. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  6. When I read Wolf Hall, I posited that it was purposeful on Mantel's part. Now I don't remember why. Let me find my review. Ah, yes, here it is: Cromwell's antecedents were obscure too. I should read Bring up the Bodies. Hmmmm. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  7. I'm a big fan of Nigella Lawson's book How to Eat. Part memoir, part cookbook, part menu making instruction, I found it a fascinating read a number of years ago - 10 maybe. I still make baked chicken her way. I love her writing style, though. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  8. I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night. This is my first time through the Potter universe, so that's pretty exciting. I liked it a lot, although I haven't processed my review yet and writing about it helps me to do that. I started the newest kindle-available Joan Smith It Takes a Lady ... I'm not very far into it, but it seems to be one of the better ones than recently. Did I mention that I think I've read all of the Joan Smith titles available for Kindle in the last two years? Ahem.
  9. Aw, I'm still actively homeschooling but left the WTM fold for AmblesideOnline/Charlotte Mason and have needed support more directly from those groups. I was sad to lose track of this group but I so rarely venture to the Hive anymore that it's hard to keep up with ... I actively blog ( and am active on other social media. I'm reading Harry Potter for the first time, finished Goblet of Fire last night and that's about as spooky as I can hack, does that count as my spooky read? I've read all of the kindle-available Joan Smith titles. I'm still stumping for Susan Howatch - in fact shared on my blog's facebook page yesterday that The Rich are Different was on sale (might still be ... ) I'll try to swing in more regularly. Part of the problem is I'm on mobile most of the time and I hate Tapatalk :/ But I'm working a few hours a week for Pam Barnhill so am on my laptop more, so that will make it more viable. Thanks for remembering me <3
  10. Hi Friend. Some favorites. :) Hope you are well <3 I liked Victoria Holt before I liked Susan Howatch ... In fact, as I recall, I found Howatch by looking a couple of shelves below Holt and wondering what she was about with titles like Cashelmara and Penmarric.
  11. I was always good at math in school. Not the best student in the class, but not far from the top - I was always in the top math group. I could plug and chug math pretty well. I HATED math. If that's all there was to it, plug and chug, what a waste of time. Bo-RING. A calculator can do that. This started in 1st grade (no math in Kindy when I was there, boy am I old). When I started homeschooling, I was encouraged to read Liping Ma's Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics. It opened my eyes to why math didn't work for me in elementary school ... my teachers did not teach they whys and wherefores. May not have even known or understood them themselves. Teaching MEP has been eye-opening to me. I've taught R, Y1, Y2, and am about halfway through Y3. The number sense I have gained (and that my children have absorbed) is remarkable. The patterns, logic, beauty - yes beauty - I see in math now makes it my favorite subject to teach. Which is good, since MEP is very teacher intensive and I spend upwards of two hours a day teaching it to three children. I have a hard time imagining coming into this kind of thinking, reasoning, understanding math starting in 4th grade. The building blocks are slowly and firmly planted and stacked upon one another. I'm not saying it can't be done, I'm saying that changing horses midstream would be incredibly difficult. That being said, I do think conceptual math can be done poorly. My brother (Chemical Engineer, Math Minor, all around genius) has his daughter in Kindergarten this year. Just this week, he posted this to Facebook: My niece is in Kindergarten in a rich, excellent school district. I'm sure they're trying to teach conceptually, but this is awful. My DH - my greatest support - wanted to post "Homeschooling FTW" but bit it back because he loves me. I think my brother is wrong - it *does* matter, because my niece is being taught at 5 years old that right answers are wrong and that it's OK that her teacher marked them wrong. Here's the thing. I want to give my children a Classical Christian Education. This means inculcating in them an understanding of what is True, and Good, and Beautiful - that points them to God's unchanging character, order, and logic. Conceptual mathematics does this. In spades. ETA: I do supplement with Calculadder (drill) and Primary Challenge Math (story problems)
  12. My daughter was writing thank you notes to her basketball coaches. Her first impulse for the closing was, "Yours," She's nine. (I convinced her to go with "Thanks again," for the rest)
  13. Prayers for wisdom, comfort, decision-making, healing, and a sense of God's presence. May the Lord have mercy.
  14. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: Praying.
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