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  1. What about Gilad with his Bodies in Motion workouts? You can find some on YouTube. He's definitely old school. Music isn't awesome though.
  2. We had a man sing this at mass years ago like he was a rock star. I haven't been able to listen to it since.
  3. My ds18 had Regina London for AP Calc AB this year. It was a great experience for him. She is an awesome teacher.
  4. My ds has to retake AP Cal AB. He was unable to upload one of the questions. He was so upset and at first did not want to do the retake. I still can't believe that they didn't have a backup plan for this type of problem. I'm happy to see they have a plan in place for this week's test takers.
  5. No gloves, no mask, But, I do keep my distance and wash hands when I get home. I saw several people at the grocery store in masks today, but most had no masks or gloves.
  6. My ds18 has only applied to 2 schools and has been accepted at both in the Engineering Colleges - Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona. We found out yesterday that he has received a Wildcat Distinction Merit Award at UA, and the amount will cover tuition and fees. We are so excited!
  7. No food allergies in our household, so they would definitely get eaten here.
  8. I agree completely with this description. My ds took AP Lang last year with Serbicki through AIM. He got a 5 on the AP exam. He is taking AP Lit with her this year and the class has a similar format. We both like that her discussion board does not take up too much of his time.
  9. My kids would be disappointed and wouldn't enter that contest again! But, we would laugh about it after feelings of disappointment settled down.
  10. Congratulations! My ds is planning to apply to NAU. This program looks awesome.
  11. I got my ds17 signed up for 2 exams today. I was beginning to get worried because I wasn't getting a response from our usual school. I'm feeling so much relief.
  12. We know 1 family with 11 and 2 more with 10. Makes my family of 6 seem so small.
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