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  1. We do both. And we watch plays rather than read them. :)
  2. I'm not sure there are "typical" expectations. For 9th grade, my kids, read through a literature textbook, discussed several sections with me, memorized the literary terms, discussed literary terms with me, and wrote a few short papers and a few poems. I think you'll find a very wide variety of how much and / or how little is expected.
  3. I was a sub teacher a few years back. I would sub sometimes for teacher's aides and got to sit in the back and help, or grade, or work one on one, etc. I saw first hand how many minutes out of a class time was actually spent on academics. Depending on the class... usually about 30 minutes out of 50.. was spent "really learning."
  4. I've just graded a pile of book reports from community college freshman. I would have been happy to read one to three well written paragraphs!!!!! :) And, my son that would not/could not write a couple of decent paragraphs for me, made an A in Freshman Comp in college! Concentrate on basic writing. Good basic writing. Don't worry so much about length.
  5. Thank you all for the suggestions. I'll have to look into them all. I have the suggested "Superstar Student" on VHS somewhere in this house! Not sure if I have VHS player. LOL :)
  6. I need help teaching some basic study skills: studying and memorizing for a closed book test and taking notes from lectures and videos. Any good books, curriculum, resources? Thanks! Pam BTW.... this question is prompted after teaching college freshman this semester. The college students are sorely lacking in these skills! As well as, BASIC writing reports and finding important concepts within a chapter!
  7. What is the best ACT science prep book , course, or video ? I know that the science portion does not directly relate to subject content, rather, it is more data interpretation. Is there a good book or curriculum that you would recommend? Thanks! Pam
  8. ((( Sherri ))) I understand the best I can. If you searched some of my old posts you would see some of the difficulties that I've gone through. Some of the same struggles you describe in your post. In fact, I am now working 2 part time jobs to ease our money problems. Despite several years of attempting to home school in the midst of some pretty difficult circumstances, I've managed to graduate three educated young adults. My oldest dd, who was very sick in high school, is working two part time jobs and working on her own writing/art project with hopes of publication. Next, dd with d
  9. I love seeing what other's are doing too. :) Algebra 2 -- still deciding on curricula.... leaning towards Teaching Textbooks English 3 -- The Language of Literature and IEW materials..... still deciding which IEW materials Western Civilization 2 -- Jackson Spilvogel's vol 2 with study guide Science -- undecided Music History -- Kaimen's text plus several living books Political Science -- various materials. (DS is so interested in poli sci and has read so much already that I'll probably just assign a research paper and call it a credit.)
  10. While you are deciding what to do next, look at this: interactmath.com The Developmental Mathematics, 7th ed, by Bittinger book's problems look great! I've assigned about 25 problems for my son to do online this afternoon. and it is FREE! :)
  11. OR you could probably use it for pre-algebra/ easy algebra 1 ! :) Interactmath.com Bittinger's Developmental Mathemathics 7th edition I was looking for some basic review of circumference and area of a circle. Just some extra problems for ds to do while I'm at work this afternoon. The problems in the geometry section are just what I was looking for! I've used different books on Interactmath.com for several years... mostly beginning and intermediate algebra. I did not realize that the books titled "developmental" actually covered basic algebra topics. So, go ahead and expl
  12. My youngest has been on the slow side of math. We had done MUS because it was a good fit for him. But we lacked consistency, and we moved, and dh was .... well a whole set of life situations..... and he was "behind" traditional grade levels. We did use some key to books to fill in some gaps. He did TT7 which was a perfect fit... and then we floundered with curriculum. He has done Algebra 1, using several different texts, for one high school credit. He did not really understand well graphing and factoring of polynomials. We have been doing MUS Geometry and reviewing algebra 1. If I h
  13. He will be beginning at a community college that does not require physics. I was considering anatomy and phyisiology. Also considering geology. I like the idea of environmental science and / or ecology. Thanks! Any one else with ideas?
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