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  1. No nausea at all with #1 & #4 -- both girls! Horribly nauseous for MONTHS with #2 & #3 -- both boys!
  2. Art of Animation! We stayed there in May with our family of 6 and the suite was ADORABLE! There's a queen bed in the bedroom and a bathroom with a walk-in shower. The kitchen table turns into a murphy bed that is quite comfortable according to my daughters and my sons had no complaints about the sleeper sofa. There's a second bathroom, too, with a shower/tub combination. Now, the kitchenette is small -- it's a mini-fridge and a microwave. Didn't want to give the impression that you could make dinner in it! But it's great for cereal in the morning or heating up a can of spaghetti-o
  3. We followed the same path with our Aspie son -- now age 19. We worked on reading and math only for all of elementary school -- we used Sonlight cores and BJU math -- if he popped into the kitchen to watch a science experiment, I was elated! He loved art so we always managed to get that covered. Around middle school I added in writing -- that was like pulling teeth at first! But then found IEW and that worked well for him. For high school, he discovered that he really loved history, especially government and politics, so that's what he focused on. We covered a little bit of world
  4. We're using Oak Meadow and my son's enjoying it! Oak Meadow provides a syllabus along with the textbook, which has questions and answers as well as activities for each weekly chapter. Many of the activities are research-style projects and can certainly be completed with the help of a computer. The text is by Glencoe (I think!) --- informative and very colorful with lots of detailed maps. I highly recommend it as it's easy to pick up and go....and my son is able to complete the work independently. Here's a link: http://www.oakmeadow.com/curriculum/high-school-social-studies
  5. My 22yo dd asked for an apple peeler. :) It makes cute little curly-q apple swirls and cores apples. Bed Bath & Beyond should have some good choices for both ladies.
  6. Update #3 --- Application still says "in process" so my hubby called the 1-800 number. He was told that we would hear something in the mail *IN THREE WEEKS* if we have been "approved"!!! :cursing: So I guess we won't be able to look online and pick our plans and all that stuff for awhile! This stinks!
  7. Our update: Completed the application early yesterday morning ... about 24 hours ago....and it's still in the verification process. This was supposed to take less than 24 hours but I guess not! Spoke with someone via live chat and they said that, unfortunately, they don't know how long the verification process will take as it varies from application to application and that I should just keep checking. *sigh* So I haven't been able to shop for plans or anything yet.
  8. Success this morning! Sort of... Took about 45 minutes to finally get a profile set up...but then the application process (filling in all the names and other info) went very quickly. Now waiting for application info to be verified...supposed to take less than 24 hours (we'll see!). Then we'll be able to actually see the quotes! :crosses fingers: Our own insurance saga -- dh is self-employed and we've been without health insurance for almost 10 years....so if this works the way I think it's supposed to work, this should be great for us! I mean ... I look at this program a
  9. Has anyone tried to enroll today? I've been trying off and on since 8am and I can't get past the log-in section! Extremely frustrating!!! :cursing:
  10. I have a few ideas but nothing definite Oldest dd wants a photo printer Oldest ds wants the new Batman game for his X Box 360 Youngest ds wants a Wii U (we'll see about this one!) Youngest dd is the hardest to shop for....not sure what she wants this year....will have to wait until the toy catalogs come out.
  11. I spent over an hour this morning, just reading that message board! LOL Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. My 14yo has no interest in girls whatsoever. His best friend is 15 and in public school and he has no interest in girls (at least not enough of an interest to ask them out on dates! I do think he "checks them out from afar" ... LOL) My 19yo has never had a girlfriend and has no interest in dating....he doesn't dislike girls....he just has no interest in having a relationship. He's happy hanging out with his friends and going to class.
  13. I'll be batty right there with you!! My 13yo uses LOF as a supplement to the new version of TT Algebra --- and we owned the original! The new version is sooo much better! My oldest (now 22) had used the original TT Algebra I and she, being a girl, wasn't as allergic to pencils and paper as my 13yo boy is. ;) Seriously -- he does fine with scratch paper but having it filled in neat and tidy with the properly lined up problems?? No way. Loves the new version where he answers it all on the pc.
  14. Sounds like she's living at home while in college, Azmom? Our oldest is doing the same thing! She's a junior this year and she also has classes 5 days a week. Today was the first day of the new fall semester!
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