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  1. Kalypso

    Anatomy at WTMA or anywhere else

    My ds17 is currently taking the A&P class at WTMA. He says Biology is helpful but thinks you could take the class without having had it previously. He spends 4-8 hours per week depending on how much studying he does. It's a flipped classroom approach. There are videos to watch before each class with a pre-lecture question to answer. There is a weekly quiz and discussion board posts. The exams can be a bit gruelling. They are given 3-4 hours to take them, and they take my son at least 2-3 hours to finish. He is doing well in the class but doesn't like it because of the exams.
  2. Kalypso

    Get rid of it all 2019

    I've gotten through 3 closets in the past few days and I have 1 more to go before visiting Goodwill. It feels great!
  3. Kalypso

    Travel plans for 2019

    We're thinking about a family trip to Yellowstone in August. If we go, we will meet my sister and her family there.
  4. Kalypso

    Stressing in the middle of the night

    This is me pretty much every night about 2:00 am. No matter what I do, I can't shut it off. With 6 kids, I think this is going to be going on for awhile. I'm getting used to always feeling tired. Big kids, big problems.
  5. Kalypso

    VENT - on trac UPDATE in #1

    We have had so many issues with OnTrac delivery with amazon packages. My favorite one was when they threw our package over the neighbor's fence into the corner of their yard. The neighbor never noticed it, but somehow one of our kids did. It had been there for over a week. This is the kind of service I have come to expect from them, and I cringe every time I see that they are the ones delivering one of my packages. I know this post is of no help. I just felt compelled to share.😂
  6. We're feeling the same way about my ds16's class. He wants to be able to ask questions in class and receive a live explanation. He's frustrated with the discussion board. He informed me that he'll never take another online class with this format. I agree with you that the teacher should be setting aside some time in class to go over problems.
  7. We don't get ToTers where we live, so we have to go to a nearby neighborhood. I was amazed at how many people had gone all out on their decorating and the amount of people that were out last night. It was a good time and the weather was a bit chilly - which is very rare but was awesome. It wasn't an organized thing in the neighborhood, but I'd like to figure out how to donate some candy somehow next year.
  8. I wish you strength for the battle ahead. So sorry that you are facing this!
  9. Yes, the Iliad has been the focus of our conversations this past couple of weeks! I'm trying to keep up with her so we can discuss as she's reading/writing.The time commitment has been an adjustment for her. I've had to keep reminding her that the reason it is taking so much time is that this class is the equivalent of 2 classes.
  10. My dd14 is also taking the Great Books I course at CLRC. The first couple of weeks were rough as she adjusted to managing her time properly. It is a lot of writing! There were tears, but I'm so pleased with how well she is doing and what she is learning. Mrs. T's detailed comments are so helpful, and she returns their work quickly. It may not be her favorite class - yet, but it is mine so far.
  11. Kalypso

    Parking psychology

    This always seems to happen to me, too. It used to irritate me even more when I drove a 15 person Ford van for a few years . The doors on the side would both swing out to open so the kids could get out. I would always try to park away from other cars, but it didn’t help. Someone would always park very close on that side making it so hard to get the kids in.
  12. Thanks for offering your book. I hope someone else taking the class sees this.
  13. My ds16 is taking precalc at WHA this year. I would love to find a used copy of the Larson book since i already own several precalc books - but not the right one for the class.
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